TI Vol 19 Chapter 1-2

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Exchanges became an important subject to carefully consider since the leader was gone. Furthermore, they had to calculate in the 2000 points to be used for The Mummy. In the next twenty four hours, this would be each person’s priority.

WangXia ranked up the Bomb Dominator enhancement. The quantity of his Demon Energy went up by three folds. He wouldn’t be as limited when using the plasma bombs. Though time was too short for Xuan to create more of them. The dimensional bag had about a hundred bombs left, which wasn’t that much at all.

Heng’s next rank in the Elven Bloodline needed a rank BB reward. The one rank B reward he just obtained wasn’t enough for it so he saved his reward for now. Plus, he planned to revive YanWei soon. This reward could give her a bit of self reliance.

TengYi pondered for quite a while before he finally chose a rare ability that was related to hypnosis, Power Words.

“I think this ability suits you.” Xuan said to him when TengYi inquired what to exchange.

“This ability is a deep level hypnosis similar to Freddy’s ability in some sense. Though not as powerful and more restrictive. However, the ability suits you.”

The initial rank required a rank B reward. Power Words enabled the user to sense the brainwaves emitted by a person. The user could feel the other person’s thoughts and as the ability grew, he could even control their minds with suggestions and illusions.

“This ability is similar to psyche force abilities from its description. However, anyone can enhance it and its strong in many areas. The only restriction the ability possesses is a linguistic one.” Xuan explained.

TengYi was confused. “What does language has to do with the ability? Do you have to learn a new language for it?”

“No. More difficult than learning a new language.” Xuan shook his head. “We once conducted a research on the recordability of brainwaves. If the ability requires the user to sense another person’s brainwaves in a literal sense, each person’s brainwaves are a new language never existed before because each person’s brainwaves operate on different frequencies. In order to make use of the brainwaves, you have to decode them. Or else, the ability is as good as useless. This ability requires decryption, learning, and linguistic talents. Furthermore, to increase utilization of the ability, you must exchange a support skill, Transient Intellect which accelerates your mind up to ten folds during its duration. The aftereffect is you will need two to three days of sleep to replenish your mental energy. You have the linguistic talent. Do you want to exchange this ability?”

TengYi wasn’t someone with strong opinions for himself. In fact, he had nothing special other than his linguistic talent. So it was easy for him to accept Xuan’s advice. He asked, “Do you really believe I have the talent? The old languages that I know could have been learned in the past.”

Xuan turned around and said while he walked away. “I revived you so I know. Even though you hated this talent.”

TengYi suddenly remembered what ChengXiao had said. He paused for a moment before he finally asked, “Did… you obtained feelings? You reached the fourth stage?”

“No.” Xuan did not stop his steps. “Didn’t obtain feelings and didn’t reach the fourth stage. Just that…”

He didn’t say it.

ChengXiao sat on the platform for over half a day spacing out. When his girl came out with a bowl of noodles, he stood up abruptly and said, “I’ve decided on this one… Nanto Suicho Ken. It starts at only C rank but the B rank could be as insane as the anime.” ChengXiao explained to her with a smile.

She curled her lips. “Why aren’t your friends getting it if it’s so powerful? You watch too much anime. That’s why you think your choices are the best.”

ChengXiao laughed. He embraced her then said, “The best one is always the one that belongs to you. But people are greedy and always think what others have are the best. Maybe there are better enhancements but it’s pointless when they don’t suit me. I have a background in martial arts. With the right martial art, I can make a rank C enhancement as good as a rank B enhancement. They are merely a tool. The most important factor is myself.”

Weapons, abilities, enhancements and stats were external forces and tools. The most important factor was the user.

Zero brushed over his rifle and recalled the scenes when he used the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. During those critical moments, he had to focus all his attention. Those moving points and lines seemed to slowed down. He knew this was merely a misperception. However, he was becoming better and better at using the Mystic Eyes with each successful activation. Once he reached 100% accuracy, he believed he could take on anyone given the chance to fire.

(Am I overthinking it? It feels that there’s something off with my body with each use of the Mystic Eyes, even though I had God repaired it every time.)

Zero suddenly felt a little dizzy. He shook his head then became confused. Theoretically, the repair would cover the whole body. Why was there still a side effect? Or was it similar to those who were asleep? That the repair only covered the physical body?

