TI Vol 18 Chapter 13-2

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“This conclusion should have been deduced from the original plot. However, both HongLu’s and my thoughts went down the wrong direction and imagined this movie belonged to the inconceivable genre, which it isn’t.” Xuan adjusted his glasses and continued, “The movie’s plot is about a children murderer who is locked by the town’s citizens in a house and burned to death. Ten years later, he appears in the dreams of the children of the people who burned him and kills these children. We can hypothesize that Freddy survives the fire with extensive burns over his skin and escapes the town. His ability awakens ten years later. The ability allows him to drag people into a dream and find that person’s weakness. He can then put the person into eternal sleep. This movie would be totally explainable.”

“To verify the validity of this hypothesis, we can consider the background of God’s Realm. The movie worlds are a battlefield for us to battle the ancient enemies of the humans in order to unleash our potentials through unlocking the genetic constraint or increasing our strength. The enemies that appear are the enemies of humans in the past. Could there be demons that only exist in dreams and never dies? My answer is impossible. Such form of life is invincible as long as there are no humans with a perfect heart. When not even people who reached the fifth stage can hurt them, humans would have long become extinct. Since we still exist and developed such a massive civilization, these beings could not have existed.

“The follow up question is what form of life can seize control of another person’s dream and kill that person in the dream? If this power becomes stronger, it could even enslave the person. These traits are similar to Nightmares and the like in movies. Yet, they are still living organisms which means they possess a physical form and can be killed. That’s why God gave the bonus mission of killing Freddy.”

Xuan turned to the others and said, “So, Freddy has the abilities of ancient demons, an ability similar to Nightmares that can enter a person’s dream. He escaped death in the original movie and hid himself among normal people. After we entered this world, God arranged for him to attack us. He probably trailed after us when we left the town or disguised himself as a driver or one of us.”

The rest of the team finally understood why Xuan asked if they were injured and also massacred the normal people. Though he was heartless for killing everyone around them. As for that last possibility, if Freddy disguised as one of them…

Heng carefully asked, “What if you didn’t kill Freddy after killing all the people around us?”

Xuan glanced at all those awake then at LiuYu. The boy shrunk his head and felt extremely uncomfortable. A shiver ran down their spines. They would have been in trouble if Xuan didn’t kill Freddy.

Now that Freddy was dead, they just to live thirty days in this world to complete the mission. There wouldn’t be any more danger.

ChengXiao breathed out then laughed, “That’s just like you. Taking action once you’ve decided and the chance of success is higher than fifty percent. How did you know we woke up from a dream when everything happened so suddenly?”

Xuan shook his head and said, “HongLu and I inferred the possibility that once you entered the dream world, any time spent inside is merely an instant in the real world unless you never wake up. The most notable feature is people waking up from a dream will be injured.”

ChengXiao said, “I know, I know. I have read data on this field. Like that famous experiment where a therapist hypnotized a patient. He touched the patient with a piece of metal and told him the piece of metal was heated. The skin that contacted the metal expressed signs of burns. Yet, the changes on his skin were induced by his believes.”

Xuan nodded, “There exist many cases where wounds were induced by subconscious beliefs in the real world. Similar occurrences happens in the movie. People who gets killed by Freddy dies in the real world… Back then, since you just woke up from the dream, Freddy must had been nearby. We had to kill him before the people scattered or else he would attack us again in the remaining thirty days.”
The team met eyes with each other and smiled bitterly. This was the real Xuan. He always made strategies for the team but his way of obtaining results remained difficult to accept despite them saving the team more than once.

A moment of silence later, Zero said, “What should we do next? What about these people still in their sleep? How should we revive Zheng?”

Xuan took out an apple from his pocket and took a bite. “That’s basically our situation. We have nothing necessary to do. Live through these thirty days first. We can try to wake them through a complete heal in God’s dimension. However, judging by the fact everyone has a gap in your hearts, the heal probably only heals physical injuries. Let them sleep like a vegetable until they wake up on their own. We will raise another psyche force user in the mean time. That may be a way to resolve their issues.”

The rest of the team nodded. Xuan became silent again and the others didn’t know what to say. Those who had died and fallen asleep took away some liveliness from the team.

ChengXiao quickly spoke to prevent the atmosphere from getting blue. “This movie is a trial of the heart. People with the biggest gaps will gain the most strength after the trial. Heng has become incredibly strong in the dream. Of course, still not close to that psychopath who’s both strong and smart… even scarier than Zheng.”

“Oh.” Xuan then suddenly asked, “You mentioned YinKong overcame herself in the dream? Why is she still asleep?”

That was when they remembered the words YinKong wanted them to relay to Xuan. ChengXiao described YinKong’s actions in the dream, her increase in power, and the things she wanted to say to Xuan.

By the time ChengXiao finished, the apple only had a core left. Xuan spun the core then asked Zero, “Where do you rank among assassins before you enter this realm? How far away are you from the best assassin?”

Zero thought for a moment then said, “Uh, my strength was above average but overall very far away from the top assassins. When it comes to only sniping, I rank in the top. However, there are still people better than me. What’s wrong?”

Xuan stared down at the sleeping YinKong for a bit then raised his head, “I just realized something interesting… I remembered YinKong said she was the most talented assassin in her clan. Is that right?”

Zero nodded. He had been in contact with YinKong for the longest time here and he knew of her strength well.

“Then I am curious… Is her strength also strongest in the clan? Based on how she performed in previous movies, she does not live up to being the most talented assassin. In other words, is there another YinKong? The one that’s supposed to be the most talented assassin? Things would be interesting if that’s the case.”

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  1. A split personality sounds like a third rate plot device. Her cousin who’s been by her side her whole life never gave a hint towards this either.

    My guess is that the assassin clan has a technique to pass down the godly techniques of a ancient assassin somehow. Probably both Ying Kong and cousin went through such a thing which explains their power.

    She knew too much about the Fourth Stage amd used it too well.
    She also said that the shinning air wave was a skill she wouldn’t have thought of.
    She also acts a bit like her cousin.
    Also, this Ying Kong considered escaping alone, which she never would have before.

    This leads to a conclusion that they implanted something in their heads which unlocks under certain conditions. Maybe a ancient demon or saint left more than genes behind in humans.

    On another note maybe its why Xuan wants to kill Adam, who calls himself the descendant of the saints.

    1. I’m honestly burnt out enough of this story, to not actually care about Yinkong’s powerup, or anything of that nature. I do agree that it seemingly came out of nowhere, but that’s not very new to this story, by this point.

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