TI Vol 5: Chapter 1-3

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Vol 5: Chapter 1-3.

Three guards came in through the door, then they dragged O’Connell outside. They acted like they didn’t even see Zheng’s group or even the bald man who was screaming on the floor. The prison door was left open after they left.

Zheng said, “Good, The Mummy has officially started. The four of you wait here a minute.” Then he turned to the others.

“Let’s discuss what to do with them…” Zheng scratched his head.

Yinkong said calmly, “The best method is… cut their limbs and leave them here. We don’t have the strength to take care of powerless newbies when we encounter the other team… This is the most rational method.”

Jie, Tengyi, and Lan all shook their heads, but Zero said, “Right, this is the rule of the battleground… They are still not our comrades. It’s not worth it if the six of us die trying to save them… And we also can’t give them to the other team. Otherwise we will be at negative 8000 points if they all get killed. Then we will have to kill four people to even it out…”

“Three versus two huh?” Zheng smiled bitterly, then he turned to the four newbies. In other words, his decision determined their fate.

“If you are afraid of the other team…” Honglu picked a few rocks off the wall, crushed them then put them together. As he was playing with the rocks, he continued, “If you are afraid of the other team, then the four of us can act as bait.

“Judging from the information you have given us, you veterans should be much stronger than normal people. That is proven from the human stick on the ground… You also wouldn’t want any of your guys to get into danger, right? If the other team has more people than you, better equipment than you, and is more powerful than you, then why wouldn’t they want to attack you? Even if they don’t attack you in the beginning, how can you be sure they won’t do it in the rest of the movie? Instead of risking your lives to test them, why don’t you use us as bait instead?”

Not only was Zheng’s group shocked at his words, the other newbies were staring at him in a daze. He continued playing with the rocks and muttered, “Instead of being left in this jail without any hope… I would rather choose the path with only one thousandth chance of living. I think this is the same for the three of you, right? Choose to become bait or choose to die immediately.”

The other three newbies also nodded, but Zheng was stunned. Because this boy gave them a strange feeling, it was just like… Xuan!

Zheng took a deep breath then nodded. “Okay, the three of you are now under moderation, as to you…” He pointed to Honglu.

“You are now a member of this team. We won’t give you any weapons in this movie and we will be monitoring you. But we will also protect you. What do you think?” Zheng looked at the others in his team and they all nodded, then he said it to Honglu.

Honglu threw away the rocks then stood up. “I don’t have any problem with it but when we have to run, you have to carry me… Oh right, we’ve been talking for over five minutes already, I think O’Connell is about to get released.”

Zheng then ran outside the jail with everyone. Jie picked up Honglu and said, “Have you seen this movie? They show you movies in a psychiatric hospital?”

“It’s neurological institute, not psychiatric hospital… Have you seen any main characters that die in the beginning of a story? That’s why O’Connell is either going to be released or some plot is happening. We must stay within 5000 meters of him. So if he leaves the jail, we will be in trouble if we can’t find his location. Once he gets too far from us, then we will probably die like that bald man.” He twirled his black hair as he talked.

‘So similar. He and Xuan both give people an ice cold feeling, but it seems like he still has a little bit of empathy, whereas Xuan is completely apathetic…’ Zheng thought.

Then he ran over to Jie. “Did you say you have a premonition ability? What can you foretell? The future or…”

“Death! I can foretell when death is coming… Don’t worry, if any of you are going to die, I will let you know.” He laughed coldly then pulled a string of hair. He put it on his fingertip and blew it. The hair then flew away.

The corridor of this jail was filled with prisoners who were looking out through the bars. The corridor formed a half circle and surrounded a stage. In the center of the stage was a gallows. O’Connell was standing on that gallows.

Honglu suddenly asked Zheng in a rushed tone, “Can the plot be changed? Like if we kill O’Connell now, what will happen to the movie?”

Zheng was surprised then said, “Then… something will probably change because the plot has changed. Like Imhotep will get resurrected instantly or we will have to follow another character, or we will have to search for the Hamunaptra ourselves… Are you feeling anything?”

