TI Vol 17 Chapter 11-2

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“That’s basically the current situation. This hydrogen bomb exploded after it entered the ground. Its goal is to destroy the extremely tough military infrastructure. I believe the robots are reduced to a point where we can take. Rest for three hours. We can attack once the temperature cools.”

Xuan muttered as he looked out at the dust that was brought up hundreds of meters in the sky. He ignored Zheng who was looking at him with the eyes of a murderer and the rest of the members who were utterly shocked. The hundreds of thousands of the American army were erased from the Earth in an instant.

“Can I dirty my hands… in order to survive?” Zheng once asked himself. His answer was he could dirty his hands but not his heart.

“Can I dirty my heart… in order to survive?”

Once a person resorted to any means necessary in order to survive, would he still be the same person? If he could abandon his comrades and live by standing on their dead bodies, or seize points and rewards from the newbies like those teams he encounter, would he still be himself at that point?

So he could not dirty his heart in order to survive. He would not be the same person once his heart strayed away. If he wasn’t him anymore, what difference was it from dying?

Yet, could he dirty his hands for the people he cared?

Zheng was originally furious. He wanted to beat Xuan up terribly. He could stand the typical schemes. There was no way to avoid all casualty in a war. However, gloom and guilt covered his heart when hundreds of thousands of people were used as bait then killed for just a plan.

Zheng stopped himself from taking pointless actions. It was useless to beat up Xuan who had no sense of pain. The best thing he could do was calm down and think over the upcoming steps.

The truth was his hands were stained with blood since entering this realm. Just like how he killed the troops in Starship Troopers in order to survive. The excuse he gave himself was those troops were going to die anyway. So painless death by him was better than dying to the bugs. But now, there was no more excuse he could find for the death of the soldiers.

“There’s no way to redeem what has already happened. The core of the problem is my lack of power. If I am strong enough to overcome the number of robots, you wouldn’t have to resort to such plan and turn hundreds of thousands of people into baits… I can not accept your methods but I will carry out my duty as the leader, to protect my team and to lead my team to live on.” Zheng sounded bitter, yet determined.

Xuan nodded quietly as he continued to stare at the dust in the sky. After some time passed, he said. “We can enter in approximately half an hour.”

“I won’t hold you accountable for what can’t be reverted. However, I have my principles. If you drag so many innocent people into your plan again, I will still stop you.” Zheng said. He stood up and looked to the distance.

The U.S. was done. The guilt had taken a large part of his mind but he could still see that the U.S. was done after Xuan struck them so hard.

“The civilizations on Earth will likely fall back a hundred years after the robot disaster. However, it might be a good thing for some nations and ethnic groups. When everyone starts at the same starting line and carries the same shame of being weak, the diligence and courage of each nation’s people will decide who could climb to the top.” Lan quietly said from behind.

It seemed like she recovered a little after Zheng actively sought to take to her. Though her tone was still rather indifferent.

Zheng nodded. He estimated the time then stood up. “We will ambush the fortress now. Visibility near the fortress is very low. So Lan will use psyche scan and send the information to each of us. Zero, find a high point on the outer layer of the fortress and snipe with the help of Soul Link. Kill off any robot that is still alive and comes out. Heng, your duty is to protect Zero. Your bow doesn’t work as well in narrow spaces. TengYi, Lan, Xuan, and ChengXiao stay here. WangXia, Gando and I will execute the ambush. Our mission isn’t to kill the robots but to dash inside and obtain the AllSpark.”

Xuan interrupted him. “I will come with you. I made a little breakthrough on using the Lambda Driver. I shouldn’t be far off from you in terms of combat ability.”

Zheng looked at Xuan with surprise. He did not really concur with non combat members participating in a fight directly. However, if Xuan said this, he should be confident with himself. The Lambda Driver was powerful and left a deep impression from its testing back in God’s dimension. Zheng didn’t stop Xuan. He nodded then began running to the center of the explosion.

The dust brought up by the explosion rose hundreds of meters high. Visibility was reduced to less than a hundred meters as the team entered the explosion area. And this number continued to decline as the radiation covered dust fell from the sky. In the end, they could only see up to ten meters. Anything beyond was masked in gray. This did not cause any huge issue though due to the existence of the psyche force user. As they team advanced forward, large amount of ruined metal came into their views. They could make out the original forms of some pieces, mostly metal arms, legs, or parts of a robot, but they did not see any whole robot.

The ground was wiped flat. The remaining structures from St. Louis and the metallic structures built by the Decepticons all disappeared. The ground had cracks and appeared glazed. The heat turned the ground into glass. It was still burning after so much time had passed.

“We are here.” Images from the psyche scan showed a hole several thousand meters wide and nearly a thousand meter in depth in front. What was shocking was a translucent light field deep below the ground. The sight verified Xuan’s speculation that the robots had a barrier like technology. The hydrogen bombs alone could not break open the core of the base and not to mention annihilating the robots.

“Lets… go!” The American army had been killed by the hydrogen bomb but the outer and middle layer of the fortress were also destroyed along with their deaths. Only the core area a thousand meters under the ground remained. It would be lame to let the negative feelings overcome him at this point. Zheng did not mention the army again. He had Zero and Heng stand by on a high point and gave Lan a few advices. Then he stepped onto the Sky Stick and brought the others down.

