TI Vol 17 Chapter 2-1

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“Energy conversion, huh…”

A near infinite amount of energy existed in our planet and in space. Our science was advance enough to provide an explanation for the various types of energy. Kinetic energy, electromagnetic radiation, photon energy. The space seemed devoid of everything but hidden unseen was energy that we did not have access to, at least at our current technological level. We could not make use of the vast amount of energy that controlled the universe yet.

Zheng had always felt his Qi and Blood Energy absorbed energy from air and space. How else could a human body produce such large amount of energy from just food? The energy absorbed varied depending on the type of technique and the person’s body. His Qi used to be diluted but it was now dense. The Blood Energy also became increasingly corrosive as he grew stronger. All in all, Qi and Blood Energy were energies of different attributes. It was due to their contrasting attributes that produced Explosion and Destruction, which allowed Zheng to achieve what he had now.

Zheng pondered as he held the One Ring in his hand. To be honest, he wasn’t quite sure about the usage of the ring. The description didn’t make it that useful. Energy conversion. So what if the energy was converted to another form? Not like he was going to convert Qi or Blood Energy to the same form of energy, unless he didn’t want to use Explosion and Destruction anymore.

Xuan looked at him with contempt. He sneered. “Your thoughts are naive. Is that all you can think of? Your own energy?”

Zheng asked curiously. “Aside from myself? Like focus Qi and Blood Energy on the ring to create a Destruction bomb? Or what else? How can I know if you don’t say anything?”

“Such as energy refinement. It is also a form of conversion.” Xuan stared at the One Ring with a hint of fanaticism. “To give you an analogy using Wuxia and Xianxia stories and legends from China. When one trains and condenses his Qi to crystalized form, he reaches Jindan. This kind of method is likely to cause a self explosion. However, you can use it to refine your Qi and Blood Energy. You no longer have to exchange higher tier Qi and Blood Energy as long as you have the ring. You can refine your energy then store them in your body or in the rings. This is the simplest method…”

Zheng felt a little scared seeing the fanaticism from Xuan’s eyes. “And? What else?”

“As an energy concentrator!” The fanaticism was truly showing itself this time. “Concentrate the energy from laser gun or laser cannon then condense the energy through the ring before releasing it. That power… We should just use this ring as a concentrator to create a super weapon of our own. Let’s name it Magic Cannon, a cannon created from a magic ring. Next time when someone threatens us with something like a Continental Oscillator, we can deal with it with just one shot.”

(Seems like he’s still bothered by not being able to kill Adam.) The rest of the team looked at each other and had similar thoughts. They lowered their heads in fear of Xuan catching them and scheme them in some future plans.

“You’re not wrong but.. Eh? ChengXiao, excuse me for asking. Why do the eight little flags in your hand look so familiar?” Zheng was trying to slow down Xuan when he saw ChengXiao being quieter than usual and was holding eight little red flags in hand.

ChengXiao said. “Hehe. Didn’t you say that Xiuzhen guy is strong? I thought it would be nice if he dropped one or two items. I couldn’t find anything except for these eight burnt flags. I thought they are something good but they are just normal flags. Very tough though.”

As he spoke, Zheng seized the flags from him. The flags were soft. Their material were neither cloth nor cotton. The density of the material seemed plastic. However, no one would craft a magical item with plastic, not to mention a kind of plastic that withstood the purple flame.

Zheng studied it for quite a while then sighed. “Right. These are the flags Luo YingLong threw down when he used his special attack. Those who Xiuzhen truly have techniques of the immortals (xian). These seemingly flimsy flags could confine my movement. I couldn’t break out of them even with Destruction. I wonder how expensive this ability is if you have to exchange for it… Well, my Explosion and Destruction are good in this respect.”

Xuan casually said. “Legend says… when Qi condenses to a certain degree, it will turn into Xiuzhen energy.”

Zheng grabbed the ring without another word. He sat down in a lotus position and stopped moving.

He was troubled by his own abilities. Everyone else who unlocked the fourth stage looked elegant. Their abilities were stylish and powerful. His Destruction was also powerful but that power was built upon self destruction. Every time he used it against anyone, no matter how strong or weak that person was, he would end up covered in blood and sometimes naked. When he compared himself against the others, he really wanted a more stylish ability. At least something that looked better after he used Destruction.

Zheng sat there without moving a bit. The black glow suddenly retrieved into the ring. A soft white glow enveloped the ring. The ring levitated off Zheng’s hand as a soft white light floated from his palm into the ring. Strings of light then spread from the ring and entered his body. The scene was staggering. Zheng actually looked like he was on his way to ascension.

