TI Vol 18 Chapter 12-11

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The series of attacks that came one after the other nearly overwhelmed all the member’s non-related thoughts. Now that Xuan and Freddy seemed to have disappeared, the team suddenly found themselves a few minutes of peace. The five men gradually stopped talking as they sensed the atmosphere was changing. This might be the tranquility before the storm. Once this tranquility ended, the storm would arrive.

Zheng was still battling his clone. It had been over two minutes since he activated Destruction. Using the ability for such a long time was self destruction. And even with the optimization of his body through the fourth stage, he was at his limit. The break down of his body had begun. Qi and Blood Energy were depleted. Zheng was crossing the line to despair.

In contrast to him, Clone Zheng appeared at ease as he had been throughout the battle. He barely held up against the speed from Destruction. However, Zheng couldn’t break through his defense no matter how much he accelerated or increased his strength. Clone Zheng would always block that next attack. Two minutes passed but not once did he put damage on Clone Zheng.

Clone Zheng had nearly perfect control over his black flame. It moved like it was bestowed life and blocked off attacks as if it was a solid object. Every strike that Zheng put on the flame burned himself in return. These wounds added up to numerous on Zheng. He no longer possessed the power to rival his clone.

Yet, Zheng never ceased his attacks of madness. His consciousness had reached the boundary of freedom after he forced himself into the mid-fourth stage. Neither pain, damage, or break down could trigger a response from him. The heart’s devil overtook him. He would use Destruction until his body could no longer maintain it even without fighting Clone Zheng. The only outcome set in front of Zheng was death unless he overcame himself.

(Perhaps this is the end.)

Zheng sighed. His consciousness was getting lost and his body was beginning to fall apart.

YinKong stood up and said to the rest of the team with a smile, “Run. Run as far as you can. Of course, running might be useless as long as Zheng is still trapped in his despair dream.”

The men were confused. Heng looked to the street abruptly.

On the end of the street was a man floating wobbly toward them. His feet were half a meters above the ground. As the man neared, Heng finally saw his face. It was Xuan with a pale white face. The power of the Lambda Driver allowed him to float.

“He seems terribly injured. A critical wound on the chest and heavy loss of blood. Otherwise, he wouldn’t waste energy like this. His movements are supported by the Lambda Driver at this point.” Heng said.

The other men didn’t have the good sight of Heng. They only recognized the man was Xuan and couldn’t see the details.

YinKong on the other hand nodded in agreement. Xuan had his head lowered. If it wasn’t for his chest still expanding and contracting ever so slightly, he could be mistaken for a corpse.

(If everything in this world is based off Zheng’s mind, this Xuan won’t have any feelings or senses. Which means he won’t stop no matter how fatal his wounds are. We might be able to use delay tactics to kill him even when he has unrestricted use of the Lambda Driver.)

YinKong breathed out then turned to the others. “Let’s run. He doesn’t move fast. We can run at this pace.”

Just as she finished speaking, she raised her head and laughed bitterly. She sensed four armed helicopters were coming from far far away. It was definitely Freddy coming back again. Xuan and Freddy were closing in on the house from both directions.

It was only two seconds before the rest of the team noticed the abnormality. They all looked up at the sky and saw the helicopters. The house was surrounded by an open area so if they left the house, they would become visible targets under the helicopters unless YinKong could quickly take them down.

“Don’t bother dreaming. I can shoot down one with the sword but what about the other three? Can Heng shoot them down in a short amount of time?” YinKong said.

Heng put up his arm and said, “I can’t. The two arrow Explosive Shot is my limit. I can fire one or two more shots with no guarantee of accuracy. It’s already a miracle that my arm still moves.”
Heng was better suited for this situation than YinKong. Yet, he had basically lost the ability to fight. A chill crept into their hearts as they realized this place might be the end of their lives.

YinKong’s hands twitched slightly. She suddenly had the thought of running on her own. No one could stop her unless Freddy gained the use of nuclear weapons. She was safe in this world. However, the rest of the team would be declared dead once she left. YinKong’s consciousness showed sign of waking up with this thought.

“What troublesome.” YinKong murmured.

She charged at Xuan like a stream of light at a speed approaching The Shining activation. Her reaction speed was clearly able to support this speed unlike before.

YinKong’s speed was becoming faster but her body was becoming more visible to the bare eyes. These two phenomenons contradicted with each other.

When YinKong reached within a hundred meters of Xuan, he struggled to raise his hand. A light field appeared in between two. This happened in merely an instant and YinKong had already crossed another fifty meters. The light then blasted toward YinKong and consumed her. It continued blasting forward until the stirred up dust covered the light. The dust settled several seconds later, exposing a canal a hundred meters in length and ten meters in width on the path the light traveled. This was merely from the raise of Xuan’s arm.

He might have surpassed Zheng at this point. The team members thought to themselves.

The shot didn’t hit YinKong. No one knew what kind of speed she had that dodged the attack.

YinKong used The Shining Air Waves. The waves flew near to half a meter from Xuan and then straight up vanished. An attack that struck down missiles couldn’t even go near Xuan.

(The Lambda Driver’s defense has no weak points for close range assassination. I stabbed over a hundred times already… The Air Waves are also useless… That attack can reach the power of the four arrow Explosive Shot but can this body sustain the cost?)

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