“Let’s go fight! Feeling terrible right now. I want to let it all out in a fight!” Zheng did not mention the army but he felt a fire burning in his heart. He wanted to find a battlefield and kill a few thousand robots to sooth the fire. As he unsheathed Tiger’s Soul, the adverse aura added to the fire and multiplied the killing intent he had.

The refined Qi covered Tiger’s Soul and reduced the adverse aura by a bit. Zheng did not try to restraint the aura though. All he had at this time was a sea of killing intent. The Sky Stick flew down nearly a thousand meters. As it reached twenty meters from the barrier, Zheng roared then leaped at the barrier. The sword slashed downward. A faint image of a white tiger appeared around him. The sword cut through the barrier and the Sky Stick flew inside.

The other three people heard Zheng shouted. “We are going to put our lives on the line. Xuan, put away the Sky Stick. WangXia, plan plasma bombs over the place. Gando, destroy wreak havoc with all your firepower. Let’s destroy the Decepticon’s base!”

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  1. I have to agree with Zheng’s view of his strength. Zheng is strong, but really doesn’t put much effort anymore into becoming stronger. He has the mask and the fourth stage learning ability and physical modifications, but far as we know he hasn’t used them. After his individual loss against the cultivator of Team Celestial all he did was learn to use his new sword, something counted in the rating and a new energy he really has no idea how to use.

    As for Team China they have their strengths, but for a team that’s somewhat successful at this stage of God’s Dimension they aren’t too impressive. They are okay as a team, but in individual power I’ve always felt they were lacking and are just being saved by Xuan’s intelligence and Zheng’s power. Basically, if Zheng was not present and their wasn’t a influence to take advantage of, Team China would have wiped at this level of battle. Also in team battles if normal team 9/10 times weren’t trash and designed to be weaker than Team China.

    A team without a Xuan at best could only convince the government to use nuke to hit the city once. Team China and the army probably couldn’t defeat the remaining robots I will admit, but a team with a stronger Zheng, and had higher enhancements, weapons, self created abilities, and unlocked stages could have done it. Basically, Team Devil or Team Celestial, if they choose to fight alongside the army, either for mercy or training purposes for increased risk, could have done it. It probably wouldn’t have been mercy, but the risk for tougher fights to evolve.

    1. You certainly say that Zheng and Xuan’s might completely inhibited everyone’s growth to a huge scale. Since they can just rely on Xuan and Zheng, they can just focus on their own little skill or revenge, and not think too much about how to fully exist within the horrid worlds they have to survive through. It has mostly been a picnic as of late.
      Heck, even after Team China learnt about side-missions, they hardly even covered any. At best, they gained the 1st stage virus, and targeted the mind-bug…But they hardly gained much from it. Individually. Don’t forget that Devil Zheng managed to get where he did after like 4-2 movies. That’s lunacy. In that sense, it would’ve been preferable if everyone would gain their own strength, actual strength, in their own ways, getting their own side quests and evolving on their own terms, rather than have Zheng steamroll pretty much everything.

  2. I don’t understand why Zheng always make a big deal out of people dying.
    Everyone knows these people are generated by a certain supercomputer called ‘God’.
    They are freaking NPCs! Just because a robot is programmed to be very real doesn’t make it a human.
    And even if they are counted as humans, so what?
    If they can, they would already have killed the entire team to get their technology. Why have mercy on enemies?

    1. Are you even reading properly? Killing those people you call ‘NPC’ if necessary was a good plan, but if the author really made Zheng someone like that, then i’ll drop thi story.

      He will be nothing more than another Clone Zheng mate. Killing ten or so ‘NPC’ might be okay, but to massacre in large scale such as this will affect the team’s psyche, make them numb of killing, and slowly turn them into lunatics.

      1. So what will happen if you drop?
        But sadly, He won’t. However illogical it is, he needs to write a story emotional (also a majority) people can read.
        Why is there a difference between killing a few and killing a lot?
        People killed tons of ants up till now and They’re surely numb of killing ants but they’re not lunatics yet.
        And ants even have not-generated lives.

    2. This is in fact a tricky topic… Maybe a newbie or a recent formed team could think about the characters of those worlds as just NPC’s, but team China right now cant afford this type of mentality, why? Because they’re exactly the same, everyone on team China is a copy of their original selves created by “God’s supercomputer” after being revived, what makes them so different? Its the exact same situation Team Devil members must overcome, either by stick to some moral code in order to retain their mind or just plain embrace insanity because “nothing is real, not even me”… So long story short, all of this emotional attachment Zheng and company gives the so called NPCs (wich also can be debatable as not fictional worlds but different realities as real as the protagonists own earth) are a method for them to remain “humans”

      1. At least you have got a better logic than the guy above.
        But there are still something to point out.
        1. Team Devil doesn’t have to overcome this. They don’t care.
        2. Moral isn’t needed either. Team Devil members are not insane. They just ignore this illogical morality.
        3. Going with “nothing is real, not even me”, they no longer need to remain “humans” because they’re not real and shouldn’t care either way.

