TI Vol 5: Chapter 10-2

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Vol 5: Chapter 10-2.

The skinny man with curved blade began moving toward Zheng, but The monk quickly said, “Stop, Charcoal! Minima is still alive!”

Charcoal hesitated then stopped. The monk walked off the second floor as if he could stand on air. To everyone’s surprise, he slowly walked down to the first floor.

Zheng had entered the second stage of the unlocked mode by now.

When they were in the basement, due to the lack of light, he didn’t receive much damage. The giant’s strikes were extremely powerful, especially the hand with the claw, which could crush the wall into powder with a punch. But aside from power, his senses, vision, and control over his power were weak. While inside the basement, only a few of his punches scratched Zheng, most of them missed. Though these few punches still knocked Zheng to the wall. When one side’s power was vastly overwhelming, all techniques could become useless.

Zheng didn’t get too close to the Minima afterwards. He attacked with his knife from the sides. After a few slashes, the giant’s body was painted with cuts. Several of his tendons were cut off. If it wasn’t for fear of that extreme strength, Zheng would have probably gotten the knife into his heart.

Minima wasn’t an idiot. After several cuts he knew he would die if he continued like this. Unable to hit his target while receiving cuts little by little. That gloomy realization made him shout with insanity. He ignored everything and charged at Zheng, letting the knife stab into his stomach and cut his intestines in half. But at the same time he also got ahold of Zheng and enclosed Zheng’s body in his arms.

“Keep running! Chinese monkey! Run! You think you are really a monkey? Let me make you into ground meat! Weakling that only knows how to run!” He yelled then tightened his arms. He could hear the sound of Zheng’s bones fracturing.


Zheng also began screaming like mad. The near death sensation fell upon him. This was the first time he’d really experienced this sensation since he entered this movie. The power coming from Minima’s arms was so strong that even activating his Qi wasn’t helping. If he let this continue, in less than ten seconds he’d be crushed.

‘I can’t die! After going through so many dangers… How I can die here!’

Zheng opened his mouth and bit the giant’s shoulder. The taste of blood rushed down his throat. He felt a violent and bloodthirsty emotion surface from within. At this crucial moment, his genetic constraint finally unlocked again and entered the second stage. His muscles began convulsing, two seconds later his muscles swelled up. This was the symbol of the second stage, the ability to control his body at will and unleashing all its potential!

“Go to hell! Monkey!” Minima was still yelling but before he could finish, a huge force emerged from within his arms and knocked him away to the wall.

“You are the f*cking monkey!”

Zheng’s eyes became bloody red. For some reason, he wanted to drink blood. As soon as he knocked Minima away, he jumped at the giant. The two huge powers crashed into each other. Endless combat instincts streamed into Zheng’s head from the unlocked mode. When his hands clashed with the giant’s, he kicked off the ground, jumping over to Minima’s back, which twisted the giant’s arms, then….


Minima’s arms snapped.

Minima let out a scream then Zheng knocked him to the ground and snapped both his legs too. It still wasn’t over, Zheng grabbed onto him and jumped up to the first floor until he finally took full control over Minima’s life.

The monk was standing about ten meters away. He looked at Zheng and said, “The second stage of the unlocked mode? Then you are the leader of Team China? Shainaia… Let that Tengyi say out their quest!”

Tengyi’s body trembled then his voice was forced through his lips, “Eliminate Imhotep!”

The monk touched his forehead with a finger then said, “Eliminate Imhotep? Good, I thought your quest was to kill Anck-su-Namun. Then… the Book of the Dead is still in your hands? And you’ve used the book. That’s the reason you refused our suggestion and risked your lives to save the characters. Because you probably won’t be able to find the Book of Amun-Ra without them. Too bad that you learned of the secrets of these two books, otherwise we could have remained in peace. But since you know them…”

Zheng was surprised, he asked without thinking, “The secrets of the two books? What secrets?”

“God will put some items inside the movies. These items cannot be exchanged from God, like the spells from the two books cannot be learned from God. Especially the Book of Amun-Ra. Even though every person only has one chance, but having it… Remember, this is the unspoken rule when two teams meet. If both teams are on the same level, then we will exchange information, such as how to survive a specific movie or how to run away when the plot changes. We met a team that experienced this movie, so we also know of the secrets of these two books… But if the powers of two teams are unequal… Shainaia!”

The monk shouted then opened his arms. A giant serpent about a meter in diameter and ten meters long appeared behind him. This serpent had two heads with different colors. When the serpent appeared, Tengyi fell to the ground as if he had lost all his strength. At the same time, Zheng felt that he lost control of his body. He dropped Minima to the ground. One of the serpent’s heads then bit toward him.

That huge mouth looked like it was going to swallow him whole.

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