TI Vol 2: Chapter 4-3

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Vol 2: Chapter 4-3.

When Shuai first walked away with his head down, he was several meters away from the group. After he threw the grenade he ran another several meters. By this time he was over ten meters away. They could only watch as he pulled the ring. Even Zero couldn’t do anything with his gun as he was knocked to the ground by the shock wave.

“All of you go to hell! I…”

He pulled the ring while laughing crazily. Just as he was going to throw the grenade at them, it suddenly exploded. It only took a second from the time he pulled the ring til the grenade exploded. He didn’t even have time to throw it. The fire and shockwave quickly reached the group.


Zheng watched in daze as the fire closed up on him. Thankfully Lan brought him down to the ground. He just watched as the fire flew past him. For a moment, he could still smell the scent of burnt flesh.

‘No! How can life be so fragile? Why is life so fragile!’

Zheng suddenly jumped up from the ground and ran toward the smoke. Going inside the smoke, he found Shuai lying on the ground. His whole body burned black. His hands and chest were gone. Other than pieces of flesh on the ground, there was black colored blood that gushed out from his chest. ‘So human blood wasn’t always red, after going through an explosion, it… can become burned black.’

“Why? Why did the grenade explode immediately after pulling the ring?”

Zheng came out from the smoke. He walked over to Xuan silently and asked.

Xuan was the one nearest to the center of explosion this time. Blood gushed out from his nose and mouth. He wiped the blood and said, “Yes, the grenades I had Kampa modify, one of them explodes after a few seconds, the other one will explode immediately. When I handed him the grenades, I put the one that will explode later on the outside, so he could only use that one first…”

Zheng punched him on the face and knocked him away. Zero immediately pointed his gun at Zheng and Kampa stood in between Zheng and Xuan.

Xuan slowly sat up from the ground. He spat out a tooth and said calmly, “This is the true intention of the bait plan. Do you really think just a little blood can lure the Aliens? No, even though their sense of smell is sensitive, but during the period that the Queen is laying eggs, they will guard their nest. You saw from the monitor before that they were moving toward the nest. Therefore it needs to be a large amount of fresh flesh and blood, in addition to the scent of Alien blood on your skin, to lure them over. If I am not mistaken, the Aliens should be coming this way currently. If you want to die, you can continue to stay outside the wall.” Then he silently walked back to the control room.

Zheng felt more enraged after hearing his words, but he could only yell under the threat of Zero’s gun. “Then he was right? You intended to give up on him from the beginning? Why are you two helping him? You won’t even know when he will give you up! How can you call this comradery?”

Xuan turned around and said in a cold voice, “I didn’t intend to give him up in the beginning. I originally planned that everyone could contribute some blood, then he and you only have to… Whatever, I don’t have to explain this to you. You just have to understand that everything I do is for the sake of everyone in this group to survive this movie. I am certainly not wrong!”

Zheng’s voice sounded cold also. “Giving up on comrades, letting him get killed by explosions, then use his flesh and blood to lure the Aliens. And this is not wrong? Then what do you think is right! Is this how the two of you think also? Is life really so worthless?”

Xuan replied as he walked without turning his around, “I gave him one last chance. If he didn’t try to use the second grenade on us and followed my plan, as long as he could injure one Alien the others were very likely to come over. He could also hide in between two walls. Unfortunately, a mortal’s wisdom… only filled with resentment.”

Zero kept silent the whole time, he walked backward while pointing the gun at Zheng. After ten meters, he turned around and went away. Kampa said to him in a serious tone, “We value unity, it’s the mercenary’s credo. During battle, you put your back to your comrades. This is the basic trust and rule. But in order to achieve these two points, the other party must be someone you acknowledged and not a burden. I think Zero is thinking the same thing. We live in a different environment than you normal people. We are more suited to survive in this dimension. To me, these movies are just mercenary missions. Xuan did the right thing. He chose to have the majority of us live and successfully completed the mission. Shuai didn’t make me feel that I could trust my back to him. He also failed the last trial and chose self-destruction.”

