TI Vol 17 Chapter 3-2

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Would one really succeed as long as one firmly believed in it? Such power could only be described with idealistic. However, the destructive of the power was in fact displayed in front of everyone. Could a human survive the same force that caused destruction on the wall?

Without a doubt, immense power represented similarly huge burden on the user. The power required having absolutely no doubt with the attack and dropped the user’s mental stamina to an extremely low level. Fortunately, team China did not have to worry too much about this because they exchanged a new rune word formation through the other two teams. The formation could convert electricity to psyche energy, while they could convert Qi into electricity. The key to using these rune words was mithril, which they also obtained a large quantity from the Lord of the Rings. They reaped great profit in terms of psyche energy. The only problem that remained was how to increase the belief and faith.

Kampa and ChengXiao believed that the more hot tempered and simple minded a person was, the more they could reach into the potential of the power of faith. However, such people were also more easily to hesitate and doubt their attacks. When that happened, they would fail to even initiate this ability. Xuan’s calm personality provided stability to this ability. And in a certain sense, he basically would not doubt himself.
Anyway, the power of faith had both advantages and disadvantages. In order to perfectly utilize this power, he had to craft a bunch of items. First were two to three mithril rings to store Qi. Then a mini converter that turned Qi into electricity. And another one that turned electricity to psyche energy. These items must be portable in order be useful, which added more complexity to their designs. These items would consume Xuan’s time.

Once Xuan’s power of faith was settled, Zheng planned to revive TengYi. Somehow, Xuan requested to revive TengYi through him. Which meant that he would bear the past of TengYi.

(This is actually a great idea. He doesn’t possess feelings. Then let him feel what others had experienced. The separation of life and death touches one’s heart the deepest. Too bad we forgot to let him bear these experiences when we revived so many people.) Zheng agreed after a moment of thinking. TengYi’s revival only required a small amount of points. It wasn’t anything Xuan couldn’t afford. He took over the Book of Amun-Ra then stood under God.

Xuan’s mind connected with God. Soon, a beam of light appeared next to him and along with it was TengYi. Xuan showed an expression of confusion then he contemplated.

“How’s it? Have you felt any feelings?” Zheng immediately asked. “TengYi is a good man. He used to be a tomb raider but he isn’t nefarious… Xuan, you all right?”

Xuan’s expression subsided. He breathed out and said. “I will go test the Lambda Driver. I have a feeling this ability still has great potential to be excavated. And the feeling I felt from TengYi…” He did not finish then turned around and walked to his room.

The rest of the team looked confused. Something strange obviously happened to Xuan based on his actions. He seemed urgent but his face remained so indifferent, lacking any emotions. So, no one could tell what happened to him. They watched as he ran back to his room.

The team woke TengYi up. His mind was still back at the time of their team battle in The Mummy against team India. He obviously hadn’t caught up with the reality. Zheng explained a lot before he realized he had been dead for a long long time. He returned to this world by being revived.

Zheng slapped his shoulder and said. “Give it your best. There’s no more revival if you die again. Don’t worry. We obtained a lot of points and rewards in the last movie. We have enough to get you enhancements. There’s also a dragonshard necklace for each member and we can get you some defensive equipment. We won’t be stingy to a bro.”

TengYi looked over at everyone here. Some of them he didn’t even know. But he was experienced enough to tell that all these people were much stronger than him. He smiled bitterly. “The gap between everyone and me has become so wide. There’s probably no chance for me to catch up.”

Zheng laughed. “Nope. How could the bros not help you? We are fighting together once more. This time, we will all leave this realm together, and back to the real world together!”

The original members were basically gathered after TengYi’s revival. The only one missing was that bold man who couldn’t be revived. When Zheng occasionally saw the cigarette butt he left behind, he felt rather down. Zhang Jie was the only one who couldn’t revive. God had taken away this right from him since the beginning because he was also a Guide.

“Now we are going to exchange our enhancements and items. We obtained a lot of points in the previous movie. However, only Heng, YinKong, Zero and I obtained ranked rewards. YinKong already exchanged an ability for Xuan. For the three of us, Zero doesn’t have enough for himself. The Mystic Eyes of Death Perception needs at least a rank A reward to evolve to the next stage. I advise that you save your ranked rewards for now. You can spend the points for the next level Gauss bullets. The next movie is Transformers, a sci-fi movie. We are going to need the firepower from you. Save the ranked rewards, enhance your physical stats and exchange a bunch of bullets.”

Zheng then turned to the others. “You can also do the same as Zero. We all have at least several thousand points. Get some physical stats and sci-fi weapons or grenades. You can also save some points for when you get the rewards to spend them. Then you can exchange various enhancements.

Heng, I think you should get the Lightning Elven Archer bloodline. It upgrades your Wind Elven Archer bloodline for just a rank B reward. I feel it’s worth it. You should exchange some stats for TengYi with the remaining points and rewards.

YinKong, you can also upgrade The Shining bloodline and get some items you think would be useful. Save any remaining points and rewards so you can help other members after the next movie.”

