TI Vol 17 Chapter 14-3

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Kampa, Heng, WangXia and YinKong were standing beside Zero. HongLu realized Xuan’s plan once the final hydrogen bomb landed. He became depressed at the time but his discipline as a strategist kept him up. He ordered Kampa and YinKong to be prepared for combat. As soon as the temperature decreased, they would advance toward the center of explosion, where a grand battle awaited!

“It’s the first time I feel helpless against someone…” HongLu said to the others as he sat on the floor and played with his hair.

Lan found it a little funny. She looked at him and said. “This isn’t the first time you met him. Didn’t you feel the same when you lost to Xuan in Resident Evil?”

HongLu replied with a serious tone. “That’s different. I lost to an enemy at the time. Losses are inevitable in a war. A loss is a loss even though humans only have one life. But he’s now one of us!”

Lan smiled and rubbed his hair. She then turned her worried gaze to the distance. “We are the non combat members so we retreated. ChengXiao’s an exception. But are the rest of them safe?”

HongLu fixed his hair with slight annoyance then laughed. “You underestimated them. We are team China. Team Devil aside, we even defeated team Celestial. We don’t notice our growth because it’s gradual but we are strong! Watch closely… Believe in them. Believe in our comrades!”

Zero watched the robots flew out from the hole. He knew very well the characteristics of the Gauss sniper rifle. This was a weapon with strong advantages and an equally huge disadvantage. The major advantage was its power and range. The rifle could reach satellites in the upper region of the Earth’s atmosphere. As long as it hit its target, even if it was just a finger, the powerful force carried by the bullet would take out the whole arm.

At the same time, the Gauss sniper rifle possessed a critical weakness, its speed. Aim, fire, reload, aim and fire would take over ten seconds for all actions. This process wouldn’t be considered slow for a normal sniper. But not in the case of the players!

Zero held onto the sniper rifle quietly. The radiation filled dust reduced his visibility a lot. However, Psyche Scan and Soul Link enabled him to see the Decepticons coming out. There were three to four hundred of them in various forms of flying vehicles. The first robot was struck down by the Gauss sniper rifle. Yet, that didn’t stop the rest of the Decepticons for even a moment. They had no fear as they charged toward the Valkyrie, or more precisely, the AllSpark.

Heng breathed out then took an energy stone out from his pocket. He placed the energy stone on the silver bow. By the time the stone dissolved, the bow was drew to a full moon. The elven bloodline didn’t enable him to see through the dust but there were hundreds of robots in front of him. He locked onto the robots with the assist of Soul Link and released the string. Several hundred streams of silver lights flew into the dim radiated dust.

This AOE attack was the special ability of the silver bow. The attack was fatal to living organisms in large numbers. There was almost no way of dodging all the streams of light. Of course, Transformers weren’t living organisms… They were much stronger. Plus their form of life was different. A shot through a living organism might not be fatal but it would at least disable its movement for some time. However, this wouldn’t be the case for robots as long as the shot missed the important parts of their body or their energy system. The powerful scene brought forth by the ability only destroyed several Decepticons.

Zero fired a second shot. A robot exploded in the air. But that was the extend of the attack. Hundreds of robots were less than three hundred meters away from Gando. At the speed of their flight, that was merely three seconds. As the robots were going to swarm the Valkyrie, it climbed up from the ground with its shaking body. The Valkyrie grabbed the AllSpark then began to run toward the team in determined steps.

“Is this… the desire to survive transcended reality? Can robots run without energy?” Heng smiled bitterly as he saw the Valkyrie running toward them. He hesitated on whether to use another energy shot.

At the same time, Kampa roared and fired with the rapid fire RPG at the distance. A series of explosions followed. The explosions were limited to the area behind the Valkyrie with the assist of Psyche Scan and Soul Link, blocking the flying vehicles.

Unfortunately, these Decepticons weren’t newly sparked robots. They had been under the power of the AllSpark for some time and thus were able to transform into flying vehicles. Several even possessed phase shift armor. The rockets only halted their movement for a moment. The Decepticons flew through the wall of explosions. Two in front began to transform while they dropped toward the Valkyrie.