However, Xuan walked to the back of ChengXiao. Lan and YinKong grabbed the other girls back. As ChengXiao seemed confused, the white light surrounding Zheng brightened then bang! The strings gathered outside his body and exploded. ChengXiao who was nearest got blasted away and landed on the floor. He got up to find his front teeth missing a part.

Zheng also looked miserable. His body was covered with wounds. Both his hands were missing. He yelled while still sitting. “God! Give me a full heal!”

“Wait. I need a full heal too!”

Two beams shot down then disappeared. Zheng wouldn’t dare to gather his Qi again. He threw the One Ring to Xuan and said. “The heck is this joke? This technique is only good for dragging your enemies to hell with you… to control the flags? Xuan, did you coax me to get your data for research?”

“How could that be…” Xuan replied with a stern look. “Am I such kind of people?”

(No doubt…) Zheng and a few others thought to themselves. Though no one dared to say it out. They were scared of becoming the next test subject.

Xuan seemed to know what they were thinking. He paid no attention to it and threw the ring back to Zheng. “Where’s your fourth stage? Do you know why the saints are fifth stage? That’s because of energy manipulation and the law of equivalence of energy and mass. A human will exceed the limit of living beings once he can manipulate energy at will. The fourth stage being the prelude to the fifth stage, infinitesimal control is merely the entrance to the manipulation. What you need to do is practice and more practice. Condense that energy. Reduce of the area of explosion until you can successfully condense a large amount of energy. Even if you fail to control the flags, the power of such an attack from the condensed energy is worth the effort!”

Zheng stopped complaining and nodded seriously. He could of course tell that Xuan’s advice was good for him. This advice was the essence of training. If he wanted to keep becoming stronger, he had to really put in the effort. Infinitesimal control and the fourth stage were his capitals to rivaling his clone!

“This is primarily the current situation. The next question is, who do you plan to revive next?” Xuan turned to Zheng again.

Zheng put the One Ring into the Na ring and said. “Qi TengYi and Xiao HongLu. These two people are a must. A person with a vast knowledge of ancient language systems will be a great help in the search for bonus missions in future movies. Then we also have to revive Ming YanWei. Heng you obtained a lot of rewards and points too right? If you don’t have enough, I can help…”

Heng was standing on the side quietly until he heard the words. His body trembled then he shook his hands. “No. Not for now. Wait until I become strong enough to protect her… Then I will revive her myself. So please give me some time.”

Zheng sighed. He patted Heng on the shoulder. “Yes. Grow stronger. Let us all grow stronger. Survive. Protect ourselves. Protect the things important to us… Get a good rest for tonight. We will head into The Mummy tomorrow and revive our comrades.”

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  1. So wait. Does the ring mean you don’t have to exchange for new energies at the lower stages that are just energy power ups, or is it the A tier and higher enhancements as well? If its the latter than is this the way for the author to forego enhancing Zheng with a legitimate reason? Like Zheng won’t spend a dime on himself with some reason like the ring, and use his rewards on the others? Team China had a surplus of points and rank rewards even with revivals, their enhancements, getting the mummy, one new enhancement per member, and going to look for bonus missions. Zheng should just enhance.

    1. No, the ring can help to turn his energy into a more condensed one (from “B” tier to “A” tier for example), but he’s limited to how much of that refined energy he can store, because the energy restored “naturally” on his body will be still “B” tier.

      Anyway, it will be really useful to have better energy on his rings, that way he will be stronger and faster healing ability on the battlefield when needed.

  2. Translator, I was just looking back at the last chapter and recalled that Zheng still had a B rank reward from the sword skill he chose not to get. Others should still have lots of rank rewards from the bonus mission, so are all of these counted, or did the author not bother to remember and were erased? It was still more than a A rank reward even after buying the five D rank freezing pills and C rank needles for the doc. I’m just asking since it isn’t a small thing to just forget.

  3. That whole sequence of Xuan baiting Zheng into exploding himself while casually walking away, letting Cheng Xiao get blasted too made me laugh. It was so cartoon like.

    Also, Teng Yi ! Finally, i wanted to see him again for a long time. As for Hong Lu, the interactions with Xuan will be fun :3

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    It’d my imagination while reading this. Lol

    Thanks for the chap ^_^

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    From the description in this chapter they could even probably extract energy from empty air and store that or quickly regenerate their own energy. The possibilities are near endless, this is like having one foot in the 5th stage.

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