TI Vol 18 Chapter 14-1

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Zheng was not a really reliable leader. More precisely, he was not the type of person to lead a group, the type who couldn’t put down the weight on their hands, who couldn’t forgo mercy. Too many desires restrained his arms and legs so he often dwelled on minor details over the macro level. These people couldn’t become reliable leaders.

Xuan on the other hand was the perfect leader, intelligent and logical to an extreme. He always acted with interest as the core, never wavered his mind for anything, not even when it came to sacrifices. This kind of leader would guarantee the team obtained the best interest possible.

Yet, was actuality the same as expected?

“It’s unfortunate but this is how team China becomes without Zheng.” ChengXiao said to LiuYu and pointed over the remaining people in the team.

Since the main mission was to live in this world for thirty days, the team decided to head to a city. They might as well chose somewhere with better living conditions.

Everyone was a little neurotic for the first few days in fear of falling into a dream world again. The experience left them with hate and fear of that world despite those awake had already overcome their weaknesses. Thinking over such possibility made them shiver.

The good news was the dream world never appeared again. Dreams were blurred as they had in the past and mostly forgotten as soon as they opened their eyes.

No one went wild on having fun after the anxiety wore off. There were a lot of things to deal with such as figuring out the use of the 5000 points and rank B reward, how to revive Zheng as soon as possible, and how to to wake up the sleeping members. These members were core combat strengths of the team. Losing them would kick team China out of the top teams. So they couldn’t let these members die nor remain asleep indefinitely.

“The best method is to raise another psyche force user and then use Soul Link to bring our minds into their dreams. It will not help them overcome themselves, but will help them wake up. However, this has problems of its own.” Xuan muttered as he looked at the papers on hand.

“Is it dangerous?” WangXia asked.

“No.” Xuan shook his head. “Dangers definitely exist but there’s only a 20% chance. We don’t have to worry too much about dangers. The first problem is obtaining a psyche force user and then spending points to enhance them. It will take at least four movies to complete this step. Before that happens, we will probably enter another team battle.”

“Team battle?” Heng took over. “Does that mean the team battle will be difficult with all the people asleep?”

Xuan glanced over him. “No. What I mean is it’s waste.”

“Waste?” Everyone said simultaneously.

Xuan continued, “Because our team doesn’t need two psyche force users. Enhancements would repeat. Although it will put us on equal grounds when battling team Devil but the case would be both teams are blinded from the masks. In the end, it will become a face to face fight which is disadvantageous to us. What we need isn’t to split the strength of the psyche force user but to focus enhancement on one person. Give her the power for overwhelming advantage for a short period of time. My clone is on team Devil after all.”

(Humans are not food or things. How could he describe it as a waste.)

Despite knowing the correctness behind what Xuan had said, his emotionless tone blew a chilling wind into their hearts. It felt uncomfortable and rather terrible imagining a teammate being considered a waste.

“So…” Xuan continued without regard for the others. “I won’t raise another psyche force user. If Lan doesn’t wake up by the next team battle, we will capture the other team and force their psyche force user to serve us, until Soul Link wakes our team up. Our strategy will revolve around this in the next team battle.”

Heng interrupted, “Can we really take on another team with so many people asleep? With God’s rating of us…”

Xuan shook his head and said, “It isn’t an issue anymore. When Zheng died, our rating fell by a lot. He’s the one with the most potential who survived so far since entering this realm. God will definitely drop our rating. My question is how much have you grown after overcoming your weakness?”

Heng halted and couldn’t find any word. He didn’t know how to describe his strength at this stage. He became more experienced in using the four arrow Explosive Shot and the elven bloodline energy but he didn’t gain another enhancement nor made a breakthrough.

“We can basically assume people with the biggest gaps in their hearts exert the smallest fraction of their actual strength. This becomes more apparent during critical moments. Like people with anxiety tend to fail exams that they are good at. However, when these people overcome their weaknesses, they can often exert two hundred percent of their strength or even more. I name these people as emotional miracles. Rare but not non-existent.”

Xuan’s tone remained indifferent. “You, Zheng, and Gando are such people. ChengXiao counts as half. Due to the gaps in your heart, you and Zheng could only use a fraction of your strength. I think the you right now is three to four times stronger than before. Similarly for Zheng, he will be the only force we have to rival team Devil. If we can not easily win the next team battle, we will never be able to win against team Devil.”

(Don’t know why you are saying this, but your strength is also insane.)

