TI Vol 17 Chapter 5-2

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Zheng’s departure and return happened in an instant to the rest of the team. He disappeared then reappeared in the blink of an eye. Only the details on his body changed, such as his clothes and expression.

“Haha. Super yields from this trip.” He laughed out loud as soon as he came back. The others remained in the same postures as when he left. Everyone was giving him weird looks.

“… There anything on my body?” Zheng stopped laughed and asked awkwardly.

“No, nothing major… It’s just weird. Imagine someone very seriously told you he’s going to train for some time at another place. You just saw him off at the airport and the next second he jumped off the plane laughing and yelling super yields from the trip.” HongLu pinched the hair in front of his forehead and laughed.

“It does sound weird.”

Everyone was pleasantly surprised when Zheng brought out the big bag of energy stones. They all knew Zheng traded a rune word formation that increased recovery rate from the other teams. So many energy stones would allow them to use the formation without any worry.

After the excitement, the team began their preparations for the next movie. They could also relax a bit in the remaining six days. Everyone had a lot of points left so they could choose what to do with the points, having a vacation in another world or spent time in their basements. Zheng did not have the mood for much recreation as he was the leader. He spent most of his time readjusting himself when he was not accompanying Lori. There was not much leisure time for him when there were the fourth stage, the refined Qi, the eight flags, and the dangerous Tiger’s Soul to deal with.

The other members were quite free aside from a few individuals. The ex-soldiers, ChengXiao, Kampa, and WangXia, did not require as much training due to using sci-fi weapons. Furthermore, they were excellent soldiers to begin with. They had a fixed schedule for training and then spent their time relaxing.

HongLu, TengYi, and Gando were normal people back in the real world. Despite having the talents, they did not have the knowledge to properly train themselves. So they did as much as they could to improve upon what they were good at.

Since the team could not gift anymore ranked rewards, they only helped TengYi raise his physical stats and injected him with dragon blood and the prototype T virus. He did not have get any abilities or special enhancements. So everyday, he grabbed a Gatling gun and target practice.

Zero, YinKong and Heng belonged to the group that desired to grow with every bit of effort. They were all determined and trained day and night until they were injured. After a heal from God, they would dive into training again. The Mystic Eyes of Death Perception and YinKong and Heng’s new abilities needed the time and energy to practice.

Lan and Xuan belonged to neither of the three groups of people mentioned. Psyche force was beyond the team’s understanding. No one knew how to improve it. Lan was therefore forced to relax. As for Xuan… everyone knew he was doing his strange things but no one knew what they were.

Time slowly flowed. “Three days left…”

YinKong gazed at the ruined basement. The previous attack destroyed the place. Similar to the basement was her body, which was filled with wounds. She dragged herself to the stairs leading up, leaving a trail of blood behind. On a careful inspection, one of her arm was torn open from the center.

YinKong seemed as though she had no sense of pain. Only when her arm occasionally hit the wall did she frowned a little. She spent a lot of effort climbing to the first floor of her room. She pushed the door open then stopped on the platform. “Complete heal.” A beam shone down on her.

(This ability… is many times more powerful than The Shining Air Wave. No one can dodge it easily, whether it is Zheng’s clone or him… There will be no problem with this ability!)

YinKong let out a sigh of relief after the heal completed. She was determined and strong willed but her body was still that of humans. How could she really not feel any pain? She merely hid all the pain and weakness deep in her heart. She would only express her soft side when no one else was around.

“Let’s go back. Another movie is coming the day after tomorrow. There’s still a quarter left to the novel Terror Infinity… I can rest for a day and finish the novel.” She muttered to herself then lowered her head and walked back to her room.

It seemed to be an unwritten rule that the day before entering a movie was a rest day in order to avoid being exhausted after they entered. So this was the last day of their training. Everyone put in as much effort as they could.

Heng was training equally hard. He might be weak and feared close range combat and blood but he had the perseverance during training. His fingers, palms, and even elbows became injured everyday. Fortunately, God’s heals were extremely potent so that he wasn’t destroying his body with the intensity from practicing the newly learned Lightning Shot and 3-arrow explosive shot.

Heng lay on the ground and breathed heavily. The silver bow lay near him. He obtained 300 energy stones to use as arrows since Zheng brought back so many energy stones. Each rank D energy stones could form a hundred energy arrows when he placed it on the bow, turning his bow into a laser machine gun. Heng also discovered he could combine this technique with Lightning Shot.

He tried to raise his arm, yet his right arm was broken. The bones were completely fractured. The arm was ruin if he did not have a heal from God. However, the wound he paid to test his new ability was totally worth!

Heng took a deep breath as he gazed over the craters on the ground that covered an area of 1 kilometer. The power of this ability exceeded his expectation. It would definitely become the deciding factor of battle. He firmly believed it. Now the question was how to get up. His other arm was dislocated too.

While Heng was troubling over how to get up, the other team members were fighting their own battles. WangXia stood inside the basement with his eyes closed. He was holding a faintly glowing globe. An indefinite length of time passed. When he opened his eyes, it felt as though he was grasping onto something. He threw the thing off and then an explosion occurred fifty meters away. The explosion blasted a boulder several meters big. WangXia slapped his hands on the ground. A lively being moved underground toward another boulder. Their collision resulted in an explosion even bigger than the first one, blasting the boulder to pieces.

“Two times. I don’t have enough Yao energy. Can only use them twice… I will try again after the energy recovered. The tracking bomb with wings doesn’t seem bad. I will test it next.” WangXia returned to standing there without moving.

Kampa was exercising in bed with a certain blonde woman. Zero was holding a little girl and reading a fairy tale book. ChengXiao… also exercising in bed with a girl. Xuan’s room echoed with the sounds of machineries and gears. He was pressing buttons with a crazed look. Zheng was fishing in the basement with Lori. Lan was cooking in her room while humming a song. HongLu and the mature woman were…

The tenth day arrived before long. Team China came to the platform and soon the beams descended along with God’s voice.

“Enter the beam within thirty seconds. Target locked: Transformers. Teleportation begins.”

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  2. Well, time for the moment of truth; do the One Ring and the energy stones count towards their theoretical ‘point values’. Heck, have they lived through enough movies since their last wipe to have the difficulty amped up again? find out next time on Terror Infinity!

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  4. “Let’s go back. Another movie is coming the day after tomorrow. There’s still a quarter left to the novel Terror Infinity… I can rest for a day and finish the novel.” She muttered to herself then lowered her head and walked back to her room.


    1. I assumed that was sort of a jab from the author about the length of the story we’re reading, and / or the story we are reading, was actually written by Yinkong. It’s not an outrageous idea at this point in time, although seemingly a bit pointless as it was inserted so off-handedly.
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