Honglu pulled the hair in front of his forehead and said calmly, “Since the plot can be changed, anything can happen in this movie after we’ve entered this world. I don’t know why but I feel like O’Connell is going to die during his execution. Even though I don’t know how he was rescued in the movie, but if you don’t want the plot to change from the main character dying, then you should rescue him in a bit…”

Zheng was decisive and immediately turned to Zero. “Zero, you still have the pistol with a silencer right? Can you shoot the rope used for hanging from here?”

Zero looked at the stage then nodded. “No problem. I can see everything clearly… If it’s just the rope, I can shoot it without anyone noticing.”

The era was after World War 1 and before World War 2 started. There weren’t any silencers in this era so they don’t have to worry about people noticing the gunshot. They surrounded Zero from all sides so people couldn’t see what he was holding.

Then the gallows was activated and O’Connell was hanging in midair. In the original plot, the heroine should’ve persuaded the warden to release O’Connell but ten seconds had passed and there was no order to release him. As O’Connell’s breath was getting weaker and weaker, the rope snapped and he fell to the ground. No one noticed the little bullet hole on the ground.

Zheng and the others all turned to Honglu. The boy pulled a hair and put it on his finger tip then blew it away. He muttered, “… Infinite possibilities?”

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  1. The author obviously doesn’t know what a silencer/suppressor does because you would hear it if you shot with one on and it will still be loud just not as loud as without

    1. I think that is why the author wrote “there weren’t any silencers”. I think he meant that they wouldn’t recognize the noise even when hearing it, because they never encountered that type of noise before. After all, even if a silencer doens’t actually silence the shot by a lot, it would still morph the sound enough that it doesn’t sound like your typical gunshot.

  2. Man this novel has flaws but you are drinking the haterade. If you actually watched the movie you’d know they’re in a outdoor prison with all the inmates yelling and shit. No one would hear a silenced shot over that noise.

    1. That’s the problem. “Silenced” shot really isn’t that silent unless you’re using a very, very small cailbre. It’ll still very loud. Most of the “crack” of the shot is actually the bullet forcing the air out of the way or the sonic boom for greater than Mach 1 rounds.

      Movies severely misrepresent suppressors. Suppressed guns do NOT sound like your little pet dog sneezing. More like your little pet dragon. You still need hearing protection even when using suppressed guns of anything other than the smallest calibre (~.22 size).

      1. I don’t care about the flaws, just wanna enjoy the novel. Bu commenting something like this, you have already spoiled the fun. What do you feel? Satisfied now?

      2. Suspension of belief, bro. You questioned the “silencer” because you have precursory knowledge about it but you never questioned ghosts, genetic constraint, etc. when they don’t make sense as the silencer does.

        1. I don’t know, I can feel what he means. You can give the author some leeway when it comes to the plot, under the condition he doesn’t mess up the details in it. though in this case maybe god gave him the mighty gun

      3. The main point is that there is no awareness of silencer tech in that movie time period. No one could connect the silence noise with that era’s much louder gunshot crack.

      4. I’m lolling my arse off, because you guys argue the accuracy of the “silenced pistol”, but completely neglect the fact that you’d need a really big f*cking pistol to cut through a rope.
        (Or, if you don’t trust that abbreviated link, here’s the film without time stamps:
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5_f5NGpMq4 )
        I appreciate these sort of debates, though. I totally forgot that bit about silenced guns, the bullet itself also makes a heck a lot of a noise.
        This sort of debate reminds me of debates around Larry Niven’s sci-fi books, in which the author is trying to use current theories to build one’s futuristic world, and then have the audience try to figure out where the story got it right and where it was wrong. I don’t think talking about where the author got something wrong according to how things actually work in reality, detracts from one’s ability to enjoy cliches, or a story in general (unless it’s a really stupid mistake).

        We’re all here for the death, action, and shop upgrades anyway. y;

  3. So in this movie, they need to act like lil’ helper fairies, eh?
    Or was it that the opposite team guessed the Chinese team will need to protect the movie’s protagonist, so they killed off the heroine (or delayed her)?
    Questions questions. It seems like this round might develop into a game of wits, time for Lan to shine (or, be outshined by a 12 years old little boy.)

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