TI Vol 17 Chapter 14-1

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The target of Tiger’s Soul was the most unique robot among all. One with an armor shifting between a rainbow of colors, Megatron. The colors were bright and vibrant and more eye catching than any of the phase shift armors. The mist of Tiger’s Soul enveloped the whole of Megatron. A screeching sound followed. It was as though one was scratching a piece of steel with a knife. Tiger’s Soul sliced through, carrying along a few pieces of scraps. Megatron was barely touched. Though the colors on its armor dimmed a little.

Megatron was the nearest object to the AllSpark. A stream of lightning roughly one meter in diameter rose from the ground and entered its body after the attack. Its armor recovered its brightness. The scraps on the floor melted into a liquid like mercury. The liquid formed into a mini Megatron, about the size of a man’s palm. However, this mini Megatron fired mini bullets and missiles.

“Eh?” Zheng was surprised. He retrieved Tiger’s Soul then summoned a dark flame that swept over to the mini Megatron. The flame was a condensed form of the Red Flame. After he regained control over his consciousness, Zheng added refined Qi into this flame. He didn’t even know how powerful the flame had become.

Sizzz. The flame melted the floor along with the mini Megatron. It was as though he burned through a piece of wax. There was no explosions or anything.

Megatron roared. The colors on its armor rippled. It was the same attack Zheng witnessed from Starscream. He rushed over to Megatron without a second thought. A kick struck Megatron’s abdomen before the attack came out. The force created a dent on the vibrant armor and carried both Zheng and Megatron forward nearly fifty meters.

The Valkyrie had just landed on where Megatron was standing. Gando nearly vomited from the force Zheng exerted on him. He recognized this wasn’t the time for it as there were robots all around. In under two seconds, he controlled the Valkyrie to push itself up from the floor then tumbled toward the AllSpark.

(This lightning pillar looks like it’s going to roast the Valkyrie and me into a piece of charcoal…) Gando hesitated the moment he approached the AllSpark. The power of the lightning seemed terrifying. But then several energy bullets exploded behind him and brought his mind back from the hesitation. He sprinted toward the AllSpark without turning around to take a look.

Xuan was standing behind Gando. His glasses disappeared or perhaps they were destroyed during combat. However, the sharpness on his eyes was still there. Spots in his hair had turned white. He didn’t appeared to be in a good condition.

There was seemingly an invisible wall in front of Xuan. The endless stream of bullets and explosions caused ripples on this invisible wall. But the wall was extremely sturdy and felt intact after all these explosions. There were still over a thousand Decepticons remaining after Zheng and Xuan’s massacre. Their firepower nearly covered this whole wall.

(I can block it… but there are too many…) A wavering thought rose in Xuan’s mind. His rational mind verified the number of robots while blocking their attacks. The combined firepower of these robots were simply too powerful. A crack finally appeared in Xuan’s mind after nearly four minutes of hypnosis. He began to realize there were too many robots.

A sizzling sound came from the invisible wall. A dozen tiny cracks surfaced on the wall. It looked as if it was about to break apart. Xuan’s hair continued to turn white in a visible rate. It would probably take a minute at most before all his hair turned white.

While Xuan blocked the fires, Gando did not waste any time. The sight from his peripheral vision scared him enough already. He knew if it wasn’t for Xuan, he would have died. He activated the plasma jet system and charged into the lightning pillar. Thunderous crackling sound struck his ears. But there was neither the pain nor explosion he expected. The lightning seeped into the Valkyrie. And then he seized the AllSpark in the Valkyrie’s arms.

At the same time, Zheng and Megatron got up from the floor. Zheng was strong but he could not destroy Megatron in a short period of time. The light blade could not slice through Megatron’s vibrant armor. Fist-gun in instant Destruction could not pierce it. The dark flame and refined Qi couldn’t burn through it either. Megatron would periodically use the rippling attack, which wasn’t able to damage Zheng but it would knock him away. At this rate, this fight would take over an hour to see an outcome.

Megatron and most of the Decepticons gone insane the moment Gando carried the AllSpark away from the lightning pillar. Part of the robots transformed into various kinds of flying vehicles and charged at the invisible wall, without regard for their lives upon impact. Megatron knocked Zheng away with a shockwave then transformed into a shuttle with a pointed head and charged at Gando.

Both team China and the Decepticons knew the situation had come to the most critical moment. Team China only needed to survive an hour after the AllSpark was destroyed, while the Decepticons had no future if they lost the AllSpark. So both parties had put their lives on the table.

Zheng gripped his hands. His blood energy and Qi rushed toward his heart.

(My body has become so strong. I can almost reach Explosion level without using any energy. If I activate Destruction, I can reach thirty seconds or more with the energy from the mithril rings!) Zheng shouted as he entered Destruction.

Time seemingly slowed down. Megatron and the phase shift armor possessing robots were the fastest objects on the field. They had transformed into rocket like shuttles. Zheng also saw Xuan on the far side. His hair had nearly turned all white. Cracks were filling the invisible wall. It looked as though it would break apart soon. Zheng reached for the eight little flags from his pocket. He channeled the refined Qi into the flags then threw them over to Xuan.

The flags grew as they traveled just like how they were when Luo YingLong used them. Eight flags surrounded Xuan the moment the wall shattered. Energy bullets blasted the flags but they did not budge an inch. Xuan collapsed inside.

On the other hand, Gando flew up carrying the AllSpark in his arms. The Decepticons didn’t attack him due to the AllSpark. As soon as he reached mid air, he turned toward the corridor with the plasma jet system on full speed. Yet, something grabbed the Valkyrie’s leg after he had only flew a hundred meters.

“Fly!” Zheng used Soru twice and reached the robot that grabbed the Valkyrie. It was one of the robots with phase shift armor. The robot was smashing the Valkyrie to the floor. Zheng snatched its arm then ripped it off along with a screeching sound. His strength in Destruction was powerful enough to tear apart phase shift armor using his bare hands. He then stabbed Tiger’s Soul into the Spark within the robot’s chest using one hand. His other hand held the Valkyrie and threw it toward the corridor.

“Don’t let go of it even at the cost of your life! The rest of the team will protect you! Go! For the lives of everyone…”

With a loud whistle, the Valkyrie flew across several hundred meters under the huge force from Destruction and went straight into the corridor.

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    1. That’s not really a concern when you have an almighty quasi-God as your doctor, not to mention the amount of modifications their body are going through, they might as well be immortal.

    2. That’s not really a concern when you have an almighty quasi-God as your doctor, not to mention the amount of modifications their bodies are going through, they might as well be immortal.

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