TI Vol 5: Chapter 10-1

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Vol 5: Chapter 10-1.

“Unfortunately it seems you’ve ignored our suggestion for peace, or perhaps you believe you can win against our team. Even if you lost a team member in the beginning…” The monk walked in slowly.

Walking beside the monk were two women and a man. Including the blonde doctor, the muscular man, and the cyborg, team India had at least eight members.

Yinkong did not take her eyes off the blonde man to look at the newcomers. The two of them were moving in similar manners, silent footsteps, holding onto weapons with both hands, eyes fixed onto each other, as soon as the other person lets his or her guard down, they would strike without hesitation like a snake.

“You are the one who caught Muhammad Joseph? Then you must be holding onto a magical weapon. It would take me quite a bit of effort if I had to catch him alive… Young assassin, snow white skin, red and soft blood vessels. Cut open your stomach and hold onto those organs then crush them… haha!” He got more and more excited as he talked, in the end he started laughing like a lunatic. He moved toward Yinkong like a shadow.

Yinkong immediately raised her dagger in front of her. With a clank, she felt a huge force coming through her hand. The blonde man was holding two crystal like scalpels. Yinkong could only see a glimpse of light from the reflection before the pain on her right hand registered. One fifth of her thumb was cut off. Luckily she backed off instantly and dodged the follow up attack. Even so, her right hand was already dripping blood.

“Wolf Doctor Arot… Aren’t you already dead? The European assassin clans couldn’t have let you get away… Why are you still alive?” Yinkong didn’t even look at her thumb. Her eyes went out of focus, she entered the unlocked mode as she was talking. Although her life was not at risk yet, the pressure exerting from Arot was too much, as if he would cut her apart in the next moment.

Arot’s mental state was getting more crazy. He licked the blood on the scalpel, and with a light pull of the hand, he cut off the tip of his tongue. He yelled, “Virgin blood! Skin, vessels, muscles, organs, brain… cut open all of them. Hahahaha!”

A woman next to the monk who had her eyes closed the whole time saw his craziness and frowned. “Leader, he’s going feral again. I can’t suppress it anymore… If he continues, he will kill everything in his view…”

The monk looked at the first floor quietly and said, “Then let him go feral. We can see how much power team China has. If he can kill every one of them here, then we will start the hunt and wipe out their team…”

Arot kept yelling, his body was convulsing orgasmically. Yinkong tried to run up for an attack several times but as soon as she moved her feet, his eyes would became fixed on her, forcing her to stop in place. Arot’s body gradually enlarged, shredding his clothes. His body hair was growing longer until he transformed into a werewolf. He didn’t have nails he had crystal scalpels instead.

The werewolf raised his head to the sky and howled. Suddenly blood splashed from his neck, a silver throwing knife stabbed into his neck. Unfortunately its power was barely enough to penetrate his skin and didn’t even reach into his muscle. Arot pulled out the knife then closed his hand, crushing the knife into a coin-like shape. Then he jumped at Yinkong.

“Run!” Yinkong only had the chance to yelled a single word before she was sent flying into the shelves. Paper and bits of wood floated in the air. For a while, the other people could only hear the clanking sounds of metals crashing into each other, and the occasional moan from Yinkong.

Lan quickly took out a smoke grenade. She exchanged it before entering the movie and never thought it would come into use. As she was about to pulled the ring, Tengyi placed his gun on her head.

Lan yelled with shock and anger. “Qi… Qi Tengyi! You crazy? Do you think they will let you live if you kill me? Impossible! They will just kill you… Tengyi?”

Tengyi’s eyes were filled with pain. His whole body was shivering but that gun was fixed on Lan’s head.

The woman with closed eyes said, “The girl from the assassin’s clan had undergone mental training, I can not control her. This woman seemed to have enhanced her mental capacity, it’s not easy to control her either. So I can only control the one next to her…”

The monk laughed lightly. “No, you did a good job, Shainaia. Kill the four of them here. The one in the basement should’ve become ground meat by now. Minima’s close combat strength is only second to Arot… Team China is only so much, we can…”

Before he finished talking, they heard a huge impact and shout from the basement. Several seconds later, two people jumped out from the floor. Zheng’s face was full of blood, his muscles were all puffed up, and his hand was grabbing onto the giant’s neck. The two of them kept fighting on the ground until they heard the sound of bones snapped. Minima’s body lost all strength. Zheng’s eyes were bloody red. He was biting onto the giant’s shoulder, while his other hand was holding a knife next to the giant’s neck.

“I know you have a doctor in your team. You swapped him an arm even after I cut his off. I’ve only snapped his neck… He’s still alive, but can’t last much longer. Let go of Tengyi, let them leave the museum or we will trade losses!”

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    1. That never actually occurred to me. Very little depth went into his unlocked perks.
      He hardly ever meditates, it was only presented as something apropos between lines (“in the last few days he meditated and strengthened his qi”, that doesn’t tell us anything about the process or how meaningful it is), and the vampire bloodline fared even worse, it received no love at all. It’s just there, with convenient powers that do not really get any form of elaboration (how it affects the MC, if at all, what are the conditions to use it, if at all…)
      Right now, being a vampire seems like being a human, with some powers. Nothing at all changed other than gaining a few abilities.

      Both Qi and being a Vampire do not affect the character or present themselves in the story in a meaningful way, other than being tools to get the MC out of dangerous situations. Hopefully that’s to change, but the way the story treats anything related to developing the characters through the system, I think it’s likely they’ll remain as something that’s not given too much depth.

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