TI Vol 18 Chapter 12-3

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The truck was coming nearer and near to TengYi as despair filled him. Yet, he could not even turn his body. He would not have a complete piece of flesh left once the truck ran over him.

Seventy meters left between the truck and TengYi and LiuYu. A bolt of plasma suddenly dropped from the sky and enveloped the truck in a pillar of electricity. It was only a moment before TengYi and LiuYu’s minds caught up to what was happening and the truck had already been liquefied. The pillar disappeared, leaving behind only the intense heat from the plasma explosion.

TengYi and LiuYu stared ahead dazzled. A man walked out from an alley. He was holding a human head on his hand. The human head was yelling but he ignored the noise. After he came near TengYi and LiuYu, he threw the head over to Freddy. Smoke was rising from the head as though it was fried in whole.

WangXia said in a cool tone, “I returned from your nightmare… How much longer are you going to play with a person’s heart?!” He ended in a shout.

Demon energy filled his hands as he waved them in the air. Winged bombs materialized beside him. These bombs had little hands that each carried a plasma grenade. The winged bombs surrounded Freddy and closed in on him before he could escape. Plasma discharged at all directions.

WangXia was extremely furious but he did not lose his rationality completely. When the winged bombs surrounded Freddy, he grabbed TengYi and LiuYu and ran. A heatwave flew at them after he had only ran a few meters. The heatwave chased their backs until WangXia ran a hundred meters away. He could feel his hair being fried. The three turned around to see a huge hole of twenty meters in diameter left by the the explosion. Freddy was burned to nothingness.

“Amazing!” TengYi and LiuYu thought. WangXia was not the center of attention in team China and barely had any showings. Little did they know that he possessed such powers. The plasma explosion looked more impressive than even Zheng’s strength and burned Freddy in an instant. They would be safe with him here.

WangXia’s steps began to lose stability. He stopped after running three hundred meters and panted heavily. At the same time he brought out the hemostasis spray to stop the bleeding on the other two. Once he was done, he dropped to the ground like he had just finished a marathon. The exhaustion nearly knocked him out. However, the situation did not permit it happening. WangXia immediately inquired the others.

TengYi was lucky that the blades did not cut through his heart. He was still coughing out blood but he managed to stay alive. He narrated what had happened after WangXia disappeared.

“… Heng held Xuan back so I got a chance to run here with LiuYu. But Freddy did not let us go. Based on what he said, he could revive endlessly as long as the fake Xuan is still alive. Furthermore, as the gap in Zheng’s heart widens, his power and number will grow. The fake Xuan will also become closer to the real Xuan. I don’t know how many of him we will have to fight if the situation continues.” TengYi sighed.

WangXia paused for a moment. “You two look for a place to hide. Don’t run aimlessly. I go help Heng kill the fake Xuan. If he reaches the power of real Xuan, we will die to the Lambda Driver. So we have to kill him before he gets to that point.” WangXia got up.

“Don’t leave…” LiuYu grabbed WangXia’s shirt. “Our lives are also the key. If this is a dream, then someone has to be dreaming to maintain the world. Furthermore, everyone aside from us has been dragged into the despair dream. If we die, there will be no one maintaining the safe dream and no one will wake up!”

TengYi and WangXia both responded, “For real?”

“Mostly.” LiuYu did not let go of WangXia. “I mentioned I read a lot of books. I read all kinds of books since I was bored being locked at home. A few of them were about dreams. Like when you can’t distinguish a dream from reality, death in a dream will be death in reality. And then there are two things you need to dream, the dreamer and a message. If the fake Xuan is Freddy, then he’s the message and we are the dreamer. TengYi and I are the only ones keeping this dream going after the other have been into the despair dream.”

WangXia and TengYi gave him a glance of surprise then each grabbed one of his arms and ran.

“I don’t understand what you just said but you looked like Xuan and HongLu when they spoke of things we don’t understand. So we are better off believing you.” WangXia said. TengYi nodded in agreement.

LiuYu didn’t get why the two of them suddenly chose to believe him. However, it was good that his life was safe for now. He asked, “TengYi, how’s the wound on your chest? It looked very deep a while ago.”

