TI Vol 5: Chapter 5-2

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Vol 5: Chapter 5-2.

Once Zheng and Zero exited the tomb, he instinctively raised his gun, because there were several dozen men in black pointing their guns at the two of them. His team, O’Connell, and the Americans were all under their control.

O’Connell laughed. “See, I told you I already killed the mummy. You are making a fuss about nothing!”

Zheng sighed and said. “No, the mummy is not dead. He’s a monster, normal bullets are useless against him. No, all types of bullets should be useless against him.”

No one aside from the players knew what he was saying. The leader of the men in black, a man with a tattoo on his face, said. “All of you leave this place at once! Don’t ever come back… This is the city of the dead. If you come back again, I don’t mind making you dead!” Then he led his group down into the tomb.

To be honest, after what they just experienced, no one wanted to stay here. So they went back to their camp quietly and packed their stuff. Then left on their horses and camels.

The players followed at the back of the group. It wasn’t until now that they had a chance to look at their watch. Usually once the plot started moving forward, their restrictions would also disappear. And of course they were no longer restricted by distance when they look at their watch.

Zheng said. “Now that we are not restricted by distance, what should be do next? Wait here for team India? Since we are more familiar with this place… or follow O’Connell and go along with the original plot? Honglu, do you have any suggestion?”

Honglu was riding on a camel in the center of the group. He replied calmly. “No, I don’t have any good suggestion, but I have two questions… 1. What is team India’s mission? Eliminate Imhotep or something else?”

“2. Does team India also know of the special effect of the Book of the Dead and want to obtain it?”

Zheng was confused. “What do you mean by special effect?”

Tengyi said with a little embarrassment. “When I came out from the tomb, I picked up the book and took a look. The moment I touched the book, I received a notification from God about obtaining a quest item… It said I can learn black magic. If I know hieroglyphs then it won’t cost any points, otherwise every spell costs 1000 points. But I must return to God’s dimension to learn it…”

They all looked at Tengyi in surprise. Then Honglu said. “Even though I don’t know the reason but we can also use Book of the Dead. Oh, does it take a lot of points to learn a spell in God’s dimension?”

Lan replied. “Not only points but also lots of ranked rewards. Like I have two simple spells that can increase your stats temporarily, yet it took me several thousand points and rank D rewards. Offensive spells will need rank C or even B rewards to learn. Only 1000 points for one…”

Tengyi said humbly. “I’m sorry… I can read hieroglyphs.”

Everyone fell into a silence then after a minute Zheng, Zero and Jie pulled out their guns, Yinkong also took out her dagger. They controlled their camels to run over to the Americans… The Book of the Dead was currently in the hands of the professor.

The Americans didn’t notice the group until Zheng moved in front of them and blocked their way. That was when they saw the guns in shock.

“Hey, bro, this isn’t funny…” One of the Americans shouted.

Zheng sprayed at the ground in front of them and they stopped their horses. Everyone aside from the professor also put up their hands… They had seen the power of these guns, which were enough to tear them apart at such close distance.

Zheng said in a calm voice. “I don’t want to say much. Hand me the Book of the Dead. It isn’t useful to you… And the mummy will come after you if you have it. I think you don’t want to see that monster anymore right? Give me the Book of the Dead… I can give you gold in exchange.”

The Americans were giving each other signs, preparing to take out their guns at any moment. The professor held onto the book tightly, and stared at Zheng.

Once they heard the word ‘gold’, the Americans’ eyes lit up. “Gold… how much gold?”

O’Connell and the other characters also came over to the Americans, but Zheng ignored them. He took out a gold bar from the ring and said. “Ten gold bars like this just for a book. Do you think it’s worth it?” Then he threw the gold over.

An American catched the gold bar anxiously. It felt heavy as he held it. It was real gold, several fingers thick.

He pinched it then bit it with his teeth then said to his partner. “Real, it’s real… this is a real gold bar!”

The other American also took over the gold and did the same thing then he looked at Zheng with greed. “Ten… fifteen gold bars! Give me fifteen gold bars then we have a deal!”

“Ok, fifteen!”

Zheng didn’t care. He took out another gold bar from the ring and as he was going to take out another one, an American suddenly pulled out his gun. However he didn’t point it at Zheng but instead he shot the professor at once. Then the American grabbed the book from the professor’s hand.

The Book of the Dead was stained with blood…


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