TI Vol 5: Chapter 10-3

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Vol 5: Chapter 10-3.

Everything slowed down in that moment. Tengyi slowly getting up from the floor. Lan running toward him in panic. Shredded paper and wood floating where they were fighting. And this giant serpent’s head coming closer and closer. He could faintly smell the blood coming from its mouth. The only thing left in Zheng’s mind was that death was looming in.

If the second stage of the unlocked mode gives absolute control over the body, does the nervous system counts as part of the body? When you unleash the nervous system’s potential, then your reaction speed…

Zheng’s whole body was violently convulsing. Because of the speed it was convulsing, everyone could only made out his figure, but his body and face became blurred. As the serpent was about to bite into him, Shanaia yelled, “I, I can’t… hold him with the Psyche Chain anymore!”

As she finished her words, Zheng flashed to the side of the serpent’s head, but just barely getting away. He struck the giant head with his ringed fist and channeled his Qi into the ring. It was like snow came into contact with fire, a huge hole appeared on the serpent’s head instantly. Half of its head was crushed into powder. Then Zheng gave its head a kick and used the force to propel him over to Tengyi.

“Give me the grenade!”

His words were meaningless though, since his speed was so much faster than Tengyi’s. He reached Tengyi in the blink of an eye and grabbed the grenade from his hand. He pulled the ring then threw this smoke grenade over at the monk. A thick white smoke began to fill up the museum.

“Ok, everyone leave the the museum now… Shit, what are you standing here for? Go!” Zheng turned to O’Connell and saw that he was standing there like an idiot. After his shout O’Connell and the other characters came to their senses and hurried toward the exit.

“Lan, go with them, don’t let them get separated… Tengyi, hurry, help me read this spell. I found some good stuff in the basement… Tengyi?”

Zheng took out a few broken remains of some mummies and some sand. Then he took out the Book of the Dead. But Tengyi was standing there with no reaction until several seconds later, when he collapsed to the ground. That’s when Zheng and Lan noticed the needle pierced into his heart.

Zheng’s face looked distorted from anger. He held onto Tengyi but he couldn’t pull the needle out… Judging from its position and depth, as soon as he pulled the needle out, Tengyi would lose his life…

“Zheng, give me the book. Hoho, my vision is a little blurred.” Tengyi muttered, but blood slipped through his mouth with every word he said.

Zheng held onto him tightly. “Don’t worry, you’re fine. Zero and Yinkong are skilled at dealing with injuries. You should be fine…”

“F*ck! I told you to bring me the book!” Tengyi shouted but that only made him vomit more blood. The cloth at his chest was stained by the blood seeping out.

Zheng opened the book to the page of the spell. Tengyi touched the characters with his fingers and read them out one by one. Zheng could only concentrate on remembering these characters and pronunciations. Ten seconds later, Tengyi finished reading. The monk still hadn’t came out of the smoke. Maybe they weren’t skilled with close combat, though Zheng felt that the monk had gone back up to second floor instead.

“I am just a grave robber. Those ancient relics and the culture of our country, a culture more magnificent than any other country. I only wanted to bring this culture back to the world… They lied to me and sold the relics to other countries. I am not a f*cking traitor…”

Tengyi’s voice became smaller and smaller. After his last few words, he lay back down quietly. Blood stopped coming out of his chest and the needle came out by itself then floated into the smoke.

“Guardians of death. Listen to my summons…”

Zheng put down Tengyi’s body. He held onto the Book of the Dead then began chanting the spell. As his blood energy drained, the mummy pieces and sand merged together then grew in size. Several seconds later, four skeletal mummies with swords and shields appeared in front of him. Zheng waved his hand at the smoke and these mummies jumped in with incredible speed.

“Lan, bring Tengyi out. Remember not to let the characters get separated…” Zheng took a deep breath and held onto his knife.

Lan wanted to say something but when she saw Zheng face, she picked up Tengyi’s body and ran toward the exit. When her figure vanished from sight, a wolf howl came from the other side.

The three meter tall werewolf stood up. His hand was holding onto Yinkong. Her whole body was filled with cuts and a part of her shoulder was bitten off. Her left arm hung there without strength but she was still alive. She looked at Zheng with her feeble and dim eyes.

The werewolf howled again and threw Yinkong at Zheng. When Zheng caught her, the werewolf was already sprinting toward him. The scalpels on its claw was about to pierce through Yinkong’s body. Zheng had no choice but to turn around and take the scalpels with his back to protect Yinkong. The scalpels penetrated into his body and the impact forced him into the wall. The werewolf pushed Zheng through the wall and out of the museum.

With its claw inside Zheng’s back, he howled and lifted Zheng up. His other claw was reaching for Zheng’s neck. Yet Zheng couldn’t do anything at this point. As he saw the monk and the other members of Team India walk out from the smoke, hopelessness began to fill his heart.


A bullet struck the werewolf at extreme speed, penetrated into his right lung through the chest then knocked him to the wall. Then that huge force crushed the wall. This mighty shot came from the Gauss sniper rifle…

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