TI Vol 18 Chapter 1-1

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The scenery had changed to that of God’s dimension as Zheng opened his eyes again. Though his injury was so heavy that he lacked even the ability to speak a word. Blood was flowing out from his lungs. Finally, someone yelled for God to heal the whole team and deduct the points from the respective member. A beam shot down from God and enveloped each member.

(So many beams… everyone made it back alive.) Zheng had difficulty moving his head so he looked around with his peripheral vision. There were several girls on the floor and about ten beams. The sight calmed him down and he slowly savored the pain from the repair at the DNA level.

“What?” Zheng grabbed Kampa by the collar and cried in anger. “Why? Gando died? Impossible! How could we return if he died? That’s impossible! He must have completed the trust I placed on him. He must have kept the AllSpark until the last second! You lied. How could he have died?”

Kampa opened his lips but no word came out. He shook his head.

Zero walked over to Zheng and gave a sigh. “We are sorry. Gando died. He brought the AllSpark to us but then the Valkyrie ran out of energy. The robots got…”

“What were you doing?” Zheng continued to shout. “Everyone was fighting with their lives. I am certain Gando was really giving all he had. He didn’t run. He fulfilled the task I entrusted him… How could you let him die?”

The rest of the team met eyes with each other. There was nothing they could say in reply. It was an accident. If YinKong was a bit faster and sliced the robot’s arm, if Zero was ready to shoot at the time, if Heng could shoot faster, if Kampa or WangXia happened to kill that robot… There were so many ifs. Yet, every human only had one life. Ifs couldn’t be applied to a life. Twelve people entered Transformers. Eleven people returned.

“He really died…” Zheng slowly calmed down. He sat down on the floor and murmured to himself. “Gando… don’t have a chance to revive anymore. He really died.” That was when he suddenly remembered everyone else in the team didn’t have a chance to revive anymore. They all died once already.

“Is it because it has been too long since anyone died?” Xuan’s indifferent voice came through. He recovered to his normal look. He looked to Zheng calmly. “What do you think this place is? A vacation home? Do you want to spend some points and take a vacation? Stop kidding me. This is God’s realm. What made you believe that people don’t die? Have you forgotten how many people have died? Do you think we can do what we want in the movies after we became strong?”

Xuan’s words were always sharp and blunt. It was not because he was cruel. That was how he thought. You couldn’t expect someone who didn’t care about his own life to care about others’ lives.

“Yeah… he’s dead.” Zheng sighed. He stood up and patted off the dust on his shirt. His head remained low as he said. “Life is so fragile… It really has been too long before someone died. I thought we could all live on, at least until we return to the real world… I was too naive.” He quietly walked to his room.

It was noon of the next day when Zheng appeared again. The team gathered on the platform as custom. Once all members arrived, they would discuss future plans concerning exchanges and the next movie. It had always been this way. However, Zheng’s depressed look made everyone worried. They thought he would remain depressed for a few days. But he came out the next day.

“Please. Do you wish for me to stay depressed?” Zheng glanced over the team. “You can’t let memories drag you down for your whole life. I am sad not only because a comrade died but also that the belief I have been holding onto shattered. But I haven’t given up on this belief. We will live Gando’s portion for him. Let us all make it back to the real world alive. Wouldn’t that be better?” He then looked to Xuan.

Xuan and HongLu were discussing the AllSpark that they brought back from Transformers. No one else understood what they were talking about.

“Ahem. Leave the theories for later. Xuan, I have a question. You mentioned because of our increased rating, we are going to enter an extremely difficult movie. I just looked at our next movie. It’s A Nightmare On Elm Street 3. This is unfortunately a movie that can’t be explain with science. It has been so long since we are given such genre. So you are right. The next movie is going to be really dangerous.” Zheng said.

Xuan nodded. But then HongLu spoke before he opened his mouth. “That’s for certain. This is the same conclusion I reached. So get rid of your carefree attitude. In fact, we were still walking near the edge of hell prior to The Lord of the Rings. The next movie could bring us back to when Zhang Jie was with us… No one is safe. This is God’s balance. With each death, our strength would lower and so would our rating… If possible, let the newbies all die in each movie. This will lower our rating slightly, or at least we won’t see an increase.”

