TI Vol 19 Chapter 2-2

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Veins popped up on Ardeth’s forehead. He lowered his head in silence. He was well aware of the truth behind Xuan’s words. Only few passionate persons and clans passed down from the ancient eras still retained the dream to restore Egypt because they had not become slaves to foreign nations.

“Please continue.” Ardeth said with a bitter taste in his mouth.

“So, in order to wake a race, you will need the class of blood and fire. You have to give Egyptians the desire to restore their own race just like the May Fourth Movement that happened in China. Let the ignorant people wake themselves up. The second method is a war of darkness. Kill a city to wake a nation.”

“Kill a city to wake a nation?” The rest of the people here repeated.

Zheng asked, “What are you trying to say? Just be straightforward. Hate it when you only speaks the first half.”

“Egyptians should be familiar with your clan and army by now, right?” Xuan asked Ardeth instead.

Ardeth nodded.

Xuan continued, “So when the German’s African army march toward Cairo or the British army, Egyptians will naturally think you will defend the Egypt and the British army, right?”

Ardeth nodded again without thinking.

Xuan then said, “Then it’s clear… The mindset of slaves has sunk deep into their minds to believe it’s natural to help Britain who invaded your country. Even if Britain were to win and Egypt gained independence, your country will still be a third class country in the world. The light of restoration remains far from sight in the next century. Egypt struggles in such a state.”

Ardeth sighed. “What do you suppose I should do?”

“In a war between two super powers, all weaker powers will become victims of exploit no matter who wins. Instead of clinging onto one of them, you might as well establish yourself as the third equal power!” Xuan said. “Don’t save Cairo. “At the height of the clash between the German’s African army and the British army, annihilate both of them. Of course, before the battle reaches that point, Cairo will suffer and countless will die. Your mission is to denounce the two powers and summon the Egyptian people to revolt against the invaders. How could you let other countries fight their war in your land? This is the shame of a nation, the shame of Egypt! At the same time, enact a dictatorship and kill anyone who supports the two powers and anyone who questioned why you did not help Cairo. Iron and blood are needed to save a whole country. After darkness will come light.”

Everyone dropped their jaws and opened their eyes wide as they stared at Xuan like staring at a madman. However, they knew he was not a madman but someone with a different level of wit. The advice he suggested was probably the best way to achieve the result.

Zheng patted Ardeth on the shoulder and said, “Why, Xuan? You should know the Medjai are still very weak compared to the other two powers despite the army they have assembled, especially with the United States joining the war now… If they don’t side with the victors, they won’t have the chance again after World War II is over.”

“Siding with the victors?” Xuan sneered. “And then? Become a member of the victors. The future will still be led by the United States. Which of you like this future? We might as well alter this world further since we are already doing it. This is my advice. Defeat the Germans and British, at least defeat their armies in Egypt and push Egypt to the tip of the storm. It will wake up its people and shock the world. This will complete the first step to restoration.”

Ardeth immediately said, “But this first step is impossible! Our army is armed with modernized weapons and tanks but we are nothing in front of the other powers. Our army will come to an end if we become enemies with both powers.”

“Only doing what everyone believes to be impossible can you shock the world.” Xuan brought out a bag. This was their prize from the Lord of the Rings. Both the dimensional bag from Gandalf and the ring from team Celestial became Xuan’s personal belongings.

Xuan took out two rocket missiles from the bag. Only the players recognized the icons printed on the shells. These missiles were the tactical nukes that they had used in Starship Troopers, a technology hundreds of years ahead of this era.

“I finally recreated this weapon with the data we obtained from Starship Troopers. However, the nukes require too much material so I can’t create too many.” Xuan said to Ardeth. “Judging by the power of this weapon and the technological level of this era, I will give you fifty tactical nukes. They should be enough to wipe out the armies within Egypt. Aside from establishing a temporary dictatorship, Egypt also needs allies.”

Ardeth put his hands over the nukes and said, “Yes, Egypt needs international allies even after it regained independence. What do you suggest?”

“Instead of big countries that wants to make use of each other and will become a threat once they are powerful enough, you can pick third world countries with the same line of interest so you will not come into an conflicts. Their technology lags behind and their armies are useless. However, as long as you have the support of our team in this era, the whole world will change!”

Everyone came out from the meeting room. Ardeth finally made the decision to restore Egypt given the weapon supplies team China gave them. He had too many things to take care of from now on and quickly departed to meet with the elders.

Zheng asked, “You actually created tactical nukes and can give them fifty missiles at once? That means you made a lot right?”

“About three hundred. It took a lot of time and energy but the expenditures are worth it if we succeed this trip to China.” Xuan nodded.

Zheng cried like he figured Xuan out, “So you aren’t going to China for the bonus mission! What are you trying to do? Wipe out the Japanese army? Or kill your way into Japan?”

“I told you I am not a nationalistic youth.” Xuan smiled. “Weapon testing is merely a bonus. And on that land, they are the only target that fits all conditions.”

(Lies.) Everyone thought to themselves.

Xuan continued, “We have to complete the bonus mission in the trip, obtain an additional member, and the most important goal is to establish a supply base. The tactical nukes and plasma bombs require a lot of materials, people, time and energy to create in large quantity. We will need a lot of weapons and ammunition if we are to fight team Devil and team Celestial in the future. In order to not take up our time for training in God’s dimension, the best solution is to alter a world to become our supply base.”

WangXia and ChengXiao simultaneously said, “What should we do?”

Xuan said as he began to walk, “I have printed copies of most technologies from the twenty first century on earth and a few high-tech weapons from God. I will hand these data and the coming history of China to the Communist leaders. What we need to do is form a relationship with the Communist party. The next time we come to this world, we can buy their weapons with gold. Furthermore, this world needs to have three super powers to keep our supply base safe. The Soviet Union, the United States, and the third world countries with China taking the lead. Egypt is the first of the third world countries to rise up and trigger their revolt!”

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    1. It says “NOT a nationalistic youth”,

      but if you’re asking why Zheng and the others think Xuan is nationalistic, its because Japan surprise attacked China so badly in the sino-japanese war, now Xuan is going to bomb Japan so badly they wont be able to retaliate against China

      and you’re right this definitely means Xuan isn’t nationalistic, he’s patriotic

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  2. Yeah, I was wondering from the previous chapter what does Xuan have to benefit from throwing Egypt to the top of the world’s ranking.
    Only half-way through did it occur to me that, given the fact that every mission is like 2 years, or more, in The Mummy…That’d indeed be a good way to secure resources. I’m surprised they haven’t done that sooner. To the point that I’m starting to think that Summoner-esque participants could leave their contracted beings on any world they visit to propagate and expand, until they can mine for resources and follow the blueprints the team leave them.

    Extra points if Lan could’ve picked an enslaving capability that is normally pointless against fellow participants, but hecka useful against normal residents of these worlds. I’m sure that they could’ve also bought some form of mind-controlling worm that can proliferate on its own. Even if it costs an A-rank reward, managing to take over an entire sci-fi world and having it do your bidding is useful beyond belief.

    But, I guess most of that would be pretty boring overall. It’s fun to think about these things, but I cannot imagine how a story like this would actually make it into an interesting plot, unless an entire mission is constructed out of taking over a world. Anything else is just automated benefit without any substance to it. But it does make you wonder why they’re not exploiting God’s system more than they do, when they should have the ability to do so.
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