TI Vol 17 Chapter 15-2

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While Zheng fought for his life beneath the ground, those above had also fallen into a difficult battle. There were over a hundred robots that broke through the plasma field created from the detonated bombs. Similar to the situation underneath, these hundred robots were the most powerful ones among the Decepticons. Furthermore, that gigantic super robot was slowly climbing itself out from the hole. Its hand swiped the ground and dispersed a large portion of the plasma field. The robot then helped its body up.

“Its too big. This robot is too fucking big. Has anyone ever seen such a gigantic robot? It definitely came from an aircraft carrier!” Kampa cried.

Over eighty percent of his shots went toward the gigantic robot’s head. Yet, these shots were as ineffective as insect bites. Its size was big enough to triggered a qualitative transformation.

The robot was visually slower than the other robots. But it crossed several hundred meters in one step. Its height reached over two thousand meters, taller than a hill. After it stepped forward, its slapped a hand toward the ground.

When the team perceived this seemingly slow attack via Psyche Scan, they realized the hand covered a hundred meter area above them. Kamp, Zero, WangXia and Heng were shocked for a moment. Then WangXia jumped on to the Sky Stick. The other three held onto the basket and they slid out from the hand by a fraction of a second. A loud thump sounded after them. The hand pressed a hole into the ground.

Kampa cried. “Fly! Don’t think and just fly! We only need to survive an hour. Fly as far as you can. We don’t need to fight this robot!”

“What about…” Zero paused for a second. “The AllSpark? What’s the point of running when we don’t have the AllSpark?”

The other three all looked to the ground. They saw YinKong running with the AllSpark on her back. She wasn’t as fast as the Sky Stick but her movement technique allowed her to run on the same speed as the flying robots. The AllSpark didn’t seem big when the Valkyrie carried it but YinKong was too small in comparison. The size of the AllSpark affected the dexterity of her movement. A volley of energy bullets in the front halted her from advancing.

Without uttering a word, Zero climbed from the basket. His eyes defocused as he entered the unlocked mode. He yelled when he came near the Sky Stick. “WangXia, swap position! The Sky Stick is faster than the robots but we don’t have to energy to maintain an hour of flight… Fight! Our only chance to survive is to wipe out these robots!”

A silence came from the other three members before they all nodded. WangXia and Zero were still connected through Soul Link. So as Zero jumped onto the Sky Stick, WangXia jumped down to the basket. Once the two swapped position, Zero controlled the Sky Stick to head down.

For some reason, the first stage unlocked through the prototype T virus was weaker in all aspects than when a person unlocked the constraint by himself. The person’s instincts, concentration, reactions and other attributes were all slightly worse. Heng had better overall physical stats than Zero but his personality might lead to mistakes in critical moments so Zero decided to take over the Sky Stick to save YinKong.

The gigantic robot exposed naval artillery sized cannons after team China boarded the Sky Stick. A hundred of these cannons spread over his body and aimed at the four people flying to save YinKong, which in turn included her in the fire area.

It was terrifying just imagining a hundred artillery pointing at you. There wasn’t even a need for a volley with cannons of that size. A single shot was powerful enough. The team had dragonshard necklaces but it was uncertain whether they could defend these attacks. Kampa and Heng fired at the robot without a second thought. Heng used the silver bow’s skill once again. A rain of energy streams flew toward the robot in a fan shape. Kampa’s RPG fired at maximum power.

The cannons fired at almost the same time team China attacked. Fortunately, the robot was only huge in size and didn’t evolve to the same degree as the remaining Decepticons. These cannons fired physical shells instead of energy bullets. Kampa shot down most of the shells in the air. The energy streams pierced through the remaining shells. The shells exploded a hundred meters away from team China. And so they defended the first attack.

Along with the explosions came a series of shockwaves. This attack had power on par with surface to surface missiles. The cyclone formed from the shockwaves nearly blew the Sky Stick off balance. Zero managed to keep the Sky Stick steady in the shockwaves. They were only thirty meters away from YinKong. WangXia was prepared to pick her up.

“Don’t come down!” YinKong suddenly yelled.

She threw the AllSpark up toward the basket. Then immediately drew her sword to to her back. Dong! The sword blocked an attack from a green robot. This robot clashed Excalibur with a shovel like weapon.