(Whatever it may be. I still have to practice using the Mystic Eyes a little more. Save the extra points and rewards for when needed or give them to others. I just need to practice the ability.)

Zero carried his rifle down to the basement and continued training his most powerful ability.

LiuYu was the last person remaining that needed to exchange. A rank B reward and 5000 points for a newbie increased his chances of surviving by a lot. Even after using a rank D reward to unlock a world and 2000 points to go there, what remained was still enough to get an enhancement he wanted.

“Heart of the Summoner.” LiuYu smiled. “I always picked the summoner class whenever I could in games. It’s so cool to summon powerful servants to fight for you. But all the summoning abilities need at least a rank B reward in addition to the Heart of the Summoner. So I will learn this ability first and get the summoning abilities later. I am eyeing that rank BB summoning ability. Obelisk sounds amazing.”

ChengXiao shrugged. “Whatever you like as long as you can survive the next few movies. Are you sure you can live through the next one with basically a useless ability?”

“It’s fine.” LiuYu said. “Xuan injected me with the prototype T-virus. I used the remaining 1500 points to enhance my stats. As long as the next movie isn’t too difficult and I don’t go to far away from you guys, it should be fine. I haven’t died yet. So as I heard, there’s a chance for revival.”

Since the team had to enter The Mummy tomorrow, ChengXiao gathered everyone for dinner and to discuss anything that might be urgent.

As soon as everyone sat down, Heng said to Xuan, “Give me the Book of Amun-Ra. I want to revive YanWei.”

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  1. So Zero got Tohno Shiki’s mystical eyes of dead perception rather than ryougi shiki’s eyes? I wonder how zerow will solve the problem of his eyes.

    1. Its better to assume its his own type. Tono was skilled at killing life forms and not great at destroying buildings, although he could. Ryougi was skilled at killing concepts.

      Also, how is a god card just BB?

        1. Two B Rank Rewards.

          Its from Yugioh. God card, blue giant used by Seto Kiba, later by the MC. In that series its one of the three strongest cards of that era. Its also a key element the plot revolves around. Basically, it should be a AA or S tier summoned creature by its importance and destructive force.

          1. In yugioh, obelisk is one of the strongest card that can be summoned maybe the A rank or S rank will summon beings from other animes/films.

          2. I think BB is good enough, it’s almost an A rank reward. Obelisk is certainly powerful, but he doesn’t have “skills” aside from his insane strength (and yet there are already a good amount of cards which can rival him on sheer power). I don’t think the author will allow it to use the ability to destroy all the enemies by sacrificing 2 other creatures because it would be ridiculously OP.

            And there are a lot of other mangas and games where the author can take summons which can be considered rarer than Obelisk.

        2. WhaMWhat summoned is more powerful than god card? I’m genuinely curious. Unless its some apocalyptic evil god can’t think of anything.

          Ability could be a buff.

          1. He can summon obelisk from Yugioh world but that doesn’t means he can’t summon creatures from other animes and if you want to insist he only can summon god cards from yugioh then you must know that obelisk is not the strongest god card, the strongest god card is ra. Ra maybe around A rank reward.

          2. I wasn’t insisting anything at all. I asked what kind of summoned is better than it? That’s all. Never said anything about exclusive Yugioh.

          3. I personally find these summoner-classes to be underwhelming, and out of place in this sort of setting. They usually just think “bigger is better”, while neglecting any minor creatures for miscellaneous tasks. That becomes an even bigger detriment when their Strategist is not even the summoner, but some random kid.
            This setting is about breaking through their own limits, not having other creatures do it for them. I don’t really get why it’s even there.

            But, well, anyway. To remain on point…
            I guess the 10-Tails from Naruto would fit the bill? We’re talking about something that can do a bit more than just assert brute-strength. The entire setting is riddled with overpowered shenanigans to boot.

  2. i bet she forgives him sooner or later. I don’t think Heng deserves it for what he did, but I’m not the author. How do most Chinese authors handle such situations?

  3. How come nobody is investing in Qi, after they know that Zheng created his top skills by mixing two energies together, is beyond me. It’s cheap as hell, and nobody invests anything in it.

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