TI Vol 17 Chapter 3-1

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Who would have thought the first thing HongLu did after being revived was to challenge Xuan? Zheng knew HongLu was intelligent but he always felt HongLu was still a bit behind Xuan. The way of thinking and a person’s intelligence were important but equally so were composure and experience. There was basically no one who could beat Xuan on these two traits.

(But… it’s good if we can ocassionally see Xuan get embarassed. Not much hope but HongLu could probably create some obstacles for him. It’s not the best feeling when he always gets the spotlight.) Zheng gave HongLu glances of encouragement. However, HongLu recognized his circumstance and didn’t say anything provoking afterward. He chuckled as he asked Zheng what happened after Resident Evil.

The team stayed in The Mummy for three days. There wasn’t anything else important in this trip. What they received from Jonathan was merely a message. It didn’t mention much about the treasure from China. This kind of bonus missions required too much effort. After a short discussion, the team decided to ignore it for now. Things might change the next time they return to this world after the next movie.

Everyone rested well in these three days. Xuan displayed his invincible fishing skill. They bought and tasted precious wines. ChengXiao searched for the pyro-woman of Egypt to no avail… Everyone felt lazy and out of energy after the battle in the Lord of the Rings. They took this opportunity to rest and regain stamina in preparation for the next movie.

In these three days, Zheng gained a little experience with energy condensation using infinitesimal control. This wasn’t God’s dimension so he didn’t dare to practice in large amount of energy. He condensed the energy a little bit at a time then stored them in various parts of the body. As the genes at those areas acclimated to the condensed energy, the energy became stable with no sign of exploding.

Though storing condensed energy in his body felt like storing bombs. One slip of the mind and he would get blasted. Well, he couldn’t maintain the fourth stage at all times.

“Speaking of which, the two bat wings that grew from my back during the peak of the fight, could they be the genes from my ancestors? Are they gigantic bats or vampiric creatures?” Zheng thought maliciously. Then he remembered another fact that dropped his mood. When he encountered his clone in Resident Evil, he saw those bat wings on his clone the whole time. Would that mean his clone could maintain the fourth stage indefinitely? “If that’s the case, his power startling. I wonder how long will it take to catch up to his steps… or my own steps.”

Three days quickly passed. The team returned to God’s dimension. HongLu immediately saw the woman he created… A woman much older than him. As he embraced her, ChengXiao whistled, making the woman blush.

Zheng gave ChengXiao a pat on the shoulder. Then laughed. “I am going to revive TengYi. Our team is basically complete… The next time we meet that team is the time we take revenge!”

“That’s also the case.” Xuan didn’t pay much attention to what he said. He brought out a little notebook. “These are the abilities of our team members and their best enhancement paths. There are also their rewards, points, and the amount they could gift to other members. This is what we should focus on. Revenge and the like can wait until you become experienced with energy condensation.”

Zheng had no words in reply. He took the notebook and looked over the detailed list of information. “It’s detailed but why don’t I see your information? I don’t know how many points you have but you give me the feeling that you aren’t planning to become too strong. That’s not good. You should also exchange some abilities. Based on this data, YinKong can gift a rank A reward and 10000 points. Why don’t you let her get you that ability?”

Xuan was surprised. He couldn’t guess what Zheng was thinking of and asked. “That ability? Which ability?”

“Lambda Driver!” Zheng sounded certain. “It’s a device. God can insert the exchange into your brain and form its support structure using your brain cells. The force that powers this device is willpower. The stronger your faith is, the more force you can use to power this device. You can attack at will and defend at will.”

Xuan frowned. He pondered over it. “This isn’t logical… The technology and magic we encountered up to this point can in some way be explained with science. However, that doesn’t apply to this device. Even if we were to attempt an analysis using the quantum theory…”

“Stop. Stop.” Zheng interrupted him. “I don’t know about quantum theory but one thing is certain. If you can exchange it from God, then it should exist. We have encountered things as mythical as Xiuzhen. An ability that uses willpower as its source of energy wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. Anyway, you must get the enhancement. Even if you don’t use it offensively, it’s good for defense. It’s decided then. YinKong, please. One rank A reward and 8000 points. Get Lambda Driver for Xuan.”

Xuan was about to open his mouth but YinKong seemed to be prepared. She went over to God and connected her mind. Xuan stopped trying to say anything and stood there.

(It’s a tier A ability. You’ve used us as test subjects so let’s use you to test this ability this time. The description looks powerful. However, its placing a device in the brain feels weird.) Zheng smiled at Xuan.

After YinKong finished, a beam shot down on Xuan, lifting him off the platform. Once he floated up several meters, the beam focused on his brain. After quite some time, Xuan slowly descended.

“How’s the ability? Is it powerful?” Zheng immediately asked after Xuan landed. However, he realized his question was too quick. No one could tell the power of the ability right after exchanging.

