TI Vol 5: Chapter 7-2

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Vol 5: Chapter 7-2.

Zheng didn’t intend to go all out immediately. He jumped backward as the man swung the boulder to the ground in front of him with a loud bang. It smashed over half a meter deep into the ground. Not only that but he immediately lifted the boulder up again.

Zheng raised his gun then shot at the man’s chest. At such close distance, even Zheng himself would not be able to dodge but the muscular man just stood there and took all the shots. The bullets barely penetrated his skin before they were caught in between his muscles.

“Haha. Come again. Come attack me! You skinny monkey!”

He laughed then threw the boulder away. The muscles on his body began to expand until he reached almost three meters tall. The bullets on his chest were pushed out by his muscle. Then he took out a pair of chained claws (fist weapon) from his pockets.

“Chinese monkeys, come play. Too bad you are too skinny, as skinny as a monkey…”

The man laughed then threw a little rock he was holding. The rock shot by Zheng’s side like a bullet. It had enough power but its accuracy was horrible. The two of them were only seven meters away from each other but the rock still missed him by at least a meter. Then it crushed the wall of a house behind Zheng, creating a dust cloud.

‘Low accuracy? But its power…’

Zheng turned around and ran toward the cloud of dust behind him. Muscular Man was lost for a moment then he charged at Zheng while shouting. He was so powerful that each step he took pressed several centimeters into the ground. Then he had to pull his foot out, making him look like he was stumbling.

Although the man’s stride looked strange, his speed was incredible. Even with the acceleration buff on Zheng, he was merely faster than the muscular man by a bit. The two of them ran into the dust cloud then went straight through the wall on the other side of the house.

After Muscular Man’s body hit the wall he felt a sudden pain on his left arm. Almost instantly, he punched left with his right arm, causing a burst of wind that dispersed most of the dust in the air. On the man’s left side, Zheng jumped backward barely scraping by the fist. Zheng held a knife dripping in blood.

As soon as Zheng landed, he felt difficulty breathing. Although that punch didn’t land on him, the air pressure it caused was effective enough to feel. If it were to land, he would probably be critically injured or straight up dead. As he thought of this, he just felt lucky.

Muscular Man wasn’t so lucky. His left arm was almost cut off, right down to the bone. Only a fifth of his muscles were still holding onto his arm. His muscles were tougher than steel, even bullets weren’t able to penetrate them, but the progressive knife was able to cleave at the molecular level. As long as the object’s molecular bond strength wasn’t strong enough, the knife could cleave through it.

But Muscular Man was tought. He shouted as he grabbed his left arm and pulled it in two. When his muscles pulled apart, it sounded like springs snapping. You could imagine how tough his muscles were. Even more terrifying was that he endured the pain and threw his arm to the ground. Then he struck the wall next to him with his right fist.

Zheng was about to run in for an attack, when numerous bricks and rocks flew at him like bullets. He immediately used his knife to block them. He only blocked a few bricks before his right hand felt numb.

‘No, can’t tank through it… Let’s test the power of Red Flame (blood magic)’

Once Zheng was decided, he blocked the next few rocks then jumped backwards. At the same time Muscular Man charged at him like a madman. Zheng kept running backwards without stopping until he reached a wall and jumped up. Muscular Man was like a tank. He charged the wall, crushing it and creating a cloud of dust. Then he punched upward, sending the bricks and rocks flying. A red light flashed inside the cloud of dust. Zheng was descending from mid air with his knife engulfed in blood colored flame.

Muscular Man immediately rolled to the side. The knife only caught his left arm, taking the remaining part of the arm. The flame also spread to his left shoulder. Yet simultaneously, his fist struck Zheng on the right shoulder. Sending him flying through two houses before he

It was like Muscular Man went berserk. He began charging again but a man jumped down from the roof. This was a slender blonde European in his thirties wearing in a doctor’s lab coat. His speed was incredible. He appeared next to the muscular man in an instant.

Muscular Man was losing his sense and struck at the doctor without thinking. The doctor dodged to the side and with a flash of silvery light, he made a thin little cut on Muscular Man’s arm. Then the arm just hung there without strength. It wasn’t until then that Muscular Man saw who this was. Next he shouted, “Arot! Why did you attack me? Go chase that dude, I already hit him!”

Arot sneered, “Stop joking. He kicked off your belly the instant you hit him and jumped away. Even though it seemed like you caused a powerful attack, he only took thirty percent of the damage… And do you want to die?” He moved to the muscular man’s left side and cut off a large section of his left shoulder, including the bone.

The man was going to curse until he saw that the cut off section was burning. The flame consumed the flesh and bone almost instantly then turned them into ashes before disappearing.

“That person probably has a vampire enhancement… This ability looks like Red Flame. Do you still remember the vampire enhancer from Team South Atlantic? Leave him to leader… Also, our probe mission is over…”

“Muhammad Joseph was captured!”

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  1. Really? Chinese monkeys? Sigh… I apologise for successive negative comments. Making someone use completely random monkey comments to antagonise the protagonists is a pet hate of mine. It always comes across so empty, as if it was thrown in as an after thought.

    Was a fairly good chapter outside of that though.

    1. Yeah, it’s extremely amateurish to make the enemy spout racist nonsense just to crudely invoke ‘hatred’ in the minds of the readers. It can be done, but not in such a blatant and heavy-handed method.

      1. Here comes another smart analysis with love to the author. Yup, the author is trying to invoke hatred to the readers by spouting racist slurs. /sarcasm

        That would be true if you eliminated a lot of other factors which I wouldn’t bother enumerating. I personally think you’re just a troll “invoking hatred” to the author, translator and the rest of the community. Look who’s talking.

      2. As long as the author doesn’t stand atop a flight of stairs and screams from the bottom of his lungs: “Haaailll Chinnaaaaa!!—-”

        I’m fine with it.
        There were quite a few stories which were wrecked by the author’s insistence on having his characters be overly nationalistic.

        Also, I think that “muscle man” is just pretty downright ogre-ish. Of course he used some random, kindergarten ad-lib cusses. That seems to be the point.

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