Bang! One of the robots exploded midway during its transformation. The other completed and turned into a robot ten meters tall. It grabbed the Valkyrie in its hand and seized the AllSpark from with the other hand the moment it landed on the ground.

The Valkyrie was completely depleted of energy. Being able to run was already a miracle. There was nothing Gando could do no matter how talented he was. At most, he could move the Valkyrie’s arms and legs as a sign of struggle. Zero had just fired another round. He wouldn’t make it in time to save Gando.

(… Save me. Please. Someone come save me. Aren’t we comrades? Heng, shoot the robot’s arm off! WangXia, your bombs are so powerful! Or anyone else. Please. Come save me!) Despair filled Gando’s heart.

He desperately controlled the Valkyrie in hope of struggling out from the Decepticon’s grip. Yet, it couldn’t change the fact that the Valkyrie had no energy.

At the final moment of despair, Gando saw a sword sliced toward the robot’s arm on the screen. The robot used its other armor to block the sword. The arm holding the AllSpark broke off but Gando remained in the robot’s grip.

(YinKong… Why! Why didn’t you save me? Why did you only cut off the arm with the AllSpark? Why! Why? Aren’t we comrades? TELL ME! WHY!)

Gando opened his mouth wide. Due to limited field of vision, he only saw YinKong slicing the robot’s other arm. And then the robot tightened its grip before Gando could turn around. The screen went black. The cockpit crushed inward. The robot wanted to crush both the Valkyrie and him.

(No! I don’t want to die! I want to live! Aren’t we comrades? Why! Why… I can’t accept this! Team China… I can’t accept this…)

A loud blast followed as the Valkyrie exploded. The robot tightened its grip several times and the Valkyrie finally failed to defend itself. It exploded in the robot’s hand.

Everyone stared at the battlefield in shock. Flares were still burning in the robot’s hand. It took the whole team a while to recover from the shock. Someone died. Ever since Xuan revived, ever since Zheng grew, death became so far away from the veterans. They had almost forgotten… that they were in God’s realm, a place where people would die!

“Ah!” Heng shouted. He snatched three arrows and aimed at the robot. But before he fired, the Gauss sniper rifle sounded. A bullet pierced through the robot’s chest in a loud bang. At the same time, Excalibur sliced through the robot from the center!

While rage overtook the team, HongLu shouted. “Careful! Something abnormal from the hole came up on the scan… Fuck! The robot’s enormous!”

A hand reached out from the hole. Its size was beyond believable. The hand itself was over a hundred meters big.

“If any mechanical object can be converted into a robot…” HongLu’s voice sounded in their minds again. “Then the largest vehicles humans have created, battleships, destroyers, and even… aircraft carriers could become robots.”

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  1. So they made the rifle even more OP. Don’t know the height of orbit, but the rifle only had a 10,000 meter range originally, so don’t know if it matches up or not.

    And Gando! Did he really die? He might be selfish and a coward, but he was fighting for survival and for the team to the end, and was betrayed. Gando’s evolution rivals Zheng’s own and was worth more than just an All Spark. Emotions aside destroying the All Spark or saving Gando should have been the right call and there would only be a bit regret over lose the quest item.

    Seriously, if Gando is completely dead there better be a argument when Zheng comes out. He was mad with rage when he told Gando to die before giving up the All Spark. He didn’t really want him to die since he values comrades. We even had to listen for five chapters how he can’t abandon his heart.

    Gando has to be dead for good since he would never forget that moment of betrayal from his own team. Also if he did die its bad new later on. Gando reached the second stage, so he now has the qualifications to enter Team Devil. He had a high evolution potential originally like Zheng, so there’s a good chance if he wasn’t already cloned he was now.

    1. You’re right. I mistranslated. I assumed its referring to the orbit since the author mentioned satellite. Apparently the raw is referring to the upper region of the Earth’s atmosphere.