Zheng’s face twitched but he couldn’t speak what he wanted. “We can leave this for next time. Xuan, are these the AllSpark’s pieces? Do they have any use?”

Xuan threw a thumb size piece to Zheng. God’s voice sounded in his mind as he touched the piece.

“Spatial energy converter piece. Able to supply energy after repair.”

“Spatial energy converter? What’s that?” Zheng asked with curiosity. “Isn’t it called the AllSpark?”

Xuan nodded. “I was suspicious of the truth behind the AllSpark since watching the original Transformers movie. It involves quantum theory. It’s a waste of time to explain given your intelligence and knowledge…”

Aside from HongLu, everyone else was staring at Xuan with glimmering eyes. They were obviously interested to hear the content as a story. It wouldn’t be boring as long as they didn’t have to study.

“Fine. I will put it in simple words. Physics is separated into two fields. In classical physics, if I hit you with my fist, both you and my fist will feel pain, except at different degrees of pain. This is the theory of relativity. There’s also the law of conservation of mass and energy. The other is quantum physics, which challenged our prior understanding of the world. The universe is more complex and mysterious than we imagined. In quantum physics, my fist will not come into contact with your body. There’s a force in the atomic and molecular level that repels the two objects. The mass-energy equivalence invalidated mass and energy conservation.” Xuan said to the team.

Zheng waved his hand and said. “What does this have to do with the infinite energy of the AllSpark? And what is that spatial energy converter referring to?”

“Mortal’s wisdom.” Xuan sneered. “Keep listening. You won’t comprehend what’s coming next without hearing those words. There’s a hypothesis in quantum theory and special relativity that energy exists in empty space. Space itself might be a form of matter. This matter can be converted to energy and the energy determined the balance of our universe. Using the mass-energy equivalence equation, a space the size of a hydrogen atom when converted to energy contains more energy than all the mass within 200 lightyears combined. Which means whoever holds the technology to convert space into energy, or simply, whoever controls energy… can create worlds, creatures, or even the universe…

“In fact, the Lambda Driver and the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception could be explained through the causality of quantum physics… This realm and everything in the exchange system is the embodiment of the highest level of science.”

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  1. Why isn’t Zheng more upset about his strategists abrupt changes in plans, what kind of leader just accepts people making secret plans he wasn’t a part of. And how is the supposedly genius Xuan not factor in human emotion into the plans he makes and if you tell me that he can’t because he can’t feel, then none if his plans should work cause he can’t understand the human reaction to any given situation. Point I’m getting at is Zheng needs to stop playing leader when all he is is muscle and no brain power.

    P.S. Anyone who kept telling me I was stupid and couldnt understand would end with a bullet through the head cause theres no way I can trust you not to f**k me over later.

    1. Yeah, and it was only the first movie. Each sequel is more difficult than the previous movie and they are on way to the third one…

      They became too specialized on sci-fi (including a robot pilot), and now only Zheng, Yinkong and Heng, and just maybe Xuan, have a way to defend against this movie. I don’t include Honglu since his actual magic sucks. He needs a mayor upgrade.

      Zero, Kampa, Wangxia, Tengyi, Chengxiao and Lan are doomed. Even if they buy a lot of charms, those only last for a limited time.

      1. Yep……you are just right,or in another word,not everybody can facing to things cannot explain by logical. The biggest problem is :to prove(believe?) that , it IS a dream , but not truth.All the pain and hurt is false……remember how ZhangJie died? just like this.the enemy they have to face to is more likely themselves(and Freddy).

  2. After reading more and more chapters i’m pretty sure that Zheng is becoming less clever since then return of Xuan, …. We all agree in that.

