TI Vol 19 Chapter 4-1

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ChengXiao came into the realm with martial art and training from the army. With the increase of physical stats, he could take on a dozen or two normal people without any trouble. The newly exchanged Nanto Suicho Ken, even just the first level, made him into a killing machine. As his hands sliced across, the victims fell to the ground in pieces as though they were cut up by a blade.

These cops could at best bully regular civilians. They feared the mafias so someone like ChengXiao totally shocked them in place. It wasn’t until after ChengXiao killed the third cop when the remaining two screamed and ran. Not far away, the axe wielding mafias charged at him.

Zheng didn’t worry about ChengXiao at all. He could tell ChengXiao exchanged a barehanded technique that jumped around. It looked like something coming out of an anime he had seen. Judging by how easy ChengXiao was having this fight, these mafias weren’t going to hurt him.

Zheng turned to Xuan. “You never do anything pointless. Anger and feelings are nothing more than a joke to you. So why did you tell ChengXiao to kill them?”

“To let everyone know we are here.” Xuan put down the documents. “Our goal is to complete the bonus mission and to seek an ally. The best ally is a big country that can be trusted, has enough resources, and somewhat related to us. The Communist Party is the most suitable one. We will ally with them and hand them our technologies.”

Zheng paused for a moment. “I don’t see anything wrong with that. So what’s the issue?”

Xuan nodded. “The key issues for an alliance are the two parties need to have similar interests and equal in strength. Keep in mind that our partner is a country and the deal concerns technologies that can change the world. This means that the profit involved is large enough to change them. There is neither right nor wrong when it comes to the standpoint of a country and race. If they believe us to be weak and the things we have are too valuable, they will kill us. It’s not an if. Get it? So before this plan begins, we have to let everyone know of our existence and our power. Why else do you think I brought the Magic Cannon? Testing its power is one reason and the other is to serve as a threat.”

Zheng gave Xuan a look of I knew it then turned back to the fight.

It looked nothing more than easy mode for ChengXiao. All the enemies they had fought were nearly non-human up to this point, monsters, sci-fi, the inconceivable. The enemies of the players were all so powerful. So much that when he got to fight normal people, it felt like bullying. The axes were coming so slowly. He could dodge it when he was yawning. His strength was powerful enough to send people flying with a punch. His fingers could slice through a person and the axe.

Bang. Bang. A translucent barrier surfaced on ChengXiao and rippled. The two cops on the side stared with their eyes wide open. Holding in their hands were the common rifles seen in this era.

“Heng.” Zheng yelled. Then he charged at the cops.

Heng raised his silver bow. A arrow flew past Zheng and pierced through one of the cops, pinning him to a door. The other cop turned his head instinctively only to find Zheng standing behind him.

The mafias finally scattered as they cried. They weren’t smart but they could tell the difference between a human’s strength and those beyond human. The people in front obviously belonged to the latter. Though whether they were gods or monsters was a different question. Normal people wouldn’t remain unharmed from gunfire nor would they slice off a head with insane speed.

Yet, running also required skill. Zero and WangXia joined the fight after Zheng and Heng. They only used close quarter combat but their training as assassin and special agent was sufficient to easily kill off the mafias like critters.

“The situation is we killed five cops, forty seven Qingbang members, captured four that we have decided to kill.” Xuan looked up at the sky and said.

The sun had nearly illuminated the sky. The time was approximately 8am, ten minutes after team China’s slaughter. They only sent a few of the members to kill off over fifty arms persons. The cop that was pinned to the door by an arrow had a fist wide hole in his chest. The sight sent chills to anyone who looked at it.

The four captured mafias looked just like any other young man from the rural areas with tanned skin in the twenty first century. Their hands were broken and they were being escorted on the street under fear.

Zheng patted Xuan on the shoulder and smiled bitterly. “You shouldn’t have said it in front of them that you are going to kill them. That makes it harder to get anything out of their mouths.”

Xuan glanced at Zheng with a condescending look. Then Zheng realized the difficulty only applied to normal people. Xuan probably had devices to make them speak so what he worried was never a possibility.

“Doraemon… I mean Xuan, what do you think we can get from them? I don’t think the grunts from a gang know where Jonathan or the Buddha head is.” Zheng said.

Xuan shook his head. “Nothing can can come out of nothing. If Jonathan is being chased by the armies and special agents like he wrote in the letter, then something must have happened in Shanghai as long as he’s here. All I need are traces of these happenings. Or are you unsatisfied with killing them?”

ChengXiao laughed. “This reminds me you were resolute today. You attacked the moment they opened fire and kill them. And you didn’t show mercy to them begging. Did dying suddenly changed you?”

Zheng rubbed his nose. “Yeah, dying once did make me become resolute. I understood one thing in Nightmare on Elm Street. That is hesitation might not hurt you but the people around you. I have to cut off anything that might threaten them while they are asleep. Either we don’t do anything or if we must, do not leave any chances for regret.”

“Ohh.” ChengXiao laughed creepily. “That’s cool. Zheng actually has times when he’s resolute. I wonder if that applies to your feelings?” He looked to Lan who was on Zero’s back. Her face was pale and she looked fragile. Zheng blushed and couldn’t say word in return.

As ChengXiao was planning to poke at Zheng more, a firework shot up to the sky and a whistle resonated through the street. The four mafias showed optimism but then it quickly faded. Team China’s strength left such a deep impression that it killed off their hopes of escaping alive.

“Could this be…” Heng muttered. “The legendary call for arms?”

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