Zheng stood there in a daze until the wall was slowly coming down. Jie and Lan then pulled him back in. He raised his head and asked, “Does it really have to be this cruel? To give up on other people so you can live? Or just a little resentment and you want everyone to die together? Then what are we? Chess pieces that he used and threw away?”

Jie said, “I don’t give a f*ck what they think. I don’t feel safe being with these three. I thought Xuan was smart and maybe could think of a way to save us. But it seems smart people are all devious. No, I feel less safe being with them! Zheng, I will go get my gun back. Even if I can’t get it back, we will go our own way after they’ve trapped the Aliens! Otherwise we won’t even know if they used us.”

Lan sighed. “But… do we really have to go by ourselves? It would be better if we just endure it through this movie and stay away from them on the next one.”

Zheng looked at Lan silently then said, “No, we will go our own way! I don’t want to see them again… If you can’t trust your comrades, then how can they trust you! I won’t give up on anyone on my side. I can save my comrade’s life, in return when I am in danger he will definitely save me! So I won’t fight alongside them again!”

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29 thoughts on “TI Vol 2: Chapter 4-3” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. I can honestly see Lan ending up with Xuan a the end of this arc. Not necessarily romantically, they just seem to think alike. There was more than a single hint to suggest that.

  1. Xuan is an ass. He claims to have had a plan in which no one would die, yet just because Shaui was upset that he was chosen as bait, he decided to have Shaui killed. Such an ass.

    1. He gave him a chance with the first granade, Xuan did the right thing. It seems like the mc is the type from anime, where he needs to save everyone and everthing can be solved trough the power of friendship, i hope he isent like that, im tiered of that stupid shit, thats the reason why i stopped wathcing anime -.-

      1. I digress to the both of you. Right thing, ha? He’s a hypocrite and a liar. He originally said that his plan would save EVERYONE! He originally said he wouldn’t be totalitarian. But he did things underhandedly, opposite of what he had claimed and justified his actions as “trials”. What the heck?

        He might be smart but he don’t understand human nature at all. He might be smart, but he certainly ISN’T wise. If he’s so smart to manipulate things behind the scene and shove Shuai all these so-called “trials” then how come he didn’t manage to plan out a way in which Shuai could willingly act as bait or atleast in way he wouldn’t rebel? Don’t tell me Xuan failed his Psychology 101 class?

        How can you TRUST someone who sees a people as expendables and LEAVE you behind and kill you because you’re the most useless person in the group? In this kind of situation, what you need the most are people who wouldn’t BACKSTAB you. Shuai’s reaction is NORMAL. Him arguing to be a bait is normal. Who wouldn’t after everyone saw the terror of an Alien? Heck even the rest of characters would argue, even Zheng would hesitate if he became the bait. Xuan deviously putting him in a trial was already a backstabbing move.

        If you guys were put in Shuai’s shoes, you would probably react and argue the same way he did. Don’t kid anyone by saying you won’t; because as far as chance go, you guys probably can’t even face a finger-sized flying c*ockroach. How about a 3m giant c*ckroach that could rip you in a split second? Plus how can you tell when your comfortably sitting there typing behind a computer screen.

        The key in ANY survival scenario like this aren’t SMART people who can devise the best plan to save the most people. It’s people who can you TRUST your back with and can even save you without regards to their life. Clearly, Xuan isn’t the latter, no?

        History lesson. Even you’re the smartest person in the world, if the closest people around you are betraying you left and right, then don’t you think something is wrong with how you think and decide? Nobunaga for once got betrayed several times.

        —–TL;DR—— (still long though)
        What Xuan had done might be logically correct HOWEVER he forgot that Shuai is a human. Humans have a heart. A heart has an emotion. What he had done is CRUEL and Shuai’s betrayal was just reaping what he sow.

        If he was so smart he didn’t fail his Psychology 101 class, then it only means ONE thing! He wants Shuai to be a disposable chess piece since the beginning.”Trial” this, “chances” that. BS!!!! Nothing but excuses!!!! He clearly wants him dead long before BECAUSE he is a B-U-R-D-E-N. Cutting off the weakest link is logically the best choice but this is INHUMANE.

