TI Vol 18 Chapter 12-8

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Heng leaped out from eight meters above the ground. While he was in mid-air, he drew the silver bow with three +4 enchanted arrows. The power of the three arrow explosive shot with these enchanted arrows surpassed even the Gauss sniper rifle. If this shot hit, Xuan would definitely get killed.

(I have to hit! He’s using Lambda Driver which means he can’t use gun-kata at the same time. This is an opportunity for the explosive shot to complete accleration. I can do it! I can!)

A fall from eight meters high would injure him but Heng had no time to worry about the aftermath. All his attention was focused on the three arrows. The energy from his elven bloodline also flew toward the arrows.

(If I quantify my energy to 500, the Lightning Shot uses 400, which is why I can only use it once. However, 100 energy is energy to kill a target. I can fire five shots by conserving energy or I can use the remaining 400 energy after a shot to enhance my body.)

Heng was still gliding in the air through the force from the leap. Time through his senses had slowed down until he almost felt he had halted in the air.

Xuan raised his pistol. Heng could see that needle like bullet slowly moving toward him and then flew past from four meters away. Xuan’s finger had just completed the motion of pulling the trigger.


Heng gave a shout as he released the arrows from his fingers. The arrows collided consecutively on their way until only one remained in flight. Its speed reached a degree where the human eyes couldn’t catch. By the time Heng’s fingers left the bowstring, the arrow had struck Xuan’s chest. The force was pushing Xuan back along the street.

Yet, the arrow did not actually pierce into Xuan. The uniquely colored light that was on the bullets radiated between his body and the arrow, stopping it at ten centimeters from his body. The light’s intensity grew until Heng could see a barrier completely enveloped Xuan. The force from the Lambda Driver blocked the three arrow Explosive Shot.

Despite the barrier, the arrow continued to push Xuan back. The Explosive Shot technique did not simply sum up the forces from three arrows. Its force was equivalent to three arrows squared. The final arrow ever so slowly pierced into the barrier for two centimeters before it was shattered.

Seeing that the shot wasn’t completely ineffecitve, Heng knew the Lambda Driver wasn’t invincible, at least not until fake Xuan reached real Xuan’s power. As these thoughts flew through his mind, he crashed into a shop and left human shaped hole on the wall.

ChengXiao witnessed Heng blasting Xuan away. The sound from the crash brought his mind back to the present. He immediately ran toward Heng and cried excitedly, “Dude, that was impressive! You one shot the fake Xuan. Was that the Lightning Shot? Hey, did you kill yourself from the crash?”

Just as ChengXiao ran ten meters, a shockwave shot out from where Xuan was knocked to. This shockwave blasted into the shop Heng crashed into and pulverized the shop in an instant before continuing its way for another hundred meters. A ruin of the shop remained. Heng was probably crushed in the blast.

ChengXiao’s mind stopped for three whole seconds before he cried in madness. He ran at full speed and shouted, “Heng! You dead? Answer me if you are dead so I can know!” The two of them had fought together in the movie worlds and exchanged their minds. The relationship cultivated was equivalent to that of comrades. So ChengXiao lost himself when Heng might have been killed.

Xuan did not fire another shot afterward. ChengXiao was digging through the ruins and throwing out the larger pieces. Finally, he found a silver bow buried underneath. He rushed over and gave the bow a pull. Coming up along with the bow was Heng, who was holding onto the bow tightly. ChengXiao pulled Heng out of the pebbles to see his legs had been crushed. If another shockwave arrived at this time, there was no way Heng could run.

ChengXiao threw Heng on his back and began to run. However, Heng quickly yelled, “Don’t! We won’t escape by running. We have to counterattack!”

“Counter your ass! Not even that powerful shot could break through his barrier. Running up to him is only going to get myself killed. Let’s just run first. I will stop your bleeding with the needles.” ChengXiao continued running while he yelled back.

Heng said to him in a serious tone, “Trust me. His accuracy is becoming more accurate with each shot. We won’t be able to dodge a few more shots. It’s better to take the risk than dying without attacking back! The three arrow Explosive shot carved a slim crack in his defense. What if it’s the four arrow Explosive Shot?”

The force of the Explosive Shot technique increased at an exponential rate with each additional arrow. A normal person could reach two arrows only with great determination and innate talent. Even with the enhancements in stats from this realm, Heng had to practice with his blood in God’s dimension every break. His personality might be weak but he had the determination to practice until his fingers break. That was how he reached top five within the team, only appearing useless due to his weakness.

When he overcame this weakness, all the efforts he had put in would surface.

“Each level of the Explosive Shot is extremely difficult to grasp. The two arrow shot only requires controlled collision of the arrows. The three arrow shot needs a completely different technique to achieve. Its difficulty is at least ten folds of the two arrow shot. The four arrow shot needs yet another different technique and is a hundred folds more difficult than the three arrow shot… To let you know the truth, I don’t know if I can do it or not. I have practiced and practiced in God’s dimension ever since I leveled up my elven bloodline. I can achieve the four arrow shot five out of every hundred times. Within these five times, only one will hit the target.”

ChengXiao shouted back, “What are you kidding? That’s one percent chance! We don’t even know if it can break his barrier. And we will be done if he got us with his attack!”

Heng did not change his mind, “No! We must succeed! We will either succeed or die! There’s no other path to take. The three arrow shot broke into his barrier. The four arrow shot will definitely pierce through! Believe in me. The me that I am… will definitely hit it! I will definitely pierce that barrier! The legendary archery technique that shot down the suns was this same technique!”

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  1. I don’t think Xuan is nearly as powerful as this fake one. He can only sustain Lambda Driver for a few minutes but at the cost of “whitering” himself awfully fast. Also, this world is created based on Zheng memories and thoughts. So i think the real problem here is that Zheng considers Xuan an Almighty being.

  2. Summary: Heng’s shots cracked Xuan’s shield a tiny bit. Seems there is still hope.
    They are going to increase their power output to the max in one, final desperate charge.

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