TI Vol 3: Chapter 6-2

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Vol 3: Chapter 6-2.

The first group to guard the scriptures was Zheng’s. They sat there in silence. Jie took out a pack of cigarettes and said, “Feeling irritated? Why did you get so mad over a little girl?”

Zheng took a cigarette and forced a smile. “It’s not really irritated as much as I just don’t want to see another Xuan in this team. The type of emotionless nature that can give up on a comrade any time. I don’t want to see another one.”

After he mentioned Xuan, all three of them fell into a silence again, as if his name was a taboo. Zero diverged the topic. “How did you get injured? Did she have a knife in her hand?”

Jie also seemed interested in this question. Even though the fight was short, the artery on Zheng’s wrist was cut open. His enhanced body and vampire bloodline quickly healed the wound, but one could still see a trace of it.

Zheng held up his wrist. “Can you believe it? She cut through my skin with just her fingernails, even steel can’t cut through it that easily. How can a sixteen year old girl’s fingernails be tougher than steel?”

Zero’s expression changed. He looked at the wound carefully then said, “With just nails? Could she come from the clan of assassins?”

“Clan of assassins?” Zheng and Jie asked curiously.

“Assassins have existed since the ancient times, whether it was in Asia or Europe. The earliest assassins had superior skills and hearts cold as ice. They could kill normal people easily barehanded. These assassins also mastered a cruel training technique to stimulate human potentials… But as technology advanced and guns appeared, these type of assassins declined. The new type of assassin is adept in using guns. No matter how good your skills are, one little bullet from afar will kill you. So true assassins have almost disappeared.”

“I have only heard rumors of it, that there still exist two clans of assassins in this world. One in Asia and one in Europe. They still have that training technique handed down from the past. If this little girl’s nails are really so strong, I think she may have come from one of the clans, and probably belongs to the inner circle of the clan.”

Zheng recalled when she unlocked her genetic constraint. If it was a cruel training technique, then fear and death could lead her to unlock the constraint. Also the way that she handled the pain afterward looked like she was already used to this pain. Perhaps she really was from one of the clans.

“No wonder she was so arrogant. If she can get along with us peacefully, she will become a comrade we can depend upon.”

At the same time in the girls’ room. Lan and Yanwei stared at Yinkong in shock. The blood on Yinkong’s clothes had dried but as she was getting on the only bed in this room without changing clothes; Lan and Yanwei annoyed her until she took them off. Even though Yinkong was mean to the men, she was actually gentle and well mannered when she interacted with the two women. After she took off her shirt, she exposed a pair of breasts wrapped around by a piece of cloth very tightly.

A pair of breasts tied with strips of cloth abruptly became visible where a masculine chest was previously seen. The two woman couldn’t help but unravel the cloth on her chest with their hands, and a little while later a plump pair of white rabbits suddenly jumped out. The plump rabbits looked so beautiful. Both perky and pretty with no signs of sagging. Seemingly made of flawless white jade, prompting smoke to rise from both Lan and Yanwei.

Yinkong hurried onto the bed and covered herself with a blanket while the other two women laughed.

“Why do you have to wrap them up? It will cause them to deform and you’re more prone to breast cancer. Why don’t we take you to buy a pair of bras tomorrow?”

Yinkong blushed and said, “They will get in the way if I don’t wrap them up. Others will also make fun of me and touch them intentionally. Mine are… too big. If I don’t wrap them up, they will just grow larger.”

Yanwei got close to Yinkong and said, “Hehe, let me tell you. They will just get larger the more you wrap them up. Choosing the right bras can stop them from growing.”


Lan and Yanwei nodded. Yanwei stroke her hair and said, “Who are these ‘others’ that you mentioned? You’re so strong, why don’t you… kill them all? Men cannot be trusted, all men are disgusting beings!”

Lan was going to say something but she sighed. “Yanwei, did something happen before you come here that left you in despair? Can you tell us?”

She paused for a moment then laughed miserably. “Nothing special. My boyfriend and I drove outside the city and the car broke down. Then a bunch of thugs surrounded us. He ran away alone… Aren’t all men like this? Once they’re in danger, they’ll think about themselves first?”

Lan sighed again. She recalled the last movie when Zheng was fighting like a madman… Not all men were like this.

When it was time for the second group, Zheng prepared a can of iced coffee for each of them. The two college students sat there discussing something in a low voice, while Tengyi studied the scriptures excitedly.


Tengyi felt pain on the back of his head then fell forward. Two hands on the left and right got a hold of him.

Ding put down the blood stained ashtray lightly. He and Renjia grabbed the scriptures with crazy yet relieved expressions.

“These idiots. They never saw how terrifying those things are. They think it’s safe to just put the scriptures in the living room. They can all go die…” Ding and Renjia laughed in a low voice.

“Will you take me along?”

This voice scared the two men. Renjia pointed his gun at the origin of the voice. Yanwei was leaning on the wall in her sexy lingerie. She laughed and walked over to them slowly.

“I don’t want to die, can you take me along? I will have to depend on you from now on…”

Zheng was sleeping soundly. After he got a hold of the scriptures, that chill and stress never came back. He felt relieved when he laid down. But somehow he was feeling colder and colder in his dream, as if something was reaching toward his head from the bedside. When that thing almost touched his head, a series of rapid knocks on the door woke him and the other two up.