        Haven’t you seen enough horror movies that schemers like Xuan ended up not because of major threat but because someone he offended betrayed him?

        Jie was a LOT better than Xuan in every way. Sure, Jie can’t think up a plan as good as Xuan but he wouldn’t abandon the same way as Xuan did to Shuai.

        1. Plus with his action, he sowed distrust to Zheng, Jie and Lan. They are both officially and unofficially enemies. He just made the strongest one of them to be his archenemy. Don’t tell me he didn’t see this coming with his 220 IQ?

          Yes, they’re in a deadly situation but that’s the more reason to balance things out and not sow internal conflict, but Xuan did. IQ’s so high it failed to process such simple thing, like some math super-geniuses don’t even know how to make a cup of coffee or buy a pizza on their own.

          Damn being alone inside a secret military base for god knows how many years must have warped his sense of humanity. He put too much points on INTELLIGENCE and forgot to put some on WISDOM. Too much of everything is bad, you know.

          With this event, he’s bound to bump into a death match with Zheng and co. With Zheng’s plot armor, no one can win even God.

          1. This is what I had been saying for chapters now.
            Xuan completely failed to actually plan a scenario in which Shuai will want to cooperate with him. Instead, he just confused his own sense of superiority and great intellect, with the fact that other people than himself exist in the world. He needed to reassure Shuai that he will be safe, and show him how he will be safe. He needed to give control and power to Shuai with information and knowledge. Even if he ended up sacrificing Shuai for real, at least he’d show the capacity to properly plan with the human-mind as a variable.

            Instead, he wanted to keep all of that knowledge and power to himself. He does not see other people as equals, or even as human beings. Just as tools that need to listen to his orders perfectly.
            Xuan may be a great thinker, but he’s a failure of a leader. This is a good example of how to assign roles properly. That one good trait does not mean he’s good at everything.

            I also think that Zheng’s mentality is a bit too wishy-washy, he’s truly acting like an anime protagonist, and that’s a bit dumb indeed. But for the very least, I can believe that the MC will survive through this movie, while I cannot believe that Xuan’s sneaky, underhanded “I am the best” bullcrap will actually help anyone. At least Zheng is transparent.
            *obligatory Donald Trump reference*

          2. Guys… I know it’s already May 2017 and all and its too dang late for replying and shite.

            But (I think) yall forgot something.

            Before beginning the Aliens Arc, Jie and Zhang’s group were also thinking the same thing as Xuan. They were also planning (originally) on killing anyone who they deemed as a “burden” to their safety \(=^=)/ so you also cant argue with Xuan and gang’s way of thinking.

            Just sharin 😂

        2. Even if one is a genius, can they override a human’s natural instinct for survival? Can they alter selfishness to altruism? Perhaps, if drugs, brainwashing, and technology were involved. However, Xuan didn’t have the resources or the time to do that.

          Someone that understands human nature would certainly not have bothered to convince the bait in that situation. No one else had plans, and hibernation was already ruled out. Xuan made the most optimal call, although it was not moral.

          Additionally, people were not betraying Xuan left and right. It was just the bait (I forget his name, and don’t tell me it matters. He’s just a character. If he were real, I wouldn’t dare to be so rude) out of inevitable hatred and helplessness.

          1. On second thought, the best route may have been putting more effort to convince the bait. But perhaps the disadvantageous situation and paranoia of that person would have rendered such efforts useless.

    1. I think both of them are at the polar ends, of the worst of criteria.
      Xuan cannot see other people as human beings, and tries to control them like tools, without comprehending the fact that that people have selfish needs, and he needs to work with that. He needs to bargain with them, talk to them, discuss matters with them. He cannot just give them orders and hope everything will work like a script on a computer. Xuan shows that his great intellect comes at a high price with a complete lack of social capabilities.

      Zhang, on the other hand, is incapable of treating people with the worst in mind. He cannot see them as entities which are capable of wrong, and are capable of great weakness, that has to be worked with. If someone is weak, Zhang is the type of person to most likely think he has to do everything himself, due to some form of a heavy case of heroic-complex.