Xuan glanced at him. He shook his arms and legs then slid the pistols out from his sleeves and put them back. He repeated these actions a few times then walked to his room. The rest of the team looked at each other. They all followed Xuan to his room.

Xuan’s room was clean. Not that it lacked things. The floor was filled with little tools and instruments. However, there were barely any furnitures or decorations. Xuan walked into the basement. The others saw large machineries and instruments there. No one knew how many points Xuan spent on these things. No wonder he never exchanged any enhancements or abilities.

“This reminds me that we still have the precious metals from the Lord of the Rings. They can craft a lot of rings or something else. Hoho. They are equivalent to so many points.” Zheng said as he walked. He also sighed to himself. Xuan still did not possess any feelings, at least when it came to lifestyle. He was too plain that it felt like a piece of white paper.

The team accompanied Xuan to a wall in the basement. The wall was formed by a thick white metal. On the surface were remnants of bullet shots and other destructive traces. They could tell it was used for Xuan’s weapon testing. Everyone knew Xuan was going to test his ability.

He put on a strange device that covered his eyes. About a minute later, he took off the device. There was a sense of sharpness in his eyes that was rarely seen from him, as though it bestowed feelings to him.

Before Zheng got a chance to take another look at Xuan’s eyes, the two Gauss pistols slid out of his sleeves. As Xuan pulled the triggers, Zheng could see a seemingly existing wave of energy came upon Xuan’s hands and pistols. The energy wave blocked the bullets for just an instant then the bullets flew away.

Bang! The loud sound caused pain to their ears and made them a little dizzy. After the team recovered, what they saw on the wall was a hole twenty meters in depth and fifty meters in diameter. The Gauss bullets caused such destructiveness.

“Not possible to maintain this power at all times.” Xuan’s eyes returned normal. He said calmly. “Only the first shot after hypnosis possesses exceptional faith. I can destroy the wall. I created this room with metal walls that are thirty meters thick. So this shot carried my belief… However, this is only hypnosis. The hypnosis breaks off after I bestowed my faith to the first attack and I no longer have the faith to use this ability.”

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    1. But it’s powered on will power. It doesn’t really have to be faith, it can be belief. For instance, Xuan can focus on the scientific part of it, and since it’s all logic and science, his belief in it will be concrete, like how you absolutely know ice would melt in heat.

    2. It being a faith weapon, maybe not super-practical combat wise, but perhaps it has super potential meta-wise and meta-meta-wise; it gives direction and incentive, and perhaps may even become the catalyst for Xuan to start reaching towards his lost emotions and growing further as a person, which not only helps move the story along, but also plays into the the ideology expressed every since the revivals started: that you can’t catch-up/grow without sacrifice and risk, here it could be taken that Zheng is investing points and ranked rewards in order to teach/prod Xuan, a person with no natural fear of death, into evolving to the next stage.

      …Or it could just be a lazy writer’s way of getting rid of 10k pts and a ranked reward. You decide.

    3. I read a description of the Lambda Driver (from “Full Metal Panic”) and it seems to be powered by emotions. So this is basically the worst piece of gear they could give Xuan, unless he manages to gain emotions.

  1. A tier abilities are just monstrous, but not the pure energy and mutations unless one has unlocked very high and trained himself. Only other A tier ability I recall is the spirit snake of the monk and Excalibur beam of the guy.

  2. Why do bat wings have to do with his ancestors or fourth stage? He first saw them as he enhanced. If Zheng got werewolf, would he still have bat wings? Makes no sense.

    1. The bat wings doesn’t have anything to do with genetic enhancements from god. When entering the 4th stage it awakens 90% of the hibernating genes in a person and the strongest genes merging with the person’s original genes, strongest genes being that of saints or their ancient enemies. When Zheng was fighting Luo YingLong, YingLong mention from fighting Zheng’s clone he determined that Zheng’s ancestors were not saints but monsters. It is why when he enters the 4th stage he gets overwhelmed with a fierce desire to kill everyone around him. Zheng was speculating if the genes he has that are being awakened are from some type of giant bat monster or a vampire due to him and his clone growing wings.

      1. Did you forget when they first appeared? It was when he was only at Second Stage and enhanced vampire to B rank Count. Zheng would also say his clone’s bat wings were a sign of his high level mutation.

        It wouldn’t make much sense if like I said he got another mutation. I won’t say the author won’t go the direction of bat wings equal ancestors, but its messy.

    2. Yea I’m pretty sure those wings are from the vampire enhancement : genetic material inserted by god, not dormant genetic material. If he can grow those wings with the 4th stage, that means he doesn’t have to buy the higher tier enhancement though, so that’s good.

  3. damn, not only he take the ring away from yinkong… now he made her spent A-rank reward and 8000 point just because he wan to revenge against Xuan scheming. He should have let them buy enhancement for themselves, everyone is just first stage n weak compare to other teams #><

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