TI Vol 19 Chapter 6-1

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This world was an authoritarian world. The fact never changed throughout time.

We always screamed for the common good, for justice. Yet, the truth differed. The world remained an authoritarian state in the twenty first century. This kind of things would never change as long as humans were still humans. No matter which era, no matter which civilization.

“Like I said, the two questions are whether we have the power to rival God Has 1 and how should we gather the other parts of the Buddha.” Zheng said. “If the Buddha is split into multiple parts, we have to verify how many parts, find out which parties obtained them, and obtained these parts all within seven days. Jonathan said he left the tomb three months ago. Other parties might have entered the tomb during this time. Plus, the Yellow Turbans were chasing him so the tomb could be danger free. Other parties would definitely snatch the rest of the Buddha upon entering the tomb. It possessed an anti-gravity nature after all.”

Zheng twirled his hair and exhaled. “We will split into two groups from now on. The Yellow Turbans only grow stronger with time. So I will stay with the Buddha. Jonathan, Imhotep, Anck-Su-Namun, TengYi, LiuYu, and YanWei go with me to the tomb. The rest stay here on standby. Once we verified the Buddha was split, you have to figure out a way to obtain the other parts. What do you think, Xuan?”

YanWei immediately said, “No. I want to go to the other team!”

Zheng frowned. He knew of the conflict between Heng and the woman. It was Heng’s fault and no one had the right to become involved. However, the situation was dire when a team wipe was on the line. He couldn’t let YanWei and Heng stay in the same group. The only danger the first group would face was the Yellow Turbans. Zheng assigned those without power to this group in order to protect them and not weight down the other group.

Zheng thought over it for a second and said, “We are in a bonus mission. Don’t drag your personal feelings to the mission. Everyone’s life depends on it.”

YanWei returned with a cold laugh. “I don’t want to live anyway. Why should I care about other people’s lives? You can either kill me here or let me go with the other group.”

Heng was frightened from her words. He held her from behind and said in a panic while she struggled. “She’s just blinded by anger. I can guarantee she won’t do anything. Trust me, she won’t cause any trouble for the team, Zheng, Xuan. She doesn’t have the power to cause any troubles. So don’t think of her as a potential issue.”

Zheng looked to Xuan then said to Heng, “Don’t be stupid. I won’t doubt you. I know her situation so you will decide where she goes. You should know the danger that accompanies the respective group.”

Heng hesitated seeing Zheng was accommodating. He could see which group was more dangerous after all this time. Zheng’s group had near zero danger due to him and Imhotep. The second group might have to split up again which further increased their danger level. He actually wished for YanWei to be in the first group.

YanWei said, “I know you too well. You want me to stay in group one using my safety as the excuse. I don’t even care for my life anymore. What else should I care?”

Heng sighed. He was afraid of YanWei doing something stupid to threaten the team. Zheng would overlook it because of him but Xuan on the other hand…

“Then… let her come with group two. I will protect her. We won’t weight the team down even at the cost of our lives!” Heng said aloud.

Zheng also sighed. He walked over and patted Heng’s shoulder. “I only fear that you won’t tell us your difficulties even when your life is on the line. Who do you think we are? People that will kill their comrades to get rid of potential troubles? I will leave it for you to decide. Just keep in mind that… team China will not abandon any comrades.”

Heng gave Zheng a grateful look then turned to Xuan. Xuan’s attitude was more worrying than Zheng’s. Heng truly feared that YanWei would accidentally die in this movie under some scheme. He would be forever drown in torment.

Xuan handed the map to Zheng then took out several silver plates. “These things can receive signals in a large radius. The plates consume psyche energy to communicate. However, energy consumption for us is five times the normal rate. I stored enough energy for a month’s use. Don’t use it unless it’s something important. We will need one for each person in group two so group one only gets two pieces.”

Xuan paused as he looked over the team. “That’s basically our situation. You will also take care of the sleeping members. And this…” He took out a pair of glasses that looked the same as the pair he was wearing. They lenses also had no corrections.

Zheng received the glasses and asked, “Do you want me to wear these glasses? What for? Or do you want them to become team China’s symbol?”

Zheng shivered at the image of everyone in the team wearing the same glasses, staring at each other with emotionless faces, and spitting out logical words.

Xuan obviously had no idea what Zheng was thinking and continued. “It’s not for you. When you feel safe enough, put these glasses on YinKong and attach these two electrodes to your temple. That’s basically it.”

“What do you mean by basically it!?” Zheng shouted at him. “There’s definitely a trap! Don’t ever think I won’t speak out because of your emotionless face. I have said it time and time again to let me know of any schemes before hand. Don’t make me look like an idiot after the fact every time. I am speaking to you! Turn your head around!”

Xuan had turned to the rest of the team already. “We are in group two from now on. The safety of the Buddha head, the sleeping members, and the tomb after obtaining the rest of the Buddha are not our concern. What you need to do is follow my orders. Even if I tell you to die, you must die.”

(Why does this warning feel like… he will actually make us kill ourselves if he had to be done?) Was written on everyone’s face, aside from Zero. Though no one dared to speak out. Heng only wished to sink to the background in silence in case Xuan still held anything against YanWei. He did not want to draw Xuan’s attention.

“Now… let’s head back to Shanghai.”

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  1. Everytime Zheng overreacts at Xuan I imagine an angry wife screaming at her husband for some meaningless crap he doesn’t care about.
    I don’t mean to be sexist, you could see it the other way around.
    How can he be both a badass mc who slaughters armies like ants and an amotional whiny bitch (sorry for the term) at different times eludes me.
    Xuan is the best character in the novel BY FAR
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      1. Yeah we get the fact that he cares, but I think the author doesn’t make a very good job at portraying his emotions. He makes him overreact in what seem like a forced and out of context way.
        The only times I really enjoyed his emotional outburst/fury were when he wiped out umbrella corp building after seeing the experiments and when he slaughtered the uruk army after witnessing xuan’s fake death.

        1. I think it goes both ways.
          Zheng is way overreacting to anything Xuan is throwing out of his mouth, and constantly repeats himself in how he “doesn’t believe him” or “stop scheming me”. You’d think by this point he wouldn’t listen to Xuan anymore, or at least find better ways to phrase himself, god forbid.

          And also, the same goes for Xuan. He’s always so vague. About almost everything. It’s like he intentionally keeps things needlessly vague, just so people can get angry with him. In the last chapter or so, Xuan tells the team that there’s too much to explain about map, so he’ll just ask them a question…A question which lead to a huge arse lecture, which did not even end there, and had Zheng ask him to not speak in god-damn riddles or half-way. To which, Xuan nodded, and actually explained himself.
          Why behave that way. He’s just being intentionally annoying. I cannot see for the life of me how Xuan is such an epic character, although he actually may be “the best character in the story”, but I wouldn’t put that standard too high.

  2. Heng knows that YanWei from team devil loved him so she wanted die whith him. I dont think he will kill himself for her now because he knows that current YanWei will be hurt by his death even more.
    (it would be funny if YanWei from team devil killed him and this YanWei killed her because of [email protected][email protected])

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