TI Vol 17 Chapter 15-1

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Team China didn’t realized it normally but they had been drown in a sense of overconfidence. The team was strong with Zheng’s growth and Xuan being able to carry out his plans to their potential with the team’s support.

So the team was accustomed to the norm of no death, or at least not of the veterans. They took cautions in every movie but a lot of times, the pain of death were forgotten. That lasted until Gando’s death.

“I can manipulate a bomb by infusing Demon Energy into it, including detonation and rendering it invisible. This ability is suited for ambushes.” WangXia stood next to Zero.

He held out his hand. A faintly visible pink puff of air emerged on top of his palm. It looked as though he was remote controlling something. WangXia trembled following the appearance of this air. He looked in pain.

(I am pushing my limit for controlling so many bombs with so little energy. And the area affected by the explosion of all these bombs is… If only Gando made it just a bit further, I could have detonated the bombs!)

WangXia placed the bombs inside the corridor. The Bomb Dominator enhancement bestowed him limited control over those bombs. He had recently discovered a new way to use plasma bombs, or more precisely, a way of using his ability as a Bomb Dominator.

The plasma bombs could be turned invisible and stick to any object that moved over it. He could set the time for the explosion using Demon Energy. When Gando first came up from the hole, WangXia regained remote control over the bombs. Yet, his lack of energy made it extremely difficult to control so many bombs. Furthermore, if all these plasma bombs detonated at the same time, Gando would get affected in the explosion. That was why WangXia halted the detonation. Now, there was nothing to hold him back. The only thing in his mind was to destroy all the Decepticons.

Plasma bombs became visible on the Decepticons one after another. Electricity arced among the robots then the dozens of plasma bombs exploded. An area several hundred meters in diameter was filled with electric current. Its concentration and energy was so huge that the current liquefied into plasma. The plasma consumed over a dozen robots instantly and many more exploded the next instant.

“Impressive power. WangXia has basically formed his combat style. He’s suited for battlefields. Arrange the place of battle for him then let him set up explosives and hide those explosives using his Demon Energy. This power will come near to Zheng’s strength in the battlefield. In fact, if the bombs he used is more powerful, not even Zheng could make it out alive.” HongLu twirled his hair with his eyes closed. He seemed rather relaxed, not worried about whether his team in the distance was going to survive or not. He did not have much interaction with Gando. So his death only received a sigh from HongLu.

“… Yet, WangXia has the same issue.” HongLu sighed. “His flaw is as prominent as his strength. He requires powerful bombs, a large enough space to set them up, time, and a way to hide himself. Otherwise, his strength is not worth mentioning without the cooperation of team members. He’s the same as other members, not suited for solo combat. He couldn’t even survive a movie that easily by himself.”

ChengXia laughed. “We are still strong, aren’t we? Everyone has his flaw but together, we can join into exceptional strength. Zero for super long range attacks, Heng for mid range, Kampa for heavy firepower, WangXia for mines and bombs, Xuan for his schemes, Zheng for his combat. Of course, there’s also the handsome and skilled combat doctor. This team…”

HongLu ignored him and turned to Lan. “Are you still not able to scan below the ground?”

Lan shook her head. “No. The scan still can’t penetrate through. So I don’t know how Zheng and Xuan are doing. So many robots have came up already. There are probably even more below. Gando would have known the situation but he’s dead. So…”

HongLu twirled his hair. “Don’t worry too much. I don’t have any evidence but Zheng’s strength rivals a cockroach. I can’t imagine him dying here. And that man, Xuan, he wouldn’t follow Zheng down without enough certainty of his plan. I believe they are still alive, probably slaughtering the remaining robots.”

The fight below was not exactly a slaughter, though Zheng was in a berserk state. Xuan pulled him back to reality with that shout but Zheng remained in the fourth stage for the following fight. He had to rely on the fourth stage to survive the attacks of these hundreds of Decepticons.

(I am reaching my limit. I have gained control over the energy within my body but still have no control over my DNA in the intermediate fourth stage. My body’s going to reach its limit if I continue to get him. DNA break down is going to be much more serious than getting crushed.) Zheng knelt on one knee and breathed heavily. The whole area was beyond recognition. Metal scraps and craters filled the floor. It looked like the area was bombarded by a sea of cannons. There was not a single flat space on the floor.

After Zheng and Xuan each killed a bunch of Decepticons, some went after Gando, and then Zheng killed another wave, only about seventy Decepticons remained. However, these were the most powerful ones. Some possessed phase shift armor, some could transform into shuttles, and there was Megatron. Any part cut off from him would transform into a mini robot which then merged back into his body upon coming close. Zheng had no way of dealing with him at the moment. The firepower from the remaining Decepticons were also strong. The two parties came to a stalemate.

