TI Vol 18 Chapter 12-9

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ChengXiao stopped his feet in the center of the street. He looked out to Xuan who was barely visible from the distance.

ChengXiao yelled to Heng, “If you insist up to this point, I have no other choice but to blieve in you. We are comrades… Heng, let us place a bet. We will stand here and he won’t hit us with this shot. You won’t be able to shoot if I am dodging while carrying you. So I will stay here. The moment he fires, I will throw you up. Then you shoot that whatever four arrow shot at him. If he hits us, we are dead. He your shot fails, we are dead. Damn it. I am a fucking retard to take this bet with you… Heng! My life is in your hand!”

Heng tightened his grip of the silver bow without saying a word in reply. He stared at the figure in the distance.

Two hundred meters away, Xuan was walking toward them. The three arrow Explosive Shot did absolutely no damage to him, not even a scratch. The Lambda Driver possessed a strict limitation. However, its power was nearly flawless in both offense and defense. This fake Xuan was like a symbol of invincibility.

Heng and ChengXiao both took a deep breath. They watched as Xuan raised his pistol. ChengXiao threw Heng up at once. At the same time, a shockwave blasted toward them and passed by just two meters from their side. The wind generated by the shockwave sent ChengXiao flying for over ten meters. He knocked his head on the ground. Luckily, this wind did not affect Heng who was in the air as much. He entered that absolute focus state again. His mind and energy were focused on the four arrows in his fingers. Everything in his eyes vanished, only Xuan remained.

(I have to hit. I have to hit… I have to hit! There are a lot of things I have to do. I have to repay her, revive her, and our future… I have to hit!)

The four arrows finally left the bow. They collided with each other consecutively until one arrow remained. The arrow seemed to have lost its traces in the visible world. It felt as though time had stopped, and the world was frozen. Only the arrow continued flying toward Xuan’s chest. Bang! The arrow collided with the uniquely colored barrier.

Heng and ChengXiao’s gazes were fixed on the arrow. Everything happened in just an instant. The arrow forced itself through the barrier. Once centimeter. Two centimeter. The two felt that they could see the whole process as the arrow pierced through the barrier and into Xuan’s chest. It carried Xuan flying and smashed into a building.

ChengXiao immediately ran toward where Heng was falling down and caught him before he hit the ground. He cried excitedly, “Nice, you got him. We finally killed him! You broke the power of faith!”

Heng panted heavily and said in a hurried tone, “Run! That shot was probably very weak after it broke through the barrier. I don’t even know if it could damage him. I think the shot is only going to delay him for a bit. Let’s run. We have to meet up with the others first. Somehow, I have a sense that they could defeat this Xuan.”

ChengXiao put Heng on his back and ran.

Behind them, the building that Xuan collided into collapsed. Nothing moved for a while. It really appeared that Xuan had been killed.

A long time passed after ChengXiao and Heng left. The collapsed building exploded. Xuan stood in the center of the explosion. His face was pale and an arrow was half way into his chest. Yet, the shot didn’t kill him after all as the barrier blocked off most of the force.

Xuan pulled the arrow off his chest and threw it onto the ground without glancing at it. +4 enchanted arrows had a corrosive property. So the flesh near the wound began to corrode similar to being poured sulfuric acid. His face showed no sign feeling just like the real Xuan. Then he ran after ChengXiao and Heng with the two Gauss pistols in hand.

WangXia, TengYi, and LiuYu were having an unusually easy time at the moment. YinKong’s strength suddenly grew so much that she was slaughtering Freddy like pigs. Freddy had been killed over ten times outside the house. Unpiloted trucks and tanks were parked outside.

WangXia asked curiously, “You are strong. I never knew you are so strong even though we trained together. I think you can even beat Zheng if you ambush him with this speed.”

YinKong smiled, showing a completely different temperament from her usual coldness. She looked like the girl next door if not for the ocassional coldness from within her pupils. If you described her as an assassin with a handsome metrosexual face, she was now expressing a womanly glamour. The three men couldn’t help but peeped at her.

“This is troublesome…” YinKong shook her head and sighed as she looked to the sky. “We are really going to die if this continues. Don’t know if that stupid Zheng see through the truths of this movie or not.”

