TI Vol 18 Chapter 11-1

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ChengXiao, TengYi, and LiuYu finally felt the strangeness as Kampa and YinKong disappeared. They didn’t remember these members. It was an unconscious feeling. Was team China only consisted of the few of them? Leaving the one newbie out, did the team originally only had four people?

The dream’s rules were also strange in that it could remove memories related to a person. Everyone had been through so many movies. Their bonds had grown very deep. Yet, they still forgot about their comrades. Zheng felt a chillness stroked his heart every time he thought about this.

The recognition of this strangeness created doubts in the members. Yet, when they looked into their memories, they couldn’t recall the other members. There were no traces of them even in the movies prior to Nightmare on Elm Street.

“Were there really other members? And once they disappear, we will forget them?” ChengXiao asked in an out of character serious tone.

Zheng nodded. “Right. Most members have disappeared at this point. We are the only ones left. You can’t even remember their names. I am the only one to still remember them.”

ChengXiao scratched his head. “But my memories don’t have other people. How about you describe some characteristics. It could help us recall them.”

This was the second day after Kampa and YinKong were gone. Zheng gave up looking for the two and waited for the movie to develop. He was pondering on the last step of ending this dream world. ChengXiao finally came to ask him due to the strange feeling they got.

Zheng thought for a moment. “Uh. There’s a man named Zero. He’s a calm and reliable sniper.”

“Don’t remember.”

“And a man named Kampa. He’s the gunner.”

“Don’t remember.”

“Oh. And a girl name YinKong. Sixteen. Great figure. You always call her…”

“Big breast babyface!”

ChengXiao’s eyes glowed. His hands squeezed the air in a disgusting manner. If his eyes didn’t look so awake, Zheng would have believed he had fallen into a dream, an erotic dream.

Zheng nodded. “So you remember her? Weird.”

“I don’t.” ChengXiao replied. “But sixteen with great figure are the highest grade. Big breast babyface is a courteous title. Only such girls are worthwhile for such title!”

(Why don’t I feel any courtesy in the title? Has a pervert’s intuition broken the boundary of the dream?)

Zheng didn’t know whether to laugh or not. He was distressed by being unable to figure out how to end the dream and ChengXiao lightened his mood. Guess a pervert could never change. Who could tell if he would ever change? It was going to be difficult. Unless ChengXiao himself decided to get rid of this trait, the only way would be…

Zheng was stunned at this moment. He stared at ChengXiao with an unbelievable expression. He seemed utterly shocked.

ChengXiao was also shocked at Zheng’s reaction. He thought something had happened and jumped up. He scanned the surrounding but did not find anything out of the ordinary.

He said, “Please. Troll more creatively. We aren’t kids anymore.”

Zheng calmed the shock ness and shook his head. “No. I wasn’t trying to scare you. I finally get what HongLu meant in the end. Fuck. This movie has no solutions for real. I don’t know what God is thinking. Could there be a deeper layer of meaning to this movie?”

ChengXiao asked, “Who’s HongLu? Doesn’t sound like a girl’s name.”

Zheng slightly shook his head again and replied in a serious tone, “Anyway, since I have found the last key, I should bear this responsibility. ChengXiao, if Freddy attacks you, keep your heart true to yourself. Don’t get lost in the dream. Get it?”

ChengXiao laughed after a pause. “Don’t worry about me. My will is solid as steel. Who in this world can make me soft? And if she does… haha.”

(Please. Stop with such misleading phrases. But for real though, the gap in his heart and the way he deals with it would probably make him the least likely person to enter the despair dream. Does he even know how to spell despair?) Zheng thought about him maliciously.

Team China had only five people left. What ought to be done would continue to go on, things like eating and getting through the night.

Zheng thought that there was no use struggling at this point. He just needed to solve the puzzle and leave the world with the right method. As for now, he couldn’t offer any help to the rest of the team.

Zheng returned to his room after dinner. He sat on the bed and meditated, focusing his attention at one point.

(If Freddy constructed this world using my consciousness as the foundation, then I should be able to use Qi, Blood Energy, Refined Qi, the flags, and even my created abilities. This has been true so far. However, brute force is not the solution to this movie so these powers aren’t of much help to our situation.

(The circumstance is rather simple. My desire is for the team to survive. Thus, the hardest blow to me is to make them disappear. Lori and my clone can also break my defense. Since my mind is the foundation, Freddy also won’t attack me before he takes down all the members. The dream world would collapse without me and the others will wake.

(He chose me because I revived the members so I know of their past and weaknesses. Which also explains why the newbies died in front of me while the others disappeared. Freddy in the original movie only has the power of a normal person. Anyone of us in my mind is way stronger than him. Even TengYi could kill him one on one. So he has to rely on using the gaps in our heart to drag us into the despair dream. The newbies on the other hand aren’t threatening to him so he didn’t need that extra step and left me with their corpses. What a bully.)

