TI Vol 19 Chapter 1-1

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The troubled group of three didn’t seek the truth with Xuan in the end. Xuan had become an important member of the team despite the fear they had of his intelligence and methods. Time had shown that Xuan always acted with the interest of the team in mind. He would occasionally treat them as chess pieces but there couldn’t be any mal intents. Instead of saying this fear was directed at Xuan, it would be more appropriate to label it a fear of his inhumane intelligence.

The three people guessed around for a while and then hid the question to themselves. However, they still had their worries because team China was at its biggest crisis since its formation, aside from the second Resident Evil movie. One misstep or mishap, if Zheng couldn’t be revived, the danger of a team wipe would fall upon them. On the other hand, if Xuan obtained feelings and he was as strong as they believed, he could be the one to bear the weight of the team when the time came. This put a bit of hope and expectation on the three.

“Didn’t Zheng say the fourth stage would trigger the heart’s devil and makes you go berserk?” ChengXiao suddenly said.

Heng and Zero halted their words.

“Maybe…” Heng hesitated for a moment. “Not?”

ChengXiao lowered his voice. “Hard to say. He’s a weirdo to begin with. People who talked bad behind him never ended up well.”

“… That’s what you’re doing.” Heng replied in an equally low voice.

ChengXiao waved his hands. “Anyway. His usual self is over the top already. If he goes berserk… Have you seen a mecha anime that has a living mecha called Unit 01? You can imagine Xuan turning into the same thing.”

“But…” Heng still sounded hesitated. “Unit 01 doesn’t have two Gauss pistols.”

ChengXiao said, “Then imagine an Unit 01 with two Gauss pistols! I finally get why we felt dangerous when we were near him. It’s a signal from our instincts. Don’t get near him!”

Zero and Heng met eyes with each other and decided to tune out ChengXiao’s crazy talks.

Zero said to Heng, “You said you are going to revive YanWei after we return. Are you prepared?”

Heng nodded, “He put his head in between his arms. “It’s sad but what has happened can never be changed. Neither do I have the power to change this hopeless world. So the only one that can be changed is me. I won’t be afraid anymore. I will face any difficulties with determination.”

Zero patted his shoulder. “Since you have decided… Give it all you have got. Never give up.”

ChengXiao walked up to them and continued, “Hey. Did you listen to what I was saying? When an apathetic person like Xuan goes berserk, he would be way scarier than a normal person. Think inhumane slaughtering, insanity, SM…”

Zero and Heng straight up ignored him. At the same time, the grandfather clock struck twelve.

Through an instant of the consciousness shifting through the dreamy state, everyone returned to the familiar God’s dimension. However, this time was different from the past. Several people were lying on the floor. No one yelled complete repair and deduct the points from him. The unique atmosphere that enveloped the team, the happiness from making it back alive, and the gratitude of life had vanished.

However, issues got resolved more efficiently in this atmosphere. Following a complete repair, those who were asleep still were asleep. Though their physical wounds were healed.

Lori and the room Zheng lived in were gone with him. Everyone headed to Xuan’s room for discussion of their following plans.

“We will act according to the plan we formed in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Each of us obtained a bonus 5000 points and a rank B reward. Use the points and those you saved up to enhance yourself. LiuYu save a rank D reward. Everyone also save 2000 points. Then choose exchanges as you like.” Xuan said.

ChengXiao asked, “What do you plan to do? Is there something to exchange?”

“No.” Xuan adjusted his glasses. “We will complete a bonus mission in The Mummy on the way. Do you still remember the flying Buddha head that was mentioned last time? We also have a sub member, Imhotep in the movie. His addition will open up more options in my plans. After we revived Zheng, we will go to the China in that time. I won’t allow you to enter without a months time.”

Zero said, “What do we need to prepare? Anything aside from weapons?”

“Uh. If you have left over points, exchange some Solidified Coolant. This thing is rather expensive, 500 points each. Only exchange them if you have extra points lying around.” Xuan said.

The item piqued their curiosity. ChengXiao asked, “What’s that? Sounds like something you use in machines. Is it the same thing?”

“Yes. The Magic Cannon has been completed. However, I never had a chance to test it… The year we will enter should be about 1940. I plan to test a few dozen shots. Zheng obtained a lot of energy stones from the Lord of the Rings. Although they are only low level energy stones, they are perfect for the Magic Cannon.” Xuan replied.

Testing the Magic Cannon in China on the year 1940… who would be the target?

ChengXiao screamed then patted Xuan on the shoulder. “Haha. I knew you have a hideous plan in mind. I meant perfect plan. Just as I expected of you. You are my idol. Use this thing to teach the Japanese a lesson!”

WangXia also said excitedly, “Xuan, do you really plan to? Haha. That’s amazing! I have always been excited when I read these type of novels. Never did I imagine to have the opportunity to do it!”

The rest of the team figured it out when they saw the two people being so excited. If they were in China during that time, it was difficult to not abuse their powers, especially for ChengXiao and WangXia who were soldiers, former soldiers. They might even go berserk if they encountered what was taught in history lessons. Everyone had at least a bit of anger. So this trip might be explosive.

“That’s the basic situation… I will give you twenty four hours to prepare and exchange. And then we will enter The Mummy, to China during 1940.”

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  1. Repair should heal all. Remember after movie 6 with Lan? She was comatose from over using her Psyche Force to the extreme and was unconscious, yet God healed her perfectly.

    Hope next arc won’t have some fake patriotism and racism. I’ve never liked Xuan, but if he doesn’t kill Chinese when anywhere else he would, I’ll call Zhttty racist. He’ll have Xuan for victory nuke brave American soldiers fighting for humankind and nation, while calling Zheng soft, but not the Chinese? More offensive than racist, it breaks Xuan’s character.

    1. In his other novel, the age of Cosmic Exploration, mankind was on the brink of extinction, so the protagonist, who managed to get ahold of a gargantuan spaceship, had to make a choice of whom to take. The spaceship could take 10 million people, 5 million of which were Chinese and only 9 thousand Africans were allowed on board :/. He stated that Indians and Indonesians can’t provide an equal level of sophistication and refinement compared to China, Japan, and Korea.
      Zhttty may not be racist when it comes to Japan, but he treats people from some nations inferiorly.

  2. What did happen in China in 1940? Lord Wikipedia give 3 military operation that I have never heard off. Since it include Japan is it the nuking of the 2 major city?

      1. If these sort of events are the case, I feel like that’d be like the Jews making it painfully aware how much, after a 100 years, they still hate the Germans and want them all dead.
        As far as I know, very few have the literal fantasy to blow up Germany.

        That is, unless I am just as ignorant of the conflicts between Japan and China, and it was something that went on for so long, that their hatred for one and another became ingrained in their culture.
        I’d have to be incredibly, unbelievably ignorant if that was the case. Because I consistently find it hard for that sort of angst to exist over a 100 years.

        1. as a Chinese, I consistently find it hard for someone to kill so much innocent civilian and refuse to recognise what did happened.
          and u r write, this hatred is like a culture already.

    1. If it weren’t because Japan pissed off usa by attacking pearl harbor, they might as well have ended conquering China and most of Asia.

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