WangXia asked, “Truth? What truth? Isn’t it overcoming the gap in your heart?”

YinKong nodded, “That is one of the truths. Everyone’s gap is different. If this movie is really built upon Zheng’s consciousness like TengYi said, then Freddy is going to target the one thing he won’t let go in addition.”

“The thing he won’t let go?”

“Yes.” YinKong said with a smile. “For him, it should be something very simple, to live on, whether himself or the team. This is the desire that has supported him to go on ever since he entered God’s realm. Yet, this same desire to live on is now his biggest enemy. If he fails to see through himself, he, and us will all be wiped in this world. Of course, Xuan will probably be the only person to return since he hasn’t entered the dream world. No wonder no one makes it out of A Nightmare on Elm Street alive.”

The other three people followed YinKong’s gaze to the sky. A small dot loomed in from thd distance. LiuYu asked, “What’s that?”

“Helicopter.” YinKong rubbed his hair.

The men cried, “Helicopter?”

“Right. Armed helicopter.”

As the dot was getting nearer and nearer to the house, their expressions changed. It was indeed an armed helicopter. When the helicopter reached within a thousand meters, a missile flew toward them.

WangXia, TengYi and LiuYu cried while they ran. However, it was too late to dodge. YinKong though stood in place.

(She’s actually not bad. She wasted the power of the fourth stage in this body but her talent is not less than mine… I couldn’t think of this Shining attack.)

YinKong looked at the incoming missile with indifference. Her hands and arms suddenly blurred. This was YinKong’s self-created ability to slash the sword with the high speed of The Shining. The resulting air wave attack could reach up to a hundred meters.

WangXia, TengYi and LiuYu opened their mouths and eyes wide. They saw YinKong’s arms and a large area in front of her began to warp like the bending of light around a fire. The warping advanced forward and in an instance, collided with the missile.

The missile exploded but the warping even carried this explosion a hundred meters further away before stopping.

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  1. Please tell me this is some temporary dream thing that she is using the Fourth Stage, and didn’t skip two levels permanently with no bloodlust desire. Like she’s using the fake assassin cousin’s power to do it after achieving the enlightenment to use dreams to your advantage. Otherwise I could just barely accept a Third Stage awakening. Also, don’t like this enlightened Ying Kong. She is now Xuan level full of herself.

    Also, clone Zheng passed this world, and did several bonus missions alone. Although earlier on the series, would probably be more difficult for solo bonus missions.

    Jie actually escaped the dream, but got killed when Freddy entered real world while getting upgraded by Guide. I wonder how will killing Freddy work.

  2. [“handsome metrosexual face”]
    You keep using the word “metrosexual”, but I don’t think it means what you think it means.
    From Wikipedia:
    “Metrosexual is a portmanteau of metropolitan and sexual , coined in 1994 describing a man (especially one living in an urban , post-industrial , capitalist culture) who is especially meticulous about his grooming and appearance, typically spending a significant amount of time and money on shopping as part of this.”

    “DRSCRIBING A MAN”, meaning YinKong can’t have a “metrosexual face”, whatever that means, because she’s a woman.
    Either correct it, or please, don’t use the term anymore if you don’t know what it means.

    Also, the term “handsome” is used to refer to a good looking MAN. You don’t call your wife or girlfriend handsome, you call her BEAUTIFUL.

      1. But I DO understand. That’s why I know there are better words for describing her. Some words aren’t appropriate for certain circumstances and need to be replaced.
        But you don’t seem to be able to understand english grammar.

  3. So wait YinKong had the 4th stage all along ?

    Could it be that the assassin clan could unlock up to the 4th stage and when her cousin ZhuiKong did it, he got consumed by the heart’s devil and went mad, killing all the others except her ?

    Then she got scared of that power and stopped using it, limiting herself to the 1st and 2nd stage ?

    This would make sense, because in ZhuiKong’s words, she was even more of a genius than him.

  4. Summary: Yinkong is really strong and carries everyone with seemingly out of nowhere 4th stage nonsense. Zheng is still stuck and people b*tch about it.
    Heng’s arrow hit Xuan square in the chest, but was weakened enough to just slightly blow him away. Xuan stood up like the Terminator, with an apathetic face, and rushed towards them.

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