TI Vol 5: Chapter 7-3

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Vol 5: Chapter 7-3.

When Zheng was fighting the muscular man near the port, Muhammad Joseph was fighting Yinkong in the center of the city. The alleys were long and looked identical. Anyone who came here for the first time would get lost easily. Before he knew it, Joseph had lost track of Yinkong.

“Don’t try to run! Allah, He does not forgive deserters!” Joseph shouted. He raised an arm and faced it against a wall. The arm bent open and revealed a gun barrel. Then he shot several mini-cannons from his arm, blowing the wall into pieces.

Yinkong was sneaking behind the wall using a technique from the assassin’s clan to merge into the shadow, hiding her sound and essence. Even people in unlocked mode wouldn’t sense her existence that easily.

But when Joseph prepared his attack, she suddenly felt a strong sense of danger and jumped toward the exit of the room. Right as she crossed the door, the whole room was drowned in a fire. The impact from the blasts almost sent her flying. She turned around in mid air and stepped on the wall in front of her to stabilize.

As soon as she got on her feet, she rolled away. Numerous bullet holes appeared where she was standing at and the bullet holes followed her until she went behind another wall.

“Haha, stop trying to run. You put yourself in this hopeless situation. You can’t even run away in this environment. I can track you through these three houses using my homing missiles and laser beam eyes. As long as you are still alive, you can’t escape my vision. Don’t try to hide. Don’t try to run. Come out and fight me face to face! Allah, He will protect brave warriors!” Joseph opened up his fingers as he was talking and closed in on the house.

‘Laser beam eyes? Can’t escape his vision? Did he mean…’

From Joseph’s point of view, his left eye saw the normal colors of the world whereas his right eye had an infrared sensor. Yinkong’s body emitted the highest amount of heat within this area. Her muscles were burning with every action she took. They were filled with such power as a result of her training all these years.

“It’s no use. You can’t run!” Joseph laughed out loud. He felt as if he was the hunter chasing a little rabbit. He raised his arm and fired several more cannons, bombing another house into pieces. A shadow jumped out from that house and he immediately fired at it with the bullets from his fingers. For a moment, the shadow was thrown off balance.

Joseph was about to laugh again when he saw that Yinkong was running toward him using familiar footwork. She ran up to him while swinging left and right then slashed at his two arms, causing two very thin cuts. After Yinkong was done, she stopped in front of Joseph.

Joseph paused for a moment then he shouted angrily, “You’re also from the assassin’s clan? All of you are crazy. Cutting someone’s tendons with just a simple slash… Do you think this is effective against me? Stop dreaming! Allah, His warrior can’t be stopped with just this!” He raised an arm and punched at Yinkong.

Yinkong was prepared for it. She moved backward using the same footwork then she began running around Joseph in a circle. Gradually it seemed like several Yinkongs are running around him.

Joseph looked through his right eye, yet all of them contained the same amount of heat. He immediately fired at them with the finger guns but the bullets passed right through the figures, as if he was shooting through an illusion.

“In the real world, they’ve already created cyborgs. The infrared sensors caused us to lose a lot of our men during the first encounters. After that, we created this running technique to counter it. Running at an extreme yet consistent pace, with every step taking only several centimeters. This allows body heat to remain in the air for a moment after every step… Even though your body has many mechanical parts but I want to ask… do you still have a soul?”

Yinkong pulled out the Hellfire Fang (dagger). It was engulfed with a flame that could burn through souls. The dagger took the shape of the fang of Cerberus.

Joseph’s mind went blank for a moment when he saw multiple daggers in the illusions. Meanwhile Yinkong had already moved next to him in an instant and stabbed into the joint between his left shoulder. His left arm was immediately disabled and just hung there without moving. Furthermore he felt a unique pain coming from his shoulder. The pain was so extreme that he began to yell out loud. That feeling… was like his soul was burning!

“Mechanical parts also have joints, as long as we find the right spot.”

Yinkong stabbed the dagger into Joseph’s other shoulder and said, “Don’t move, or die… Don’t talk, or die… You better pray that I don’t see anyone from your team, or I will assume you contacted them!”

Joseph’s teeth were chattering from the indescribable pain. Yet he couldn’t move one bit. The mechanical body that had given him a sense of safety felt like a paper tiger right now. The parts of his body with flesh could somewhat resist these flames, but the flame on the mechanical parts reached straight into his soul. He couldn’t even open his mouth to beg for mercy or detonate himself. He watched as Yinkong found his mechanical spine. Then when she stabbed into his spine, he immediately lost consciousness.

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