The rest of the team laughed bitterly. No one could think of Xuan as a strategist type support member after the dream. In fact, they almost believed that Xuan’s strength had grown past Zheng to take the first place in the team.

Zero asked, “How do you know that Zheng has overcome himself? Did he have to kill himself to get through this movie? What if Freddy chose someone who has died once already? Wouldn’t this movie have no solution then?”

Xuan said, “The answer is simple. Do you have the strength to live on? This strength isn’t only pure physical force but also your will, intelligence, knowledge and items. To make an analogy, if Freddy pulls me into the dream, I can easily gain control over the dream and kill him even if I were to have the same desire of living on. I can wake up without dying by having control over Freddy. This is the same as how a psyche force user from the outside can wake up those asleep.

“If Freddy attacked Luo YingLong from team Celestial, a Xiuzhen item that counters the heart’s devil will straight up kill him. Get it? This is the strength to live on. If your strength isn’t strong enough for this movie, you will die like Zheng. Any movie will become unbeatable without sufficient strength. And with enough strength, even the most difficult movies are free points. The only fault with Zheng is he was too weak.”

Everyone left Xuan’s room feeling uneasy even though Xuan was still talking the same way he used to be and thinking with the team’s interest in mind.

WangXia said, “A lead who puts too much into feelings and a strategist with no feelings… Perhaps only when they complement each other will team China become a whole.”

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  1. Can’t agree about Psyche Force users. Xuan says to develop one powerful user to counter team devil, but realistically that’s impossible.

    1. They have two high potential users. Lan was said to be equal to the weaker one, but who knows about now.
    2. Clone Zheng makes sure to raise his two users by giving them kills.
    3. Tean Devil’s profits are much higher than Team China.
    4. I’m sure Team Devil is more competitive and clone Zheng hates weakness. They are a race he hates, so I’m sure he doesn’t keep them if they are not strong.

    1. Even considering that, if they invest on another psyche force user, they are left with 2 subpar members that can’t compete against Team Devil. Not only that, but they will also have invested a lot of points and rewards that could be used to strengthen battle power. So they become weak on 2 fronts by doing that.

      1. Honestly I think the idea of not developing a second psyche force user is stupid beyond belief! I mean the first few psyche skills are relatively cheap plus you can have them sprout off from psyche force user into summoner and/or swarm master. Logically you would want EVERY member of your team to have at least Soul Link, Psyche Masking, and Radar since they all exponentially increase your awareness, allow for usable redundancy in the team, and can be used as components in making your own skills.

        If I ever got sent into Terror Infinity, I would force my team to grind for points for those 3 psyche force skills and using the bare minimum for self-defense upgrades. After that I would research all the possible ways to revive people since that B-rank 7k point “Revival Cross” and Book of the Dead (which can only be used once per person) can’t be the only way to revive people. That just stupid since the Gods’ Dimension is meant to evolve people, and what better stimuli to evolve people (especially the super high potential ones) than multiple deaths?

        1. Except all members I can agree. Remember the high stat needed for it? For some you need above 1000 and others maybe 3000. Even Zheng doesn’t even have any base stats above 2000. Best guess because author moved away from game mechanics.

          To get every member Psyche Force ready as you described in even a ten man squad would require over 100-200 thousand or so points. Rank Rewards wouldn’t be too hard since Lan’s abilities cost in all two B and a C rank reward.
          Scan C
          Whip CC
          Brian Control C
          Soul B

          Masking isn’t a skill. Its apart of Soul Link or scan.

          1. Yeah it changed from person to person, Zheng needed 800 but Lan only needed like 200, don’t think anyone needed over 1500 though. And honestly all you need is Scan + Soul Link and you’ll be set as a rudimentary Psyche Force User. Now as for the idea of a secondary psyche force user, you can focus on going down the Brain Control route and mix in summoning techniques.

            I mean Team Devil has 2 Psyche Force users, so WHY THE HELL wouldn’t you follow in suit since they obviously are the strongest team as Team Celestial is pretty much scared shitless by them. When you already see a working model, you emulate it until you surpass it or find a way to improve on it.

        2. besides, about letting everyone study psyche skills.
          I have read the original book, it require a very high initial psyche points.
          ZHENG ZHA needs 3000.
          XIAO HONGLV needs 2500.
          ZHANG HENG needs 5000.
          ZHAO YINGKONG needs 3500.
          they need at least 20~30k points even before they have the authority to buy the skills.
          besides, its very hard to get rewards. a B may cause death and 2B may kill the whole team. XUAN said something in Jusac World after they escape from the island.

          last but not least. u will force ur team to buy the skills? do u realise that this make u a bully??

