TI Vol 17 Chapter 15-3

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The theory behind the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception was unknown much like the theory of the Lambda Driver. Neither could be explained through science. Once Zero realized the power of this ability after he exchanged it, he practiced it extensively in God’s dimension. The healing allowed him to gain expertise on the ability. That was how he managed to save Zheng at the critical moment in the Lord of the Rings. The efforts he had put into his training and his belief were the force behind his successes.

The robot in Zero’s eyes was formed by lines and points. The points were tiny and few. They were like thee stars in the night sky, flashing over the robot’s body and changing their positions. Their brightness swaps between bright and dim. It was difficult for Zero to lock onto the points. Zero had to switch to the lines as he had done the last several times he used this ability.

The lines were also moving along the robot’s body but they did not flash onto another location like the points did. So Zero had the skill to see the lines. He aimed at the path the lines were moving toward. Then bang! He pulled the trigger.

Heng’s eyes went out of focus as soon as he heard Zero’s yell. He put the silver bow on his back. He grabbed the rope tied onto the basket and jumped. There was no one controlling the Sky Stick at this moment. It leaned to the side as soon as Heng pulled the rope. With the jet system still active, the Sky Stick would collide onto the ground in less than three seconds.

Heng took a deep breath as he continued to jump up. His physical stats were pretty high at this point. Personality issues aside, he was actually strong. He also reached a higher unlock level than Zero. Thus, even when the Sky Stick was moving at an extremely high speed and leaned to the side, he still grabbed onto its edge in under a second. He pulled himself and leaped on top of it.

Zero was only twenty meters away from the ground by the time the Gauss sniper rifle roared. Three robots jumped and stretched their arms for him. If these robots grabbed him, there was no way he could live. The robots’ arms were only three meters away and then a lightning struck across. Kampa and WangXia had pulled Zero back into the basket.

A half meter hole was penetrated on the gigantic robot’s shoulder, near a non-critical part of it. Typically a hole of this size was insignificant to a robot that was two thousand meters tall, especially when it was located on a non-critical area. This damage would be a damaged fingernail on a human. Painful but harmless.

However, the gigantic robot halted from the appearance of this hole. Disintegration and break down began near the hole. And quickly, other parts of the robot also began to disintegrate. The whole robot turned into powder without any explosions in a matter of seconds. The powder fell among the radiated dust and completely disappeared.

Zero fell unconscious the moment he was retrieved back into the basket. This shot was different from training in God’s dimension. His body, mind, and soul all came together for this one shot. His concentration was heightened to an extremely high level. There was no energy left to keep him awake afterward.

The Sky Stick glided in a circle under Heng’s control then dived straight down toward where YinKong was lying. Her legs had been crushed. Anyone robot could instantly tear her up if it came close. She was defenseless. Heng was racing with time. He had to save her just like how he saved Zero using the speed of the Sky Stick.

“Wait. Move away from me. Don’t stay in front…” YinKong’s voice appeared in Heng’s mind through Soul Link.

The stomp crushed her legs but also took out all the robots that were behind her. The remaining robots were coming from her front. Strangely, a calm and quiet expression overtook the slight pain on her face. There was no sense of imminent death.

Excalibur danced on her hands. The sword and her hands gradually reached a speed invisible to the bare eyes.

“The Shining Air Wave.. Excalibur!”

Excalibur possessed a similar ability to the silver bow. It could turn energy stones into an attack when the use insert an energy stone into the hilt. YinKong discovered this characteristic by accident after the Lord of the Rings. It required five energy stones for an attack. She could activate this ability with her mind and convert the energy within the stones into light and release it in the form of a beam.

The Shining Air Wave was produced by moving her hands at an extremely high speed. If this technique was used at the same time Excalibur released its beam…

A curtain of light spread out in front of YinKong in 180 degrees. This curtain was expanding further away at a high rate. A dozen robots in the front incinerated into dust at an instant then exploded. The shock waves from the explosions added to the power of the light curtain. The curtain reached hundreds of meters away before it began to fade.

Heng, WangXia and Kampa were stunned from the sight. This attack was overwhelmingly powerful and nearly destroyed all the robots. The ones that survived were not far away from breaking. There were only two robots with Phase Shift armors still looking intact. Though their armors had lost its vibrancy.

WangXia and Kampa looked to each other then they both attacked the two robots. A series of fires struck the robots away from YinKong. They were obviously critically damaged inside the curtain of light. Otherwise, they would have charged through the firepower to kill YinKong. There was no chance for them to run. A winged bomb carrying a plasma grenade flew onto the side of a robot. Blue plasma arced over it and consumed the robot. An arrow pierced through the chest of the other robot, leaving a half meter diameter hole on its body. The robot exploded in the next instant.