A swarm of robots continue to come out from the radiated dust. The gigantic robot was so shocking that Zero and the other three members forgot about the rest of the robots. These robots were small only in comparison with the gigantic one. The smallest one was still over five meters in height, much bigger than any of team China’s members. Furthermore, all of the robots were able to transform into flying vehicles and possessed powerful firearms. They were not as threatening as the gigantic robot but still, they were not easy to take care of.

YinKong’s words came too late. The instant WangXia caught the AllSpark, several robots jumped through the dust. Zero dodged as soon as he could but one robot managed to grab onto the basket. The Sky Stick stopped for a moment then began to drop. This robot was eight meters tall. Its weight was beyond the capacity of the Sky Stick.

Bang! The two parties fell to the ground. The robot’s reaction was as fast as those in the first stage. It jumped up from the ground almost instantaneously and slammed toward the four people with its body. This slam could wipe them out if it landed. But while it was still in the air, three arrows were flying toward its chest. The shot was ten times more powerful than the two arrow Explosive Shot. These arrows were all enchanted. The first arrow pierced through the robot’s chest. It exploded in the air, only several meters away from the team.

All four members let out a sigh of relief. Then a few energy bullets hit them before they could catch a break. Their barrier wavered under the explosions. Whether the dragonshard necklaces could withstand another round of attacks was a question.

With no time to hesitate, Zero took off on the Sky Stick again. Kampa and Heng fired at two directions with their AOE attacks. WangXia also brought out several plasma grenades. His demon energy formed into little bats. The bats carried the grenades and flew away. The grenades exploded in a blue light once they entered the dust field.

The sequence of events took place in just ten seconds. The Sky Stick had only ascended twenty meters this time. Suddenly, the sky darkened. Everyone looked up and saw the gigantic robot was stomping its foot from above. Zero immediately activated the plasma jet system and rushed out from the stomp. A loud thump occurred from behind, followed by a girl’s groan.

The strong wind blowing them during this speed prevented them from looking back. They had to perceive the situation via Psyche Scan.

YinKong was standing within the area of the stomp. She also activated the Shining but the robots around her halted her for an instant. Her lower body did not escape the stomp and was crushed along with a dozen robots next to her.

“Heng! Take control over the Sky Stick and catch me!” Zero jumped off the Sky Stick with a yell.

His Gauss sniper rifle took aim on the gigantic robot. Even though he was falling, his mind reached a calm state. The world had disappeared in his eyes, leaving behind only the gigantic robot and the lines and points drawn over its body.

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  1. “YinKong was standing within the area of the stomp. She also activated the Shining but the robots around her halted her for an instant. Her lower body did not escape the stomp and was crushed along with a dozen robots next to her.”
    Whaaa..so now yinkong is gonna die?

  2. I think this movie will force them to review their current team construction. They are way too specialized to the point that if a few members are not present (namely Zheng) the team crumbles.

    They should have a sub-job that is a main job of the other person so that they could change roles when the situation calls for it. I mean Russian Guy (who has a Werewolf Bloodline) can be a sub for Zheng’s role, but the I never read him upgrading his Werewolf higher that the first PUPPY upgrade.

    Anyway, I’m still hoping for Gando’s revival. What was the ability of the 2nd Stage again? I seem to have forgotten it.

        1. Well no more revives with the Book of Amun-Ra, he could theoretically be brought back with another item/power since it is stupid for the God’s dimension to have ONE way to revive a person and have that way require you to do a certain movie.

      1. I can totally believe that…And I can’t say I care for that. It just feels like pointless tension in the story, and just milking misfortune more than it should be.

    1. Movies with plot changes are suppose to be some of the hardest movie and usually end up with a wipe from what Jie said back in Final Destination. Would be surprised if more people don’t get serious injured or die.

      1. Well, technically they would have already beat the movie IF Zheng, Xuan or Gando would destroyed the All Spark at the moment they’ve got it… They just became greedy and that already cost them a team member and risk a full wipe.

        1. If i recall correctly, they have to survive for an hour no matter if they destroyed the allspark or not. But i agree with you, they should have destroyed it. The only reason for Gando to be down there was to steal the allspark, if he hadn’t taken it nobody would have pursued him. And Yinkong wouldn’t be nearly dead. Also i believe Kampa and Honglu will die again.

          When this arc started and Zheng said that this would be an easy movie, he doomed the team.

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