TI Vol 18 Chapter 12-6

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Two explosions occurred while they caught up with their breaths. The other two Freddy’s were probably killed. The three people gasped at this person’s strength. The figure ran over and stopped in front of them. They finally got a clear view of her face. She was YinKong, who had disappeared.

WangXia sighed, “That was incredible. I never knew you are so strong when we trained. That speed looked amazing. More than what we imagine of someone from the assassin’s clan.”

YinKong wasn’t one who talked much but she smiled after hearing these words. Yet, those eyes behind this smile felt cold as ice. The three people shivered as though a blade edge was pointing at them. As they carefully looked at her eyes again, those eyes were calm as water again, as they always had been.

“What’s the situation?” YinKong asked WangXia with a smile.

WangXia quickly explained the situation they were in, that Heng was fighting Xuan, Freddy was becoming stronger with the gap in Zheng’s heart widened, Xuan’s strength was converging to the real Xuan.

YinKong frowned and muttered, “So this is really a dream. Or else I wouldn’t have revived. Now it’s up to Zheng. If he can overcome himself, we will still have a chance to leave the dream alive. If he fails, we will die here with him. Xuan’s strength in the real world?”

YinKong pondered for a moment then said to them, “I don’t know when we will leave this dream world. Maybe in the next second. Maybe never. It all depends on Zheng. So to prevent my existence being limited to the dream world, I want you to bring some words to Xuan. The real Xuan.”

The three looked confused. They didn’t know what YinKong want Xuan for. This YinKong gave them a different feel than the one who didn’t talk much and had a cold tone. Though they couldn’t tell anything in the short time since they just met again.

YinKong continued, “Since I revived, that means I didn’t really cease to exist. The condition might be harsh. It required emotion to reach a limit in a dream. But I believe Xuan can figure a way to achieve it, just like how he self hypnotizes with his glasses. Let him figure it out. If I can revive… Oh, also report my strength to him. I think he will understand the rest.”

She let out a breath then sat on the floor. Her movements were different from how she used to be. However, the situation did not allow the other three to ponder into it. WangXia waved his wrist and said, “I have recovered a bit of demon energy, enough to summon bombs. YinKong, you can go assist Heng.”

YinKong said with a smile, “No need. If you really arrived at this house when you were running toward the town center, then they would eventually come when they can’t beat Xuan and have to run. If they manage to beat Xuan, they won’t need our help. Everything can happen in a dream world. So going to help or not won’t change the outcome. Our chance lies on Zheng. He’s the key to this movie. If he succeeds, we live. If he fails, we die. Let us quietly wait. We can only wait.”

Zheng was the key to the mystery of this movie. However, his situation was bleak.

Clone Zheng stood up among the shattered dead bodies. Two black bat wings spread from his back. This was his combat form. Zheng knew of how strong their mid-fourth stage was after the genes from their ancient demons awakened, even if this power was accompanied by the heart’s demon.

The two clashed in this God’s dimension. Zheng also entered the fourth stage after witnessing Lori’s death. He hadn’t reached mid-fourth stage yet but he had the same bat wings.

Clone Zheng’s strength was identical to Zheng’s memory of him back in Resident Evil. Both were filled with extreme anger and both were in the fourth stage. Zheng suppressed his clone with the use of Destruction.

The principle of Destruction was to fuse two completely different energies inside the body. The result volatility was like splashing water to smoking oil. Fortunately Zheng had a strong enough body to withstand this power. A normal person would be blasted to pieces the instant they activated Destruction. This was an ability that destroyed its enemies and its user.

Clone Zheng’s strength was based on Zheng’s memory of Resident Evil. He was as strong as Zheng remembered. Although he was temporarily in a disadvantageous position due to Destruction, Zheng also could not damage him. That black flame negated the force Zheng exerted on him, even when this force was powerful enough to smash through steel tens of centimeters thick. Each time the flame swept toward Zheng, his instincts could sense the looming danger and his body reacted on its own. He just couldn’t defeat his clone no matter how strong his Destruction pushed him. Furthermore, clone Zheng was getting closer to mid-fourth stage as time went on.

(I can’t maintain Destruction anymore if this continues. He would be able to one shot me once Destruction wears off. My only chance is to enter mid-fourth stage… But if my consciousness falls to my heart’s devil, we probably won’t be able to leave the dream world.)

The black flame whirled around Zheng while he was not focused on the fight. The black sword sliced toward him. Fortunately his reaction speed and movement speed during Destruction were much higher than clone Zheng’s so he was able to block the attack with Tiger’s Soul. Numbness spread on his hands. This power was on par with his power in Destruction.

(I can’t wait anymore… I have to go all out!)

Zheng made up his mind. He had no other choice but to enter the mid-fourth stage. He slowly merged with that boundless freedom. It was as though the world had turned into Nirvana. However, his body inherited the vengeful intent from his genes. The wings and horns depicted him in the image of a demon. The two demons clashed together.

The dream world was in a chaos. Freddy dragged everyone who had a gap in their hearts into the despair dream. All the stronger members were revived by Zheng so Freddy chose his consciousness as the foundation of the dream. TengYi and the newbies had no power to fight him. With Xuan being replaced by a fake, team China had to face two powerful enemies.

Heng and ChengXiao’s hearts beat violently as they ran. Was the real Xuan actually so strong? The confusion grew in their minds. The Xuan who was chasing after them possessed unparalleled power. The Lambda Driver almost felt overpowered. Luckily, fake Xuan had not reached the same level as real Xuan. His accuracy decreased when he used Lambda Driver. That was how Heng and ChengXiao managed to escape.

Xuan chased after the two. His speed did not appear fast but the distance between them never increased. When Heng and ChengXiao came out of a building, he fired a few shots at them. An invisible layer covered the Gauss bullets. Due to the lack of accuracy, the bullets struck a tall building next to them.

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