TI Vol 18 Chapter 12-7

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A uniquely colored light burst out from the bullets as they came in contact with the wall. The light spread ripples and followed the bullets into the building. Explosions came one after another from within the building. In a final, loud explosion, the bullets cut through the whole building and then continued flying hundreds of meters, shattering anything on its way. That power was beyond what words could describe.

Heng and ChengXiao nearly died in fright when they looked back. The Lambda Driver was stupidly overpowered. If the bullets hit their bodies, they would turn into ashes in an instant. The dragonshard necklace and even a real dragon wouldn’t be able to withstand a shot.

“Heng! Hurry up and shoot dude!” ChengXiao turned his head back and ran at full speed.

Heng was also running at his full speed. His physical stats were higher than ChengXiao’s so he ran a little bit faster. “Can’t! I can’t shoot when the time isn’t up yet!”

“You have to or we are done!”

“It’s going to be weak if I shoot now. We should wait until it’s up.”

The two ran for another hundred meters when a shockwave blew past them on the side. A whole section of the street vanished.

Heng and ChengXiao met eyes with each other. Heng muttered, “Do you feel his accuracy has increased?”

There was no replied. ChegXiao put all his energy on his feet and pulled ahead of Heng in an instant. Heng confirmed his guess. This Xuan’s strength was converging to the real Xuan’s which also meant that Zheng’s gap was growing bigger. Who would be the one to stop Xuan?

Ten seconds passed and another shockwave blew by. It had gotten nearer to the two but there was nothing else the two could do. Judging by the power of these shots, Xuan did not use the Lambda Driver’s full power in their training. Even back then they could not get close to Xuan. The power of the Lambda Driver could mold to the user’s will. It could take the form of a shield or spear. There was no way they could break through Xuan’s shield. And when Xuan didn’t need to aim in such close distance, the power of the Lambda Driver would blast their bodies.

Heng counted as he ran. They were not without a chance. The Lambda Driver was strong but so was his Lightning Shot. The victor of this fight would be determined in an instant. He would win if he could fire the shot before Xuan’s mind turned defensive.

(Thirty seven more seconds… Damn it! Can we survive thirty seven more seconds? Thirty four, thirty three…)

Heng and ChengXiao knew they were dancing on the tip of a blade. Once Xuan gained the power to use gun-kata and the Lambda Driver simultaneously, there was no way they could live. At this rate, Xuan’s accuracy would converge to gun-kata level in twenty seconds. They would get blasted into ashes in at most twenty five seconds.

“ChengXiao, this movie is also an opportunity. With danger comes opportunity. I don’t know how you come out from your heart’s devil, but I know myself. I will never fear anyone again. My weakness has gone. I can go anywhere I want in this world!” Heng suddenly said.

ChengXiao replied, “My heart’s devil was quite funny. I forgot who said it that the more horny a person is, the more they fear the betrayal of their mate. People with the biggest gaps in their hearts are going to have the most difficulty surviving this movie. However, once they overcome their gaps… they will leap through the dragon gate and rise to the heavens!”

Heng’s was technically within top five in the team, even higher than Zero. His archery, close quarter combat, and physical stats were exceptional. Back in Resident Evil, he already possessed the strength to threaten clone Zheng. However, the flaw in his personality limited his strength to under forty percent of its potential. The pain he re-experienced and the broke down of his heart in this movie allowed him to find himself in whole again. The carp leaps through the dragon gate and rise to the heavens. It was time for Heng to show his potential… or perhaps it was time for team China to show its potential! His tangling thoughts unwinded. Things he had never considered fell into place, especially the power of his elven bloodline.

Heng received some knowledge of the elven bloodline upon his second enhancement. Both Charged Shot and Lightning Shot were abilities which gathered all the energy within the bloodline to one shot. This explosive force exceeded even Zheng’s Destruction. It was the reason the Charged Shot would knock him out when he only had the first enhancement and the Lightning Shot would weaken him drastically.

(If I can gather the energy on my body instead of the arrow while also reducing the amount of energy, maybe I can use an ability similar to Explosion and Destruction.)

Heng jumped onto a wall nearby and ran up the building. He knew he did not have the time to wait for another Lightning Shot. He had to fight for his life if he wanted to live. Life and death were merely separated by a thin string.

His hypothesis was never verified but he had no other choice. Death could come with whichever decision he made so he might as well put his luck on the test.

Fortune favored Heng this time. Heng activated the Focused State of Mind ability and entered the unlocked mode. A scan of the surroundings printed into his head. He also felt the flow of energy residing in his body.

It was just then Heng realized he had grown so much. He was too unmanly and sent such power to waste. He had decided to revive his lover once he returned and then live on courageously. Though the goal right now was to survive.

Heng slowly gained control of his energy. It was enormous and had a cooling sensation. The energy had resided in his body like water but he simply never noticed it. Using this energy, Heng ran straight up along the wall.

ChengXiao dropped his jaw as he stared at Heng running up a wall. Heng’s speed wasn’t too fast but it appeared as though he defied gravity. When he charged at Xuan with a shout, ChengXiao yelled, “Shit, you lost your mind? Come back!”

A shockwave blasted the ground seven meters next to ChengXiao. The resulting wind blew him away. By the time ChengXiao came back on his feet, Heng had already clashed with Xuan.

Heng did not get one shotted as ChengXiao had expected. The fight was actually even, although it appeared that the scale would soon tip toward one end.

Heng was approaching Xuan by running on the walls of buildings. As he came within a hundred meters, he leaped toward the street. A bullet struck where his feet were on. The bullet emitted the same unique color and then a shockwave blasted a hundred meter section of the street into ruins.

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  1. Probably not lightning shot, but clone zheng could just turn to bats to dodge explosive shot. He also had black flames, fourth stage, and whatever else he didn’t bother to use. I’ll still give props to Heng, but he’s definitely on his way to the grave after so many breakthroughs in a short time. Like the author is burning away his life to create a big death scene.

    1. I think that you might be right, My theory is that the team is going to survive this movie without casualty only to fight team Devil next and nearly wipe like they did the last time.

  2. Back in Resident Evil, he already possessed the strength to threaten clone Zheng. However, the flaw in his personality limited his strength to under forty percent of its potential.

    If we assume that current Xuan is not even as powerful as normal-Xuan — that means that Xuan, as of right now, is as powerful, if not even MORE powerful, than Devil Zheng — because current Heng is many times more powerful than he was in RE, and Xuan is able to hold him off aptly. Further more, by proxy, that makes both Xuan and Heng stronger than Zheng.
    Both of them, are more powerful than Zheng.

    Let that nonsense sink in for a moment there.
    I know everyone “had their potential”, which is all fine and dandy, but they cannot just explode with power all of a sudden like that.

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