Zheng was in the third stage. He sighed. The long hours staying in the third stage the past several days had given him a slight headache. However, simulation of HongLu increased by a fair percentage. Some answers became clear to him, such as the intention of this movie.

The heart’s devil was the biggest obstacle to a person’s improvement. One could feel dejected and lose the will to fight due to the heart’s devil. The heart’s devil Zheng realized on the path between the early fourth stage and mid fourth stage could lead him to death.

This movie was God’s arrangement as a trial of the heart. If he overcame his heart’s devil, he would step into mid fourth stage where he had the power to rival his clone. If he failed, he would die, along with the whole team that had grown so far.

(Since I haven’t overcome the gap in my heart, I can only follow HongLu’s advice. The last step… the only other way to make the nightmare go away… is to kill the person who’s dreaming or have the person kill himself. Is this what you meant, HongLu? You want me to kill Freddy and then myself.)

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  1. Ty for the chap.

    This arc is dragging on so much. I can’t wait for it to be over. This kind of psychological drama is clearly not the author’s strong point.

    1. Indeed. The answer was what I expected, but that also means it’s much simpler than I wanted it to be.
      One of the main problems of this arc is that the flashbacks, the disappearances themselves, dragged on. We hardly learnt anything from them, and we got a clear idea of what is going on after Zheng just info-dumped us about HungLu’s info-dumps.

      And now, we can only wait until Zheng will be able to complete his plan, without learning anything new. This is like having to wait for the bus to arrive at your destination. You can literally do nothing but wait, and that’s about it.

  2. Really can’t help but feel that the author is lazy about the rivalry between Zheng and his Clone. In a good story Zheng would try to desperately improve any way he can, fail and succeed little by little, become very powerful and then meet his clone who’s still a bit stronger than him. But right now it feels like Zhttty is setting it up so that Zheng can reach mid or upper fourth stage with ease, and match his clone. That’s not realistic at all.

    For one I can’t even imagine that his base specs are close to being even. Clone Zheng wipes all other teams and goes on dangerous bonus missions. Just from what we heard of his experience before taking revenge Clone Zheng’s enhancements are all A tier or higher. Like the advance plot of mummy should give him, if he didn’t run away from the moneys, at least 30,000 points, 1A and B rank rewards. Then he also did more than one bonus missions in a high level world like Nightmare on Elms Street risking his life, where just killing the demon rewards B rank reward and 5,000 points. So unless Clone Zheng after reaching Fourth Stage never enhanced ever again, Clone Zheng’s base powers are far above his original.

    I just hate this direction where Zheng is going to turn out to be close to power with his clone with his lackluster effort. Or maybe he will be much weaker, but will pull a super saiyan or something.

    1. Maybe u should re-read the novel bro, and u might find out that time does not pass by equally for every team, there is no point in him going mad about improving his strenght if he already knows what he needs to improve and that is not his physical strenght.
      This is not a naruto(child story) where the underdog somehow gets to beat the evil guy with the power of the will. It is all about strategy and knowledge of what u can in fact do.

      1. Doesn’t Zheng have nothing to do with the planning? I can agree with you that this isn’t all about power levels, but if its effort or preparations then Team Devil beats Team China. Except for magic cannon they haven’t done much. Also maybe willpower will have some effect since that’s what the Hearts demon kinda is.

      2. Actually, these “unlock stages” literally are “the power of faith”. There’s no other basis on how to gain it, other than “really really wanting to survive”. They were the deus-ex-machina, “get me out of death’s-reach” cards since day 1.
        So in that sense, it is like Naruto. It was even said that system-improvements are worth sh*t if you do not progress through the unlock-stages.

        And as far as the comparison between Zheng and his Clone goes…Gotta agree with OP.
        Zheng did not even come close to his Clone’s level of effort. When his clone told him just how much blood and tears he had to put in order to gain his power, the amount of risky bonus-missions he attempted to accomplish and gained massive rewards for….Zheng pretty much gained squat, and he even soon forgot about these bonus missions and prioritized safety yet again. If Zheng will ever be his clone’s equal, it’s practically just because the author said so. That’s how I feel about it, because Zheng honestly did not accomplish even half of what his Clone did.

        Also — I wanted to say this since the start of the arc, but kept forgetting about it — why is that nobody is even THINKING about doing bonus-missions in this world? Not even the author’s avatars, Xuan and HungLu? They did not even go: “we should forget about the bonus missions, it’s too risky.”
        That was completely phased out of the story by this point.

  3. i think Nie li will come back at the end of this movie.
    i have seen his name come by lately in the story, so my theory is this.
    everyone that freddy killed and zheng remembers gets back alive, and i dont remember clearly. but u can say that in some ways nie li, died in the freddy kreuger world.
    i do hope this is true

  4. So, yeah. It really does seem like this entire mission is about Zheng’s 4th stage trial. God truly is working in order to push him forward along the ranks.
    Hopefully the rest of the team will also benefit from it, and the entire world won’t gravitate around the MC’s hiney.

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