(I don’t have the initiative. Even if I destroy all of them using Destruction, we still couldn’t return before the time’s up. I wonder how is Gando doing. He brought so many robots away. Can he return to the team safely? Can the team fight so many robots? Can we keep possession of the AllSpark?) Zheng jumped up. He flapped his wings and changed his direction, dodging several energy bullets by a hair. He dived at a yellow robot. Before this robot could turn around, he seized its arm and twisted it. The arm snapped with a screeching sound. Tiger’s Soul slashed from above. Its mist shredded the robot to pieces then it exploded.

(I can’t go on for any longer. The refined Qi is also empty. The Heart’s Devil will consume me again if I wield Tiger’s Soul without refined Qi. The eight flags used up too much of the refined Qi. It wouldn’t recovery by itself and needed me to accumulate. Such a troublesome energy… How is Xuan doing? He looked like he completely collapsed at the time. Is the strain from the Lambda Driver so huge?) Zheng jumped again. The spot he was standing on was immediately engulfed in a fire as the energy bullets demolished it. Several bullets still struck him despite him jumping in time. The dark flame that was protecting him wavered in the explosions.

(Blood energy is also reaching the bottom… same for Qi. Although I can still activate Explosion or Destruction for three seconds… but there’s still over half an hour left. I can only rely on this body to fight. Hope it will last until the end… Live! Everyone make it back alive!)

Zheng flapped his wings again. He was flying in a zigzag path to dodge the energy bullets. Then he took a few hits with his wings and dropped down onto a robot. He grabbed the robot’s head with his feet and twisted it off. Tiger’s Soul immediately followed.

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    1. Regardless of the notifications, I find it odd that the Valkyrie, coated in Optimus Prime’s “yang”, Autobot’s spark, did not receive any form of benefit or change from the Allspark’s influence.
      I doubt this is going to lead to a quasi-Crysis scenario, in which the Suit / Mech absorbs its user’s personality and memories, but I do expect at least something to happen from it.

  1. I believe the notifications for member deaths are only in team battles where you lose points for the death so Gando is most likely really dead and as some people mentioned last chapter he probably got cloned onto team devil where he will think its team China’s fault he died and want revenge.

  2. This is the result of a Team China too confident in themselves. 

    1. Zheng – He never gave any authorization for destroying the All Spark. A good leader would absolutely try to keep it, but knows when to cut losses. Gando would not have died if an order to destroy it was given if the robot he uses runs out of energy and can’t reach the team. And All Spark isn’t going to make a super robot army you can prepare before the missions. Transformers are a type of life which can evolve. You can’t store living things in bags, so you can’t bring an army with you into the mission as some suggested.  It also takes time to create powerful robots, and may or may not need a user constantly present to use All Spark, like Zheng. Maybe it could in the movies, but I doubt god made a auto transformers assembly line item no one had to manage. As Xuan said all Quest Items are incomplete in a lot of ways.

    2. Lack of preparations. Team China entered a sci-fi move without the right gear, assuming their D rank weapons can get them through since they are so powerful… with normal world standards. In a SURPRISE attack on a advance military base it goes well enough, I’m sure. I’m sure there were better weapons still. Zero even had a ton of points and a B rank reward, enough to get a super powerful B rank weapon, or 2-3 C rank weapons, but Zheng told him to save it for a A tier eye power. If Zero had the infinite ammo Gauss Rifle he could keep firing and would not have had that ten second delay, he’s a super sniper with some enhancements so I’m sure he can rapid fire a sniper rifle for a bit with decent accuracy. Kampa’s rockets weren’t powerful enough to stop the more advanced robots. They absolutely could have exchanged some powerful gear, but they didn’t. Only Zheng and Xuan got strong upgrades.

    3. The flaw of Team China’s strong strengths and fatal weaknesses. This is it. The weakness. Plans revolving around one super strong warrior and one super strategist end up like this at the weakest moments. Someone dies or almost dies because they believe in them two much. They never planned out what to really do if the three man group had to run away. They did, but not if they were hurt and couldn’t make it far enough. This is being harsh, but they should be hard on themselves after this. Only a full team of Players with Self-created powers should be this cocky in a main mission.

  3. Now that I think about it, Xuan’s plan is actually really stupid, they could have kept the AllSpark and used it’s unlimited energy along with the One ring’s energy conversion to destroy all the Decepticons one way or the other….

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