TengYi coughed but without blood this time. He gave LiuYu a bitter smile. “You can be like me soon. Once you return to God’s dimension, you will get a chance to bathe in dragon blood. It will enhance your body to twice as strong as a normal person. Recovery rate will also become insanely high… Though not as high as Zheng’s.”

LiuYu nodded, “What about Heng? Did he also bathe in dragon blood? Can he beat Xuan?”

WangXia and TengYi looked to each other without a word. After a while, WangXia finally replied, “If the fake Xuan really reaches the power of real Xuan like Freddy said, none of us has the confidence to take him out. Xuan’s strength is unfathomable even without his intelligence. Our lives lie in your hand, Heng.”

Heng did not have the same thought as the other three. He was barely staying alive, not to mention protecting the rest of the team.

Xuan had entered the second stage of the unlocked mode. His movement speed, reaction speed, and strength all surpassed Heng’s. The gun-kata did not give Heng a break. The dragonshard barrier rippled nonstop. Neither the two arrow nor three arrow explosive shot could get through Xuan’s gun-kata. Heng also tried to use the silver bow’s volley ability but Xuan dodged them each time. Before long, he was getting the only one getting hit.

(The Lightning Shot needs three more minutes. Its power should be able to kill this fake Xuan… I hope. He has always only displayed his wit. No one expected him to be so freaking strong in combat. Is this really the real Xuan’s strength? He hasn’t even used Lambda Driver yet.)

Sometimes you just never realized how strong someone was when they were near you. However, this realization set in once they became an enemy.

Xuan chased Heng for two blocks. The dragonshard necklace had almost depleted at this point. Heng entered an alley then ran through a backdoor. It was the back of a bar. Heng ran straight for the front door but as the door opened, two pitch black muzzles awaited him. Xuan was standing in front. The dragonshard only had enough energy to block a few more shots.

ChengXiao charged toward the entrance of the bar in a rage when he saw the love of his life exited the bar with a man. He smashed the door with a kick. The man and woman had gone far away in the distance. There was nothing he could do as he watched the woman he loved disappear, as a prostitute taken away by another man.

“Don’t joke me…”

“Do you know why I came out? Because she was called a prostitute? Or because I saw someone took her away? Hell no! It’s because I want to kill you! And to tell you of a truth!” ChengXiao shouted. “I don’t deny I am horny so I can’t bear being betrayed by the woman I love, neither physically nor mentally! This is indeed my biggest weakness. But…

“Love exists because of trust! Don’t you think you can fool me with illusions! Don’t you think you can make me doubt her and harm her! I believe my love with my life!”

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  1. So we’re just throwing Second Stage Xuan out there for kicks. I can certainly believe Xuan could reach Second Stage, but the author is just throwing this out there as if to say “Xuan unlocked Second Stage at some point… just telling you now”.

    This a just a different situation from Fourth Stage Zheng which had shallow foreshadowing, yet a big impact once revealed, so it worked out somehow. Showing a second stage Xuan in the last mission and now allowing teammates to see it would have been better. It didn’t even have to be a big deal during the fight or deserve a comment, yet would have worked.

    Oh, if this is just a dream restricted thing then never mind.

  2. Im kinda confused here…If thats Fake Xuan…and real Xuan is either awake or something, wouldn’t he be smart enough to know how or if he can wake Zheng…He’s got the Lamba Driver and all…*sigh* Da*m
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    1. there are multiple reasons why he isnt waking them.

      1. in the real world it has only been 2 minutes, because dreamtime is different then normal time.

      2. he knows they are dreaming, but he is doing nottingg because he believes they can manage, and they need to defeat freddy to get the 5000 points for everyone.
      and in the long run, those points are whats going to make them survive more.

      3. he is in a different dream, where its all black, and even though he knows he is dreaming he cant do anything except wait.

      4. imagine your own thing.

      5. wait till the author explains why xuan isnt doing anything. normally everything gets explained sooner or later

  3. Just to put it out there.
    What’s stopping them from detonating a bomb within the town’s sewers? Xuan may be powerful with his guns, but his wits aren’t the same, and he’ll die if there’s enough power thrown against him.

    Also, his guns do not have infinite ammo. As far as I remember, Xuan had to manually refill his pistols’ ammunition. That leaves a gap in which any one of them can shoot him down, they just need to consistently bombard him.

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