TI Vol 17 Chapter 6-1

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The team opened their eyes from that familiar dreamy state to discover they were in a dark sewer. Rotten and unpleasant smell struck them from every direction. Rats were running outside their perimeter. Lan screamed at once but quickly covered her mouth.

“It’s fine. The plot hasn’t started yet. We are safe.” Zheng chuckled. He knocked on the invisible wall and they were indeed isolated from the world.

Zheng turned around and looked to Xuan. “You awake? What were you doing in these ten days that you only came out at the last two minutes?”

Xuan frowned. He observed around. “Making something.”

“Making something? What thing?” Zheng was curious. He looked over Xuan from top to bottom. “Where is it? Why don’t I see you carry anything? And did you craft any mithril rings? Don’t waste the chance since we have so much mithril.”

Xuan nodded. “To make a pair of glasses that stores Qi, converts Qi to electricity, converts electricity to psyche force, and contains a hypnotizing function. The result looks good. Help me store some Qi in it.” He took off his glasses and threw them over to Zheng.

Zheng felt a noticeable weight from the glasses. He channeled Qi into them and asked. “Why didn’t you bring it to me a few days ago? We are starting our battle today. We shouldn’t spend Qi so easily…” He suddenly heard HongLu spoke.

HongLu also observed around like Xuan did. “Xuan, don’t you feel strange? If we are in the sewer, I think there’s only one likely scenario.”

The rest of the team looked at him in confusion. Xuan gave him a deep look before speaking. “Yes. If we are in the sewer, a certain scenario is very likely.”

Zheng immediately clapped his hands. “Hey! Don’t the two of you speak in riddles. We have two strategist in the team not to let you act profound. You have to tell the team the truth. Hurry, what’s the case right now?”

HongLu twirled his hair. “Uh. It’s in regard to the time of this world we entered on. The Transformers world depicted the story of the Cybertronian race comes to Earth in search of their most important source of energy and the battle between Autobots and Decepticons. There aren’t many big battles in the first half of the movie. Aside from the Decepticons’s attack on the military base in the beginning, the world is pretty safe. Judging by the dirty condition of the sewer and it’s complexity, we are probably not in the military base. Which means we are not in the beginning of the movie.”

Zheng continued asking, still confused. “And? Just because of where we entered?”

HongLu shook his head. He pulled a strand of hair and played with it. “The key isn’t about our location but the protection God gives us. Have you noticed that God nearly always start us in a safe location in addition to the invisible wall. The one or two times God altered difficulties are the exception where we were in danger in the beginning. So I think we are in danger. Therefore, God put us in the sewer instead of anywhere inside the city.”

The rest of the team looked to each other. Gando said. “Then do you mean we entered near the end of the movie? A battle is coming up soon and we will return after fighting the robots?”

“I am afraid not…” HongLu frowned. “It’s perhaps worse.”

Zheng quickly looked at his watch. It displayed: Obtain and hold the AllSpark for one hour or destroy the AllSpark. Then return to God’s Dimension. So the mission for this world revolved around the AllSpark.

“There doesn’t seem to be any problem as long as we follow along the plot. The Autobots aren’t as strong as the Decepticons but they can hold for a while. We will just seize the AllSpark while they hold.” Zheng said as he looked at the watch.

Xuan suddenly said. “No new members in this movie. The mission difficulty is at twelve people or lower. This corresponds to one of the possible difficulties I anticipated. Transformers might not be so simple.”

The team looked confused. Xuan and HongLu seemed to be the only ones understanding the situation. HongLu said. “I speculate we are not in the timeline of the plot.”

“Not in the timeline of the plot? Then where?”

“After the end. Furthermore, it’s not the end of the original plot. This is a plot where the Decepticons obtained the AllSpark.” HongLu breathed out.

A silence fell upon the team. Everyone carefully studied the movie before they entered the world. Two things painted the deepest impressions in the movie, the power of the Transformer race and the unique function of the AllSpark, which could create Transformers from any mechanical object. Even a radio would become a Transformer upon contact with the AllSpark’s power.

In the movie, the two factions of Transformers came to Earth in search of the AllSpark that fell into the planet. The Autobots desired peace with humans while the Decepticons wanted to create Transformers in order to annihilate humans. If the ending of the movie was altered and the Decepticons obtained the AllSpark… the human race would be in dire danger.

The ground trembled. Zheng reached for the side after the trembling stopped. “The plot has begun. Let’s leave the sewer first. We have to climb up and see no matter what timeline we are in. This smell is unpleasant.”

Lan frowned and said. “There’s a gathering area for waste water over that way… Hurry, there are a lot of…” She started running before she finished talking.