    2. Yeah, team devil have two Psyche Force users. But every member in team devil has high potential and they don’t need to use their points to resurgent their friends (maybe some but not as much as team china). Besides the team mode they used forced everyone to fight hard for points so they had much more points to use.
      Team China, in other hands, don’t have much points. Even Zheng cannot upgrade his vampire blood or buy more skills. He have to use his rewards to help his friends. So it will be very hard for them to raise another psyche force user which need a great amount of points. the same points can raise a powerful worrier which is more useful in short term.
      Besides, zheng is too care for his friend, somehow he felt a lot responsibility on his team members. Really over protected.This limited the points they can get as what they say, no scarifies, no victory. However this is also the reason why team china is so united. not sure this is a good thing or not.

    1. As far as i remember, the conditions for the guide to appear were that there should be no leader, so it must appear on the next movie. Then one of the members should reach the second stage of the unlocked mode to take the guide test and reach the third stage after the fusion.

  2. To antagonize Xuan and exaggerate power of feelings so much, the author must be a sensitive person who got traumatized by someone speaking the truth he didn’t want to hear.

    How can someone so logical and doesn’t have any feelings even sneer? speak in contempt? or humiliate them? He said he just act and move his facial muscles according to the situation but why would he do these negative responses inducing actions?

    With his abilities, he can just use emotional manipulation to make everyone like him, make every proposals sound righteous, and work for him to their deaths, since everyone but him are so sensitive it isn’t even a challenge. This is also what Zheng has always been doing, and Xuan surely knows this, so why didn’t Xuan do it?

    Overcoming gaps whatever doesn’t let anyone become superhuman and work 200% of their physical abilities. These so called ‘miracles’ have names like determination, willpower, morale, and such. They increase focus or confidence, but no one can suddenly do something they aren’t capable of, only something they are already capable of but never realized they could do it.

    1. As to why he doesn’t pretend and manipulate people the reason is this. He can’t be bothered and has no motivation to. Simple as that.

      The kinda character who does those things actually has desires just like you and me. You can be cold and manipulative all you want, but you have a desire or goal behind the actions, or why bother. Like power, revenge, women, money, authority and the like as a goal. Xuan is above such childish but ultimately human desires.

      1. I agree with your reasoning that he isn’t supposed to have desires. But based on the story so far, there are reasons for him to do it.

        First, Xuan apparently has a goal, to gain feelings. This is a super big hole in the plot. Why would he has a goal, if not because of his desire for the result or curiosity? Either way, it’s an emotion which he isn’t supposed to have. But if he doesn’t have a goal, he wouldn’t have any reason to be a strategist for these idiots at all.

        Second, since the author gave him a goal despite being illogical, and also gave him a ruthless character who would do absolutely anything for the goal, he would have manipulated and turned all of them into his personal army. It is far more effective and efficient than having them rebel and protest like this.

        Third, unlike a normal person, for him, manipulating them to like him doesn’t take more efforts than sneering which is basically manipulating them to hate him.

        1. Your third point, in particular, is one of the things I struggled with Xuan’s character throughout most of the story.
          He somehow always manages to find a way to piss off other people, as if he’s doing it intentionally. At the start of the story, in Aliens, his behavior actively triggered other people to betray him, and then he had the gall to go all: “you see I knew they’ll betray me all along.”

          It’s complete nonsense that a non-feeling person would be incapable to imitate emotions, facial expression patterns, social patterns, and so on. The author just wants him that way as a foil for Zheng, and at times it just becomes too silly for words.

    2. well, when XUAN was in the lab, everyone else knows he don’t have emotion so he don’t need to use emotional manipulation (even he used it, it will be useless).
      he is so smart and good at force people to act like what he want so maybe he felt that emotional manipulation is useless?
      anyway, though he is so cold and cruel, team china still believe in him.
      Zheng and Cheng cares him a lot.

  3. One thing that kind of bugs me is that there is tech that can probably replicate the mind link psychs use such as the matrix is able to transport a human mind into the matrix program they might be able to buy something similar to that.

  4. I forgot how emotionally draining TI can be.
    I am constantly fluctuating from believing things are truthful and dandy, and believing the narrative is either erroneous, deceitful, or just downright shoves pointlessness right into my face. I just don’t have any more capacity to orbit between these two extremes at this point.
    Man, I’m tired. This arc is a heart-demon all by itself.

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