“Such a difficult fought battle… We thought this world was a walk in the park. No one expected it to be so scary. We still walked on the brink of hell despite Xuan removing the majority of robots. We lost a member and even the AllSpark…” HongLu crouched on the ground and looked at the shattered AllSpark with pity.

The AllSpark was just under the gigantic robot’s stomp. The movie depicted it as an item containing unlimited energy. This trait represented its value. It would be more useful than any other quest items!

“There are no bonus missions in this movie. No points and ranked rewards for killing the gigantic robot. Nothing from killing all these robots. Nothing from launching the hydrogen bombs. Nothing from obtaining the passwords… Judging by the God’s pattern, reward equates to difficulty, which doesn’t seem logical unless the reward we can obtain in this movie is worth far more than the points and rewards… the AllSpark.” HongLu sighed as he played with the broken pieces. He couldn’t see anything special from these pieces.

The AllSpark did not explode or change after it was stomped to pieces. It broke apart like a regular metallic cube. These pieces were what constructed the AllSpark after all so team China gathered them up. ChengXiao was piercing needles into YinKong’s body with both pain and joy. He then took out his toolbox and sealed the blood vessels on the root of her legs. After he finished, he howled. “Man! It was not easy to have the opportunity to touch those beautiful legs. But… but… who would get excited over a pair of crushed legs? I think it’s going to become dysfunctional if I continue to look at them.”

A wave of air struck toward him from below. ChengXiao quickly ran away and dodged the attack. Though trousers had been cut open and the air cut a minor wound between his legs. The unique location of the wound made him cry with his heart.

YinKong ignored him after the missed attack. She lay on the ground and stared at the sky. A smog covered the sky. The radiated dust continued falling down.

“… That’s the basic situation. The difficulty of this movie surpassed my expectation. This is my fault. Or else I wouldn’t have begun the attack after four hydrogen bombs. Secondly, an increase in difficulty without any mission or killing rewards make me believe that the AllSpark’s effect must be beyond our imagination. That should be a quest item that can raise the whole team’s strength.

“As to the fate of our team, unfortunately we are in a very dangerous situation. The first danger comes from our rating. We did not lose any veterans in the previous movie, we completed a lot of bonus missions and overpowered the other teams. Thus, our rating in Go should be at a very high degree. This rating will continue to increase as long as we don’t lose people. Transformers is only the beginning. Our situation might have perhaps returned to the time when Jie was on the team. Team China will bet put in life threatening movies.

“The second danger is the consequence from having a high rating. We are likely to experience less movies than the other teams. It sounds good but when a team battle comes, we will be facing strong teams such as team Celestial and… team Devil. We are standing on the crater of a volcano. We are a trigger away from breaking apart.”

In the underground. Zheng killed all the robots then removed the seal of the eight flags. He found Xuan nearly at his last breath. There weren’t any injuries but he looked like he was eighty or ninety years old. His hair was all white and his skin wrinkled. He was dying from age.

“Then what should we do?” Zheng lay on the ground and muttered. “And are you alright? Can you make it back alive?”

Xuan calmly said. “There’s no issue lasting until we return. My situation is better than yours… We are backed into a corner. The only out we have is to keep growing stronger. There’s a limit to the difficulty God can create. If you reached the fifth stage, not even a hydrogen bomb can injure you. So keep growing… This is the only way for us to survive.”

“Is that so?” Zheng looked at the body that was breaking down. His body was collapsing at the DNA level. It wouldn’t take long before he became a pool of blood.

“Live on. All of us live on…” As he muttered, darkness overtook him and he entered the half dream half awake state.

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    2. Zero hit the lines of death rather than the point, right? Just hitting a line with a bullet wouldn’t instant kill the giant robot like that. You have to trace the lines with a bladed tool and even then it doesn’t turn to particles, it just breaks apart.


    3. Why wouldn’t there be bonus missions? They didn’t look or do anything special worth setting off a bonus reward. The nuke wasn’t their weapon, so destroying their base wouldn’t reward anything. Like destroying the monkeys with a large fire in The Mummy 2 didn’t reward anything.


    4. I wouldn’t rate Team China too high from LOTR. It’s true that they held back Team Celestial, but that was all and had more to do with Adam’s incompetence to set his priorities and prepare to fight the other teams accordingly, or prepare a defense except a doomsday weapon to kill everyone. They killed one weak member and a strong member who can revive as he pleases too. It’s true they made out the best in the Mission, but it was Team East America who took the win in Team Battles. They wiped all the newbies of Team China and Team Africa, and wiped Team Northern Iceland. If they didn’t kill off their own newbies and a veteran, Team East America would have made the most in points and rank rewards by a mile. Also, if assassin girl didn’t talk her cousin down they would have wiped Team China as well. Despite what some say about the nemesis army being powerful they would not be able to stop his sneak attacks that can avoid even Psyche Force. Before he ran because a fight was disadvantageous to him, but a sneak attack gives him a 100% chance of victory as a Fourth Stage super assassin.


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