The team was confused but everyone followed after her. HongLu summoned a hound with a level one magic. He mounted on the hound and ran along with the team. As they made a turn, they saw a tunnel for waste water filled with corpses. The dead bodies piled up one on top of another and floated in the water. There were over a hundred dead bodies just in this one tunnel. None of these bodies looked intact. It was as though they were blasted from explosions.

Everyone’s expressions turned tense as they watched and Lan even threw up. No one had any word in response. The scene screamed a slaughter of humans. Transformers took place in the twenty first century and in the U.S. If there were mass slaughter of humans in this country, then either World War 3 had started… or the Transformers were killing humans.

Zheng’s face looked pale. “Let’s go up first no matter what the situation is. Get your weapons ready. WangXia and Kampa offer heavy fire support. Zero snipe the Transformers in the air. Xuan, you haven’t fully grasped the Lambda Driver yet, so don’t use your power for now. Heng offer ranged fire support. YinKong and ChengXiao protect everyone. And Gando. You have the most combat strength and flexibility in this movie. It might be dangerous since your robot is a large target but I hope you can fight with all your have, whether it is covering for us or offensively… Make use of your Valkyrie!”

Gando nodded, although he still seemed a little hesitant. The Transformers in the movie weren’t weak. They were much more powerful than helicopters, tanks, and other human weapons. He only nodded but didn’t say anything in reply.

Zheng naturally felt Gando’s attitude. He couldn’t bother saying anything more. He took the lead and headed toward a passageway. Zheng was usually nice but this was a movie world they were in. Everyone could die the next second… As the leader of team China, he had to be responsible for the survival of the team!

They made several turns and finally found a ladder leading up. Zheng touched the Dragonshard necklace on his chest and said. “Don’t panic if you get attacked. This is a sci-fi world and we have the Dragonshard necklace, which means we begin off with an upper hand. Just don’t lose your cool. The Dragonshard can block off quite a few attacks from sci-fi weapons… Then, let’s go up! And see the time we are at!”

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    1. 中文:事实上这是一个拥有较多人物的故事,并且每个人物刻画得都相当生动。
      英文:In fact, this is a story with a lot of characters, and every character is quite vivid。

  1. I bet Gando can pose as a Transformer, maybe even join the Decepticons as a spy. Valkirie can transform into Jet mode and Robot mode, not counting the fact that most Decepticons can fly.
    I just hope he is willing enough to take the risk.

    1. Look into my eyes. Focus only on the sound of my voice. You feel yourself becoming tired. So very tired. Your eyelids are growing heavier and heavier. Stop reading at 12 in the morning and go to bed.

  2. Let me explain. Maybe Transformers 4 will be released in 2017. But this book is 2007-2009 years, China should be released Transformers 1 film when the author wrote TI, so this should be Transformers 1 movie.The next episode is the author’s imagination (I think it’s very good)

  3. The decepticons wanted the allspark to kill all the humans? Why? It seems a pretty useless endeavor to take and pretty pety one also… To the decepticons, a mechanical race that its even able of interstellar transportation, the humans are nothing but a weak race in the middle of nowhere, if they just wanted to kill them after obtaining the allspark just by they being villians, by amusement’s sake, etc. Then there wouldnt be problem, but to want the allspark just to kill them instead of, i dont know, conquering Cybertron… it seems off and a complete waste of time and of a powerful object.

    1. I was also wondering about that matter, I know very little about Transformers, and the way that sentence was phrased just makes the Decepticons seem needlessly petty.

      However, after digging around a bit, I found what I think is a legit answer:
      the Decepticons promise to bring no war against the human population in exchange that the Autobots must leave Earth.
      Basically, they hold the Earth as an ultimatum to prevent humanity from aiding the Autobots, and use humanity as a hostage to pose as a tool against the Autobots.

  4. Honestly, I can’t say I appreciate how this movie started out. Xuan and Honglu’s deductions seem to come seemingly out of nothing, and it takes off any tension the movie could start with, thanks to the unknown, by completely foretelling the “twist” the author had in mind.
    “We’re in an underground infrastructure within a city…That can only mean one thing…All hell went loose above ground, and the plot has changed and all humanity is nigh extinct!”
    Jesus, dude. Even if both of them are correct (which they most likely are), it once again just seems like they are reading the answers straight out of the script, rather than actually have proper deductions. One of the things, in particular, Xuan is missing is any form of self-doubt or caution with his words when it comes to giving such obvious foreshadowing.

    I mean, there’s a huge difference between: “The plot has changed. Humanity is fighting as we speak!”,
    and: “I think the plot has changed, we may encounter a scenario much more awful than what we saw in the movie…”
    It may seem like a small matter, but starting out the movie by completely shattering the tension an unknown scenario gives, just seems to be in bad taste.

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