    2. The second stage thing is the Team Celestial (It wasn’t a requirement just a fact anyone in Team Celestial is second stage or higher) since leaders can only join and can only become a leader by being the 1st person to achieve first stage in their team and merging with the guide to become leader boosts you to the next stage. Team Devil is anyone with a high evolution potential. Xuan got cloned into Team Devil before even achieving the first stage.

      1. Jie said it. Don’t know if Zhttty changed it up.

        “My existence is breaking God’s rules so a lot of times I am forced to take actions.
        You probably don’t know of this but people who reached the second stage of the unlocked mode by themselves, God copies their genes into team Devil. You are also still improving so God doesn’t want anyone to hold you back. That’s why when Lan put you in danger during The Grudge, I was ordered to kill her.”

        1. There is a PS at the bottom of the same chapter Jie says that.

          P.S. Second stage is only one of the many reasons to get cloned into team Devil.

          So there are other reasons, wonder if the 2nd stage is guaranteed copy or just a chance to get copied. Since Yinkong would qualify as well.

    3. You pretty much covered it. I can’t believe Gando is dead, but considering the circumstance, it’d really seem impossible for him to properly maintain his position afterwards.
      That being said…I also don’t get why they did not just destroy the Allspark, given the situation, or why that Decepticon prioritized crushing the Valkyrie rather than going after the Allspark. They are currently in a frenzy.

      I also don’t really get why Gando did not eject from the Valkyrie. I think he took “Don’t let go of the Allspark even if you die”, a bit too far.

  2. Had a feeling Gando was gonna die a couple chapters ago, but man feel bad.

    Also “At the final moment of despair, Gando saw a sword sliced toward the robot’s arm on the screen. The robot used its other armor to block the sword. The arm holding the AllSpark broke off but Gando remained in the robot’s grip.”

    Hard to tell if Yinkong try to cut both arms but only succeeded in cutting 1 arm. From Gando’s position though he only saw Yinkong cutting the arm with the Allspark which is why he believes he got left to die.

    1. Isn’t that illogical? A robot wouldn’t sacrifice All Spark to kill Gando. They don’t value limbs, so it wouldn’t make since if this was a instinctive move.

      1. Remember Excalibur is invisible. All it saw was Yinkong charging it then it’s arm got cut by something it couldn’t see. Then it react then instinctively to protect itself.

        Not really illogical for them to kill Gando either after that point, Team China was relying on the Valkyrie’s speed to take the Allspark far away and it was a threat for the Decepticons if it remained an active combatant. They wouldn’t know it was out of energy so they were removing it as a threat.

        1. You just quoted it above. Gando saw the sword. Ii it wasn’t in invisible mode, but the gold sword mode for greater power. If Gando can see it so could the robot.

    1. Was thinking about that, would be insanely powerful if they had another army maker since they got the Bracelet of Anubis and T-Virus to make Nemesis. Especially in Team Battles, any opponent team who members relied on tech would be screwed if they couldn’t coat their items in spark energy.

      1. I’m thinking it would be even better to combine brace of Anubis, dragonblood, t-virus, dragonshards, and lotr power stones. Think elite elemental undead shocktroops.

  3. It says that Gando misunderstood the situation. Yinkong tried to free the Valkyrie but the robot used the other arm to block the attack. If Yinkong had really attacked the arm holding the allspark then the blocking arm would have been the one holding Gando.

  4. There’s one thing I don’t understand : why didn’t they activate the plasma bombs that they planted in the tunnel beforehand ? I cite chapter 12-1 :

    “I will cut the corridor off and have WangXia detonate the bombs we plant once you left into the corridor. It will stop the robots chasing you.”

    Zheng cut off the corridor on his side with the spear of osiris, but the bombs at the exit seem to have been forgotten ?

    Moreover, I can’t believe that hundreds of decepticons managed to chase after Gando in such a short time and in such a narrow corridor (Gando can barely pass by other robots so it’s not very large).

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