TI Vol 5: Chapter 8-1

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Vol 5: Chapter 8-1.

When the muscular man punched Zheng away with an enormous force, Zheng instinctively kicked off the man’s abdomen. He flew away and struck through a house, then the force carried him away almost a hundred meters before he stopped.

Zheng jumped up as soon as he landed. He felt a sense of pain from the struck shoulder. Every movement was accompanied by excruciating pain, but he clenched his teeth and ran through another house. Next he merged into the street crowd and slowly sped away.

After he was some distance away from the scene of battle, Zheng finally got a chance to check his injury. He tore open his shirt. There was a visible fist mark on his shoulder and the joints under the area were dislocated. Fortunately after the enhancements he had fairly high durability, plus he warded off some of the impact when he was hit. Though this also demonstrated Muscular Man’s power. As long as he hit anyone, that person would most certainly lose the ability to fight.

“But he seems to lack control over his power… he didn’t give off a sense of danger, otherwise I would have gone into the unlocked mode automatically…” Zheng clenched his teeth then pushed up on his shoulder. Extreme pain radiating from the shoulder, in exchange for that he snapped the dislocated joints back into place. He moved his arm around again. Aside from a bit of pain, there was no more issue.

“You just mentioned… unlocked mode?” A cold voice came from the side. Zheng turned around and saw a man in a lab coat standing under the shadow of a building.

‘Didn’t sense him… Couldn’t even sense his existence. When did he get there?’

Zheng took a deep breath and pulled out his knife. At the same time he took out his submachine gun with the other hand. Even then he still felt pressure coming from this blonde man. Pressure that was much stronger than Muscular Man. Although there was some distance between them, he still felt a chilling atmosphere. That was the feeling of death.

Blonde Man stared at Zheng coldly, then frowned. “Don’t worry, I don’t intend to fight you right now. I just want to let you know… Contact your team and have them release Muhammad Joseph. Then we will not attack each other. Also tell your leader that as long as no one from our team dies, this deal will last until the end of the movie.” Then he merged into darkness and disappeared in front of Zheng’s eyes.

Zheng’s palms were sweating. He didn’t know why Blonde Man gave him such a strange pressure. He had to try his best to focus, like Blonde Man was going to attack him at the next second. It wasn’t until this man disappeared that he was able to take a few deep breaths.

“Zero? Did Yinkong catch one of their members?” Zheng took out his communication device as he ran.

“Yes. I’ll tell you the details when you come back…”

Before Zero finished talking, the little boy Honglu’s childish voice came through. “Zheng? We can’t disclose our location right now. You also won’t find it from your device. Come to the square in the center of Cairo then we will tell you where we are.”

Zheng looked at his device in confusion then adjusted the search distance to the max, which included about a quarter of Cairo. The devices of the rest of the team also appeared in the search but these devices were each at a different location, forming a circle around the center of Cairo.

“So that’s what’s happening… Good strategy!”

Zheng understood it almost immediately. It was probably Honglu’s plan to put the extra devices around the square and only keep one on themselves. So if someone away from the team got killed or controlled, the enemies would have to search those spots one at a time. Also because the locations were in view of each other, anyone who tried to search the locations was definitely going to die… to Zero’s sniper rifle!

Zheng slowly walked over to the square. He focused his attention on the surroundings and even jumped through some houses and valleys. Fortunately there didn’t seem to be anyone following him. Then he sped up and reached the square quickly. As soon as he appeared in the square, his communication device rang.

“Zheng, go to the center of the square from where you are, then keep going straight until you are out of the square. Don’t do anything else during this time… Yinkong will see if there’s anyone following you. Let’s go.”

After listening to these words, Zheng took a deep breath and walked over to the center. He felt someone was watching him from afar. Even though it made him uncomfortable, he did not feel any danger. The device rang again after he walked out of the square.

“We are on top of the clock tower south of the square. Come over fast, I want to show you something interesting.” Along with Honglu’s voice was the sound of metal being torn apart.

A few minutes later, Zheng reached the top of the clock tower. He pushed open the door to the room and saw everyone standing around a table. They didn’t even have much reaction when he entered the room. Zero and Jie turned around to take a look at him then went back to staring at the table.

Zheng was about to complain of the danger he faced, like almost getting crushed by a muscular man. But the other people’s reactions triggered his curiosity. He quickly walked over the table then almost vomited… A bearded Arabian was lying on the table. Honglu was dissecting his abdomen and taking out rounds of mini-cannons and missiles. There was also a flaming dagger on his back.

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  1. “You just mentioned… unlocked mode?”
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