    But Xuan and Honglu, the supposed mastermind/strategist, aren’t smart either. After some thought i found that in God dimension exist a way to revive a member of the Team who have died before and have been revived. But only the person who make the ritual/pay to revive them before is willing to create a person in God Dimension.
    The trick/flaw is that the memories will be perfect until the first resurrection (the ritual caster with the mummy book remembers all the previous life), past then it could be messy and the one creating the old member will be able to modify the memories/personality (or could be a merit like erasing the cowardice). The cost/point and rewards maybe costly (or not, depends in the member revived, and how much they want to improve o decrease his/her previous stats and abilities).

    Truly, i don’t know how they (Zhen with his simulation, Honglu and Xuan) weren’t thinking in this idea for a member like Gando (not to much upgraded).

    And the next movie? They have to stay awake and look for mental protection. Elm Street will be tricky (Freedy woulnd’t go after them in real world, only in their dreams turning into nightmares, good try to fight him with magical weapons or charms in the physic world…)

    1. What’s your reference for the first thing you said?

      Gando is upgraded, he’s Valkyrie has extra power storage. Why would you need to upgrade his stats, he has the robot. The movie is just too hard because god made it harder than the transformer movies. I think it is the fault of other members, or Xuan. He must have anticipated that Gando would die.

      You can’t blame them for focusing on scifi because they often encounter scifi war based movies so they decided to focus on it. Not only that but non-sci-fi weapons are expensive

  3. Geez, after reading the fan fiction Terror Infinity – Side B, these characters just annoy me even more than they did before. Zheng has made almost no mental developement what-so-ever and is completely stupid sometimes (most of the time), and Xuan just pisses me off even more than he already did before reading Side B. Most of the team except Zheng is almost useless and psi-force-girl also cannot do sh*t except scan for enemies…. *sigh*

  4. Yeah, right… Use Quantun Psysics to explain the Mistyc Eyes of Death Perception… I wish a very good luck to Xuan the moment he tried to explain how that thing can kill concepts and whatnot and whatever is killed is in fact so dead that no power in the universe can brought back again unless they copy said thing… but the actual thing killed by it? nope, that thing is killed for good, down to its origin.

    Zhen, seen that Xuan is intelligent enough to think for all the team, stopped of thinking for himself even at the most lower lvl becoming something like another Naruto but without the lovable idiot part to balance the mix. He became the leader like figure and a sort of combat-freak whose only shreed of inteligent thinking came in the middle of combat… Although lately he just like let his body took the control while he take vacations inside of his mind.

    Lan was by far the best female character in the series but now her involvement in the serie as been becoming lackluster.

    And this serie keeps getting more and more errors as it keeps going forward.

    This somewhat remembers me to the problem that most of the Chinese novels has. The Characters development… There is so many novels out there whose character are just one or bi-dimensionals that sometimes you get sick of those D:

  5. Wow so the story is just reaching to my favorite chapter!Great!It’s just unbelievable to find that here are many people who just like this story?English edition is great!thanks for translating☆

  6. Hi there. I don’t quite understand how it works but I’d like to join as a translator. Is it one person takes the whole translation of a book or each chapter has a contributor? Wish I could do sth in this book cause it’s my first and favorite web fiction

  7. Actually, he didn’t need to explain any physics to tell them that there is energy in empty space. Also, this energy can’t be extracted because it’s at the same level everywhere and you need a difference in energy level to extract it. (you can look up “zero point energy” on wikipedia)

    To give an analogy, zero point energy is like a quiet ocean of water. To extract energy, you need the water to be flowing, not motionless. To flow, it needs to go from a higher to a lower point. Since zero point energy is at the same level everywhere, there is no flow, and no way to extract energy.

    Maybe the only way you could extract energy, would be to open a hole to another dimension (if such a thing is possible), where the ambiant energy level is lower (or higher). Energy would flow from one dimension to the other, making it usable.
    However, this could have some potentially catastrophic short or long term consequences because the level of zero-point energy is the foundation of many other things in physics, so changing it could mean the end of the world (for instance, turning normal matter unstable). Or maybe the initial hole would widen by itself and destroy the universe in a huge torrent of energy as the two worlds merge, among many other possible scenarios.

    Of course, it’s also possible that the effect would be negligible within the lifespan of the universe.

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