Zheng immediately woke up with a shock. He caught a glimpse of a white arm disappearing from the bedside. He immediately jumped up then heard Lan’s voice from outside the room, “Zheng! Come out! Those two college students stole the scriptures!”

They hurried to the living room and saw Tengyi sitting on the ground with a pale face. By the blood on his head and the disappearance of Renjia, Ding, and the scriptures, it was obvious what had happened.

Lan said hastily, “After we fell asleep, Yanwei apparently said that she wanted to use the bathroom. Then some time later the alarm on her phone rang. There was the word ‘danger’ on it. We ran out to take a look and found this situation.”

Zheng touched the canned coffee then said with a livid face, “Stay calm, they couldn’t have gotten too far. Probably just got out of the hotel. We should be able to catch them… Zero, is your sniper rifle still in the backpack?”

Zero was surprised by the question. “Yes. I put it in the backpack disassembled, but due to the high cost of Gauss bullets and magical Gauss bullets, I only exchanged five of each… you mean?”

“It takes less than a minute to get to the roof, much faster than we can go downstairs. Get up there and find them then contact us… Then shoot their legs! I will take their hands myself!”

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    1. 一对丰满的胸部硬生生被布条绑成了男孩的平板胸口,二女都是忍不住动手开始解开缠胸布,不多时,一对洁白丰满的玉兔突的跳了出来,这部丰满的玉兔看起来是如此美丽,既大又俏,没有一丝下垂痕迹,洁白得仿佛无瑕美玉一般,惹得詹岚和铭煙薇一左一右各自揉弄起来。

      Google Translate: One pair of breasts abruptly tied strips of cloth became the boy’s chest plate, two women are not help but begin to unravel hands wrapped around the chest cloth, a little while, a pair of plump white rabbit suddenly jumped out, this plump rabbit looks so beautiful, both big and pretty, no trace of traces of sagging, seems to have flawless white jade general, prompting smoke Wei Ming Zhan Lan and either side of each Rounong up.

      So basically I think she has nice big breasts and they might have felt her up. Not sure. If some reads chinese and I actually managed to copy the right section of the raw, the can probably translate it better.

      1. Thx man. I get the idea. So all the violence and gore is ok. MC smashing a 15 yr old girl. No problem. But ecchi jokes about tits are a no fly zone? lmfao. Maybe translator just wanted to finish.

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        1. I appreciate the lack of “lewd lines”. It doesn’t have anything to do with the spooky-ghost mood that’s barely lingering here. The whole silly jokes about titties is something I never appreciated. I honestly don’t care about her breasts, how they look, or how other people marvel at the greatness of her boobs. It’s one of those instances in which I feel like the author was just trying to get himself off, and forgot that he’s writing a story.

  1. I agree with shiokarai desu!

    A pair of breasts tied with strips of cloth abruptly became visible, Where a masculine chest previously was seen, The two woman couldn’t help but to unravel the cloth on her chest with their hands, A little while later a plump pair of white rabbits jumped out suddenly, The plump rabbits looked so beautiful, Both perky and pretty, With no signs of sagging, Seemingly made of flawless white jade, Prompting smoke to rise from Lan and Yanwei.

    Edited version of djsosonut’s mtl

  2. I hope Zeng and his group stop being so naive, so they wont be stabbed in the back all the time, i dont have the nerves to read that kind of stuff, its just to stupid.

    1. Then what was he supposed to do? Isolate the newbies to sow more discord in a survival world where the more allies you have, the higher your survival rate is? How the hell is he suppose to segregate the potential backstabber to trustees if he didn’t mingle and let them join in the first place? Is there a way to prevent it? Even Xuan with 220 IQ can’t find a solution? How about Zheng? Sorry to say this but maybe you know one since you keep saying he’s naive since Volume 1.

      Look at what happened to Xuan. Just how many of his so-called “logical” plan (which you supported as the “most probable plan” to survive) succeeded in Alien? Except for “going” to the kitchen/armory/control room/queen’s room plan, everything else had failed miserably and went out of his calculation. He should change his job into a Tourist Guide. That would suit him better.

      1. How about starting from Varler’s remark a chapter back? Have competent fighters within each group, so you minimize the chances that complete strangers will f*ck up the entire team.

        On the other hand, you can say that Zheng erred in a different way (or, the entire team, really) — they allowed 2 completely insane / mentally agitated peeps (Ding & Rijae w/e his name is) to take part in guarding the apparent key to their survival, while they are completely untrustworthy due to their temporary madness. And if that wasn’t enough, the group actually allowed these two nut cases guard the scripture together, as if everyone tried to raise all of the flags by thinking “what could possibly go wrong?” — they’ll naturally screw over the team because the spooky ghost f*cked their brains in and out.

        Long story short, I have no idea who would even trust 2 persons who are so mentally shaken, and actually put these 2 together in the same guarding duty.
        Hey, paranoid-schizophrenic Bob and Bill! How bout’ ye guard the nuke tonight? Aiight! Good night!

        But, thankfully, these sort of developments do not bother me a whole lot. I don’t see them as negatively as I express them.

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