TI Vol 17 Chapter 6-2

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Zheng climbed up the ladder after he finished talking. The further he climbed, the further away he was from the rotten smell. In contrast, the smell of gunpowder flowed down from above.

Zheng carefully lifted the manhole cover then jumped up at once. Tiger’s Soul came out from the Na Ring. A white mist spread from the sword forming a seemingly tiger shape. The mist contracted and expanded at a frequency. Zheng confirmed the area was safe then put his sword back into the ring.

“Everyone come up. Doesn’t look like there are any enemies here. It’s just that…” Zheng stood on shattered concrete as he looked around.

This place was the aftermath of a battle. Houses were blasted from missiles. A pungent gun power smell floated in the air. Some of the houses were still smoking. The concrete ground was shattered.

Once the team climbed out of the sewer, Lan said hurriedly. “Zheng, there’s a fight going on over that way. Tens of robots are attacking a group of tanks. The tanks seem to be covering retreat for civilians. They are heading to the mountains outside the city. However, the robots’ firepower is too strong and there are only twenty tanks left.”

Zheng opened his mouth as though he was about to speak. Yet, he halted himself and turned to Xuan and HongLu. “Should I assist the human army? I don’t know if you have any plans in mind. I am going to save them. Stop me right now if you want to!”

Xuan shook his head. “I won’t stop you. The situation confirms the Decepticons have obtained the AllSpark and the plot altered. However, it looks like they haven’t had the AllSpark for long. Otherwise, humans wouldn’t be just retreating now… You will make the decision. You are the leader.”

Zheng then turned to HongLu. The little boy also nodded.

Zheng said. “Xuan, take the other Sky Stick. Bring Lan, HongLu, TengYi, YingKong, and ChengXiao. I will bring Kampa, WangXia, Zero, Gando, and Heng. You guys fly toward the direction of the retreat. Lan keep us connected. Remember not to attack the robots. Your powers aren’t effective at fighting them. Leave the robots to us!” He opened the storage bag and took out the Sky Sticks.

The Sky Sticks took off toward the battling area once everyone boarded the baskets. Lan spread out her psyche scan. Over a hundred robots occupied the city. The biggest ones were eighteen meters tall. Their huge bodies were striking. The smaller ones were six meters, still bigger than the Valkyrie. Agility and firepower were yet to be determined.

The number of tanks were decreasing as time passed. The tank cannons could not hit these agile robots while the missiles from the robots blasted the tanks apart. Only seven tanks remained, struggling to stay whole. A thousand troops were unloading their bullets without any pause. Yet, it was obvious that only anti tank missiles were powerful enough to damage the robots. Other guns did not leave more than a scratch on them. The fate of the troops were determined once all the tanks were gone.

Zheng shouted through Soul Link as he saw the situation becoming dire by the minute. “Gando! What are you waiting for!? Your robot is equipped with a Dragonshard. Sci-fi weapons can’t hurt you. And your Dragonshard is powered by the energy storage of the robot. It has much more energy than everyone else’s Dragonshard! Hurry over and test the power of those robots!”

Gando had started up his Valkyrie. Even the smallest of the Transformers was bigger than the Valkyrie. He knew Zheng was right. Staying behind and deferring was not a good option. If the humans died, he would get into trouble with Zheng and the others, especially Xuan… Gando gave a shout. A stream of electricity burst out from the robot and it sped ahead.

The tanks had nearly been wiped, only three was remaining but their efforts to survive were futile. The robots prepared themselves for another round of fire when one of them in the back was blasted. The explosion blasted it into a collapsed building nearly a hundred meters away and left a hole that covered its back.

Both humans and robots looked behind to see a jet flying over in lightning speed. The sight halted any cheers from the troops. Any robot that could transform into jets or tanks was a member of the Decepticon. The Autobots would take the form of cars. This newly arriving jet could likely be another addition to the Decepticons. Another robot would not make the situation much worse but despair had fallen on the troops.

Gando had entered the unlocked mode. He managed to have the reaction to fire a missile under than lightning speed. The process took less than a second from aiming to firing and the missile actually hit the target. The Valkyrie began to transform while still in the air. It entered Battroid mode and smashed toward a black robot with the inertia.

The black robot was quick in reaction. It raised its arms to defend before the Valkyrie approached. However, that was its limit. The Valkyrie wielded a progressive blade the moment it finished transformation. This was a weapon Gando exchanged after the Lord of the Rings.

The four meter blade pierced into the black robot’s chest. The Valkyrie then dragged it backward. The vibration shattered a hole in the robot’s chest, the weak spot of the Transformers depicted in the movie.

The rest of the robots were shocked at the scene. The Valkyrie flipped backward as the black robot exploded. Gando yelled. “This Valkyrie is created with Extra-Over Technology. It won’t have any problem flying out to space, not to mention your attacks! Come and die!”

Gando was still in the unlocked mode. The Valkyrie transformed to GERWALK mode when the black robot exploded, which allowed gliding over the ground. This provided faster movement speed than running or jumping. Blue lightning burst out from the robot’s back bringing its speed beyond what the bare eyes could capture. The progressive blade sliced through the legs of multiple robots. These robots collapsed at once.

Still, these robots weren’t powerless beings. Dozens of missiles flew at the Valkyrie as soon as it stopped. Gando immediately jumped and transformed into Fighter mode then flew off. A series of explosions occurred behind him. The shockwaves were so intense they trembled his flight.

“Ah! An Autobot! He’s our aid. God! The Autobots haven’t been wiped. We still have hope!” A troop stood out and cried in excitement.

The rest of the troops also cheered. Many fired their anti tank missiles at the robots closing on the Valkyrie, although these missiles weren’t effective.

Gando was becoming irritated from being chased by the robots. He attempted to enter melee range in Battroid mode but the bullets and missiles deflected him. The robots also had a particle bullet that could shake the Dragonshard barrier. It felt as though it would rip the barrier apart. The stored Qi in the Valkyrie was dropping extremely fast.

That was not to say the Valkyrie was weak in a ranged battle. Its missiles struck over a dozen robots in the chest and turned them into junk. Though the remaining twenty robots learned to dodge as soon as he fired any missiles.

“Gando! We are here!” A Sky Stick approached and with it came Zheng and the rest of the party. Their speed was slower than the Valkyrie. Pah! Following the cry, a force pierced through a robot and brought it back tens of meters before it exploded. This was the power of the Gauss sniper rifle.

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