Zheng then laughed and said. “And now HongLu. Your enhancement is a connection to the Weave. You can only contact the low levels of the Weave. I need a rank A reward to upgrade Tiger’s Soul. I can help you level up your magic enhancement with the remaining ranked rewards. I know you need a lot of points to exchange magics after having the enhancement. Haha. The thing I got the most from the Lord of the Rings is points. We have revived all our members. We will only need to spend our points to exchange enhancements and save them for the return to the real world from now on. Don’t worry about the exchanges. I can get you a lot of magic, like we can get the super lightning array Saruman used. Haha.”

Zheng was very happy. All the members aside from Jie was revived. But there was nothing he could do about Jie. This completed one of his wishes. He also had never gotten such a large amount of points and ranked rewards. Compared to the poor days, he felt like he could take on any movie world. He was aware this wasn’t a good feeling to have as it might lead to him underestimating the enemies. However, he wanted to relax occasionally.

(I wonder if we can farm points in Transformers. The movie shouldn’t be too difficult based on the plot. AllSpark might be a quest item that possessed infinite amount of energy. We must get it in our hands. Our members have become strong. We have sci-fi items, magic, weapons. It can’t be that Megatron is stronger than me. Hope we can relax a bit in the next movie.)

“I am going to exchange… God, give me the tier A Tiger’s Soul.”

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  1. Why do I feel like they jinxed it saying Transformers will be easy? Look what happened to Jurassic Park… And it’s so easy to scale up Transformers too… I mean, the second movie had a sun eater…

  2. Why did the author change the name of Heng’s mutation. Its Elf Archer, not Wind Archer. He never controlled the wind.

    Don’t mind upgrading sword, but I want to see the mutation upgrade.

    Why is it that they don’t ever go back to train? Save up to return to the real world? Go train and mske so abilities. Use the mask as well!

    1. I think it has to do something with his level 4 of control that makes spending on normal mutation a lil bit useless…

      They never go back to train because it cost like hell mostly and points need to be spend in order to help TengYi and HongLu. And i dont know how much they all have points. It is hard to keep up with it all numbers now.

      1. I wouldn’t think so. The fourth stage is where you can use enhancements at 100%. Basically, like self created powers. Destruction still destroys his body, went from a 10 second limit to 30 seconds, so a higher mutation should help. He’s only focusing on energy.

    2. If Zheng upgrades his enhancements any more, the team rating will have a huge leap and they’ll be easily wiped on the next movie because God adjusts the difficulty based on team rating. Actually, just upgrading tiger-soul will already increase the team value.

      1. It goes up anyway. The thing about saving points and rewards is hard is because God keeps increasing difficulty with each survival and victory. If not not one should enhance. There’s also team battles. God won’t just match you with weak teams just because you don’t enhance.

        1. Enhancing is just one of the ways to get stronger. It has already been said that items and enhancements obtained thru quests doesn’t increase your strength rating, same with self-created abilities. That’s why LoTR wasn’t that much difficult even with team celestial being there. Same with RE: Apocalypse, where God increased a lot the difficulty when Team China was easily killing the zombies; yet when Clone Zheng appeared and practically banished all the zombies with his power, the difficult level didn’t raise further.

          1. I agree, but with new enhancements you can create new powers and skill.

            A B rank sword skill, can be turned into a A tier or higher skill. Red Flame could be used for the gold Red Flame if he put in the effort. Zheng’s nameless movement technique doesn’t even help him anymore, especially in Destruction, so he needs to get one with a name and improve upon it. He wants a stylish technique, but never puts in the cost or effort to make one.

          2. I cannot begin to even explain how much irritated and frustrated I am at Zheng’s incapability to listen to his own words and put them to practice. They have a lot of points right now, so why not spend at least 1,000 to go back to LOTR and train his 4th stage? Gain some more items? Whatnot?

            One of the major drawbacks of Terror Infinity, is that it does not want to “waste time” on anything that is not directly “the story”. Even though it makes perfect sense for Zheng to go and train himself, or for the team to go to LOTR to grind some rewards and points (especially since it’s 10 points per day right now, instead of 50) — it would not be “interesting” for the audience to go through something so banal, and I’m sure everyone here are already tired of repeating old movies (resident evil, mummy.)
            Terror Infinity just tends to feel like it tries to rush ahead, that it can’t be bothered with some details and plot routes because it “wouldn’t be interesting”, even though it makes perfect logical sense to do so. I feel like if it were a web-novel, it would at least not be so stressed out with its schedule.

  3. why they didn’t come back to LOTR to rest and farming (point & ranked reward)? didn’t they only need small amount of point to get back to previous world? unlike any other world that need much much more point (i forgot how much point…)

    1. Points need to be spend in order to help TengYi and HongLu i think. It is small amount like 10 points. Author probably dont want a lot of the books depicting them going back a lot or something. But rly HongLU could go back and learn magic from Gandalf!

      1. That’s pretty much that. His books would sell for less if half of it would be about ‘yet another arc of revisiting old movies’, and I doubt anyone wants to see LOTR again after 30+ something long chapters of it.
        While it makes perfect sense for the characters, as people, to go back — story-wise, it’s counter intuitive. It’s possibly one of the most visible drawbacks of this story.

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