      While Xuan wants to sacrifice everyone else for himself, Zhang will most likely want to sacrifice himself for everyone else. Both of these people are problematic, and are not very good leaders. But I can at least believe that Zhang will change, and smooth out those immature opinions, while Xuan? There’s no way I can see how he’ll change. He’s not just practical, he’s down right narcissistic.

  2. Xuan did the right thing, because simply put, shuai was useless and got 0 talent, and even if he got enhancement , he will still not be on the same level as them, and its human nature to save their own life rather tan someone else and in this situation with someone they don’t even know.
    Even tho this scheming wont be good in the long-run of surviving, but right now in that situation its the better choice*, aka sacrifice one for the sake of all.

    1. Then, you cant say that Shuai did the wrong thing too. What would you do if you were in his shoes? Xuan judged him himself and claimed he had an hideous expression. Are you serious? How can he not have when he learned that he is being sacrificed for others? How would you react if this happened to you instead?

      Could you trust someone who throws away others according to his own judgements? This isnt being a leader. A leader should not hide his plans from his teammates.

    2. I think some of you guys seem to have the wrong idea of what is the actual problem here, IceCube.
      The main issue is that Xuan failed to bring upon the situation he wanted. He wanted Shuai to risk his life for the group, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but he was acting so much like a robot, that Shuai could not trust anything he said.

      That is the issue.
      Xuan’s BS “tests and trials”, his obsession with his own intellect, caused him to fail to understand, that he just needed to try to convince Shuai with actual merit. He should’ve told him how he plans to secure his fate. He should’ve bought him in, with promises that seem to make sense. Even if he wanted to sacrifice him at the end, all he needs to do is to convince Shuai otherwise.

      But he didn’t. He just straight up told him: “F*ck you, you’re a loser. Do what I say, or get out.”
      That is the problem here. And when things did not go as he liked, he just did things behind everyone’s backs, instead of actually talking to anyone.

  3. You know… these comments worry me. Shuai doesn’t have zero talent nor is he worthless. He’s average. Much like most of the people reading this.

    Xuan is spouting cold logic that doesn’t account for the fact that his is living people and not figures on a chart. Zheng isn’t going on about friendship saves all either. Zheng simple doesn’t want someone to die. It’s the disregard of life vs the respect of it.

    There really was no need to make the plan this way. Hopefully god penalizes Xuan and Kampa points.

    1. You’re right it isn’t as simple as Shuai being worthless. And it isn’t as simple as Xuan being a schemer. Or Zheng being all give peace a chance. It was a conflict of personality and values in a tense situation. No one was completely right or wrong. That’s just good storytelling.

      1. At this point, I can’t help but feel like Xuan’s character is just the author’s avatar in more than one way. For infinite exposition works, and to create needless conflict. It doesn’t really help to make a character believable, when someone is an unlikely 222 IQ super genius biological super computer.

    2. I think people also neglect to remember that Zhang isn’t a special person either. Himself and Lan are both average people, who just currently have buffs. There’s literally nothing that separates the two of them from Shuai, other than the fact that they cleared 1 movie already.

  4. MC is really going against the “I must survive at all cost attitude” So him and is honey bunny can go back to the real world and frolic though a field of flowers on a nice sunny day holding hands while giving the happy happy joy joy laugh while staring at each other.

    If the MC really wanted to save Shuai he should have just said “I will be the bait” at all cost even if the others disagree. But instead he rather go into righteous hypocrite mode against “The Brain” who is trying to survive the movie. MC kept saying “Comrade this and Comrade that” but is Shuai really a Comrade in his eyes? I just hope the MC shapes up cause he is a real let down so far.

  5. I will drop this series in 3 chapters if this MC keeps his “save everyone be friendly and smile” attitude in short he need to grow up and grow up fast. real life is cruel and they are in a horror movie world which is worse, all nice feels and sympathy need to be thrown out the nearest airlock and he has to accept that people are going to die and some even at his own hands.

    it had better get better real quick or else it’s 4.7 out of 5 rating that caused me to start reading it is a load of BS

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