TI Vol 5: Chapter 6-1

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Vol 5: Chapter 6-1.

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Zheng was silent for a bit then he looked around at everyone. “Let’s test the power of the Book of the Dead first. Black magic sounds powerful enough… Evelyn, lend me that puzzle of yours.”

The three movie characters were standing there in confusion. They didn’t know what Zheng’s group was discussing. When Zheng said to them, Evelyn quickly found the puzzle from her bag. It was the key to the book.

Zheng took the puzzle and opened the book then he handed it to Tengyi.

This man took it with excitement. He touched the hieroglyphs on the pages while pronouncing them and explaining their meanings. It had been ten minutes and he was still going at it.

“Tengyi! What did it say? It’s not time for research.” Zheng sighed.

Tengyi scratched his head with embarrassment. “Sorry, I got lost. Haha, it’s really hieroglyphs. Some of these characters are similar to oracle bone script…”

Zheng and everyone else sighed. Then he shouted. “I am not asking you what these characters look like. What is written on the book?”

Tengyi nodded. “Yes, yes. There are a lot of ancient spells. Like this passage is about creating a sand man. You just have to read it aloud while mixing the ashes of a person with sand. It will summon several mummy guards. And this passage is about creating a storm using souls, which will turn to a tornado. This passage…”

Zheng grabbed the book from his hands and said. “Translate it to me line by line… Read the tornado one.”

Tengyi nodded. He touched the characters on the book and said. “Souls of storm, listen to the command of Osiris, form a tornado to tear everything apart!”

Zheng repeated the words but nothing happened. His blood energy was also intact and the desert was calm as usual.

“No use?”

They looked at each other with disappointment, because this book was their biggest hope in their situation. If they could make use of the powerful spells on the book, then they would be able to rival team India. Yet this book didn’t have the power they imagined or was it unusable at the current state?

Suddenly a thought came to his mind, Zheng said. “Read it in ancient Egyptian pronunciation. I will repeat it.”

Tengyi took a deep breath and began reading again. Zheng also repeated the difficult pronunciations. Then he was certain that this book was real. As he recited the words, his blood energy began to get excited. Several seconds later, the blood energy was channeling into the book at crazy speed.

Zheng felt the book was boiling hot. He almost wanted to throw it away but the book glued to his hand and wouldn’t move. Tengyi on the other hand was knocked away with a scream. The book glowed in a faint red light, although it wasn’t obvious under the sunlight.

Zheng’s blood energy was getting more and more excited until all of them went into the book. The book then began to cool down and he could feel an air of coldness. Yet Zheng fainted after he was depleted of blood energy. He didn’t notice the tornado that was forming at a thousand meters away. It quickly picked up the sands and engulfed everyone like a sandstorm…

Zheng opened his eyes after quite some time. There was no more sand and the sky was sunny and clear, not even a little wind.

Zheng sat up and noticed he was tied up on the back of a camel. They were moving along on the desert. It was as though what he saw before he fainted was just an illusion.

When the others saw Zheng sat up, they shouted everyone to stop. Jie and Lan got off their camels and went over to him. Jie untied him with a laugh. Lan handed him some water.

“How long did I pass out? The sun is about to set… Was the tornado that I saw before I fainted an illusion?” Zheng took a few gulps of water then asked.

Jie said. “You passed out for a whole day and night. This is the evening of the second day… The tornado you said was definitely an illusion. I promise! Haha.”

Zheng looked at the other people and they all nodded. “Right, how can something like that be created by a human… But the book still made me pass out, so it should be real.”

Zero also drank some water and said. “Of course it’s real… You didn’t summon a tornado but I don’t know what you did or maybe you didn’t know how to control your energy. You summoned a sandstorm. If it isn’t for the camels leading the way, we would have been buried in sand by now…”

“The power of the Book of the Dead exceeded our expectation.” Honglu said with excitement. “As long as you can control your energy and not let the book suck you dry… It will be able to let us wipe team India!”

Zheng looked at the hand that was holding onto the book. There was a very faint symbol on his palm. The symbol that was on the cover of the book, a symbol that represented Osiris.

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