TI Vol 19 Chapter 13-4

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YinKong didn’t technically disappeared. Her speed was simply too fast that most people couldn’t catch her in their visions. All that appeared in people’s eyes was a shadow that flashed across their field of vision. YinKong had already reached Rui-Kong in the next second. The air in front of her rippled visibly and a sizzling noise followed. She then disappeared again, reappearing on a tree twenty meters away.

Only two people caught YinKong’s movements. One was Rui-Kong, because her sight came from psyche scan. As long as the object existed and was in motion, it couldn’t escape from the psyche scan no matter how fast it moved. The other person was Zheng. He had the capability to follow YinKong’s movements with ease. Still, it surprised him to see that YinKong’s speed exceeded his speed in Explosion for that moment. She was only slightly slower than him in Destruction.

The Force of the Soul blocked YinKong’s dash when she reached Rui-Kong. She swiped through the force with her hand and torn it apart as though the force was a piece of cloth. However, in just an instant, a huge wave of Force of the Soul surged toward her. That force would have trapped her if she didn’t retreat.

(She’s strong. Her physical traits are only a little weaker than me in Dragon Transformation. However, her speed is much faster. Speed is her strength. By her appearance, her ancestor is probably not human either.)

YinKong’s strength had reached mid-fourth stage while in the heart’s devil state. She was a close range physical fighter while Rui-Kong was a long range psyche force user. Their styles were completely opposite of each other but their powers lie on the same level. YinKong struck one attack after another as though she was in a madness.

She moved so fast that most people only saw a ghost of her motion. Even those with excellent dynamic vision could only catch a few more traces. In their eyes, a horde of shadows surrounded Rui-Kong and kept crashing into her. Sizzling sounds were spreading from Rui-Kong as the Force of the Soul was repeated torn open and mended itself. Yet, the force couldn’t catch up to YinKong while she was in motion. The children couldn’t see the details of the fight but the scene appeared like YinKong held a huge advantage. They gradually let out a relieved expression.

At this time, two other groups of people approached from inside the forest. Several trees had collapsed during the fight. The people on the island would have noticed the noises. And since the fight had been going on for a while, it was time that the other children made their way here. The first group was only a minute away.

“It’s not looking good.” ZhuiKong quietly glanced over the incoming groups and frowned.

The other children looked at him in confusion. A sixteen year old boy asked. “Why? Isn’t YinKong leading the tempo of the fight? Everyone’s going to be here. We will have enough people to beat the white eye demon – Sorry. I forgot she’s…”

ZhuiKong shook his head. His mouth twitched with bitterness. “It’s fine. My little sis is dead. The only thing that remains is body possessed by a demon… YinKong is in a dangerous spot. Every attack she makes consumes a large amount of energy. We all know that unlocking the genetic constraint does not grant us extra energy. It only increases the efficiency at which we utilize energy. In contrast, Rui-Kong was waiting for YinKong to become exhausted. She can not be defeated as long as her barrier stands. We don’t know whether the barrier consumes more energy or YinKong’s attacks.”

(He’s right. YinKong was injured before the fight started. She’s also in a berserk without a conscious mind. She’s only attacking Rui-Kong because Rui-Kong is a huge threat to her, the only person here who could damage her. If I try to help her now, she might end up attacking me… But can she win by herself? How are these people going to survive in her past?)

The children might not have a proper judgement of the situation. Zheng on the other hand had fought numerous battles. So he knew that the outcome of the fight was decided before it began. YinKong’s strongest traits were her intuition and techniques. She also possessed great strength and speed but those alone were not enough to rival Rui-Kong who possessed the Force of the Soul and the ability to seize control of people’s genes. Unless new changes developed, she was going to lose at the end of this stalemate.

That change came before long. After YinKong tore open the barrier once more, it didn’t close up again. Instead, the opening was growing wider. YinKong naturally slipped through the opening and grabbed Rui-Kong’s neck with her hand.

(Has she depleted her energy? Or does the Force of the Soul consume so much energy? Doesn’t seem right. It is powerful but not as powerful as the Lambda Driver. Xuan can probably keep up the Lambda Driver as long as she has used the force. It can’t last just so little time. What is she planning to do?)

Zheng was the only person to have a clear view of the fight. He couldn’t believe that YinKong caught Rui-Kong in just a moment. However, what had happened couldn’t be denied. The battle was basically over with Rui-Kong’s neck being held in YinKong’s hand. Not even the Lambda Driver could give her the power to turn the table around. YinKong could kill her in an instant in this distance.

As Zheng had expected, yk was tightening her hand. If she would simply swiped her hand at Rui-Kong, her head and body would become separated. However, a certain emotion happening inside YinKong halted her movement for a moment. When she continued to tighten her hand once more, Rui-Kong’s eyes had returned to normal.

The girl looked at YinKong with teary eyes. “Sis… YinKong. Are you going to kill me?”

The series of events happened in a moment’s time. YinKong was too fast after the runewords surfaced from her body. No one could catch her movements and no one could react until after she grabbed Rui-Kong and Rui-Kong spoke.

ZhuiKong immediately yelled. “Don’t stop! She’s not my sister anymore!”

Yet, YinKong had loosened her grip. At the same time, an enormous wave of Force of the Soul surged around Rui-Kong. It was too late for YinKong to retreat. The force enclosed her then carried her up to the sky as though an invisible hand was holding her. This pressure on her grew increasingly intense. YinKong coughed out a mouthful of blood. Then the force smacked her into the ground repeatedly. Several times later, YinKong was on the brink of dying. However, the runewords on her skin became darker than before.

“Sis, do you want to kill me?” Rui-Kong giggled as the color in her eyes faded away. “I gave you a chance. Why didn’t you kill me? Is it because of the bond in your heart? You are so cute, worthy of being the little fruit I picked. Young and cute… What kind of death do you want? I allow you to choose the most peculiar death you want. Like a suicide after you kill my brother. Hehe, it gives me goosebumps. Or I can let you kill everyone here with your own hands, all these comrades that you treasure so deeply. What do you think? My dear sis.”

Her cheerful giggles and soft voice spoke the most vicious words. YinKong didn’t have the strength to break free from the Force of the Soul. She floated in the air. Her body moved in simple motions as if it was a marionette. Rui-Kong laughed loudly without any restraint.

(There’s no other choice. I have to intervene again. This girl is just like the future ZhuiKong. Is it genetics? Is the future ZhuiKong also in the same heart’s devil state?)

Just when Zheng had decided to intervene, black strings rose from YinKong’s body. The strings came from the runewords on her skin. The Force of the Soul vanished upon coming in contact with the strings, like it was absorbed. With the force gone, the runewords glimmered. They flowed through her skin as if they were alive. The runewords formed into a picture.

The second that YinKong was freed from the Force of the Soul, she seized Rui-Kong’s neck and dashed forward.

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