    3. This is highly philosophical. If they think, act, and behave like humans, why aren’t they humans? It isn’t even as if they disappear after the movie is over. They continue to live their lives long after Zheng and the team leaves the movie world. Also, most of the team are ‘NPC’s at this point since they have been revived by the ‘supercomputer’. They were reconstructed to be exactly the same, but that doesn’t change the fact that they were recreated almost from scratch by ‘God’ out of blueprints/memories of the originals.

      This reminds me of Gate of Revelation where people come into our Earth and they are the ‘Players’ and we are the ‘NPC’s. Is it alright to kill you since you are an NPC in a game? You’re a fake created by a supercomputer. So it must be fine to kill us all right?

      1. I have never read Gate of Revelation but..
        Yes, it is fine.
        It is normal that we would think of it as unfair and all and we have every rights to retaliate unless we are programmed to not being able to do so. But it is fine.

        Logically, anyone can do anything.
        These so called morals are invisible restrictions put in people’s minds.
        It might be made up out of goodwill and is beneficial in many ways but it’s of no use in this case.
        A tool is created to do something beneficial to the users. When it is not beneficial to use, why use it?

    4. This is not a game. They are not NPC.
      The parallel worlds exist before the god dimension.
      The supercomputers called God merely a tool created by some 6-grade being not a god itself.
      Its did not have ability to created universes/dimensions/worlds beside shopping & transport things.

  3. Lori is a self created person if you forgot. If he treats them as soulless NPC he would have to do the same for Lori. That’s why he was worried if he could take her back to the real world. Also, he has made friends and comrades in many worlds, so he can’t treat people like NPC. Most importantly what’s the difference? Players and npc both bleed, cry, and die. They think and feel. They have intelligence and imagination. The world’s they enter are true world’s, not just generated missions, even of all of it was just a game world. Just because it gets copy and pasted and manged by God, doesn’t change that. If parallel worlds exist do our own lives have worth?

    As for being enemies that doesn’t matter as well. All governments would have tired to do the same. A power greater than they own must be stolen or destroyed. They don’t have to show mercy if they were attacked first or they discovered genuine plans, not just small talk, of an attack, but they didn’t. At least their would be a split opinion on what to do with Team China if they became the heros who saved the world. There would be someone to say steal, but there would probably be more praising the heros. Team China are the terrorist. No one will praise them fkr using soldiers as bait in a nuke strike that didn’t even kill all the robots.

    As Zheng put it, if he can dirty his hands and heart, what use are feelings. Why not kill his team and monopolize the rewards? Why worry about the woman you love? Once Zheng dirty his heart the possibility of doing those things exist.

    1. You got a logical point about Lori. And I really did forget her.
      That does explain why Zheng is emotional towards these people.
      But you’re wrong where “he would have to do the same for Lori”. He doesn’t have to.
      Most people double standard anyways. Like how people says criminals should not be spared.

      Being enemies matter. And just because everyone else will do it doesn’t make it right.
      Why would you wait for someone to try to kill you first?
      The only real use of government is influence in the transformer world which they only need for this movie since autobots lost and there won’t be another sequel movie appear. They don’t need to be a hero in this world.

      Feelings have zero use except to be exploited by the enemies or to disguising a trap or some kind of social engineering.
      Monopolizing rewards is logically not a bad idea.
      The team that did it (I don’t remember which) is very strong but was rated as weak.
      That’s how to lay low and keep fighting weaker enemies to farm points until becoming strong enough.
      The only reason they lost back then was Zheng was stronger not because of any kind of morality he had.
      Also, they unlocked very few stages and the reason given was they didn’t meet dangerous situations often.
      But Team Devil is even stronger and pretty much steamroll through most movies and teams but they unlocked the most out of all teams. LOL.

      1. I said the possibility. People can kill others but protect a loved one because they are special, but what if they aren’t really special? Unique even. Lori is a created person of his original love. If Lori were to ever come to hate a evil Zheng he would think “Why not make a new Lori again? A better Lori who won’t complain.” Its like that. Clone Zheng is just too ashamed to make another Lori after failing to protect her.


        Its the same with revivals. If you can revive your family and friends endlessly, can you still value their lives? If a big argument occurs you can kill them thinking “I’ll just revive him later”. I’m sure there’s an anime or novel with a bad guy who thinks he can kill millions, billions, friends and family, because he can revive them later, so he can say to the hero “So what? I’ll bring them back later.”. Zheng could reach such a point if he isn’t careful.


        God’s Dimension pushes one’s sanity already with kill or be killed situations. He already admits to that his mentality is no longer that of a office worker. He’s now a warrior, or slayer as the assassin girl says, but evolving or devolving into something else is more than possible.


        As for enemies your view is simplistic. Everyone except yourself is a enemy in a sense. Xuan and assassin girl were enemies at a time. The bomber guy attacked Zheng in Final Destination 2 if you recall. People who were his enemies at a time are now his closest comrades who add to his power. If you don’t take the risk to reach out and trust others you can’t grow. Xuan once said he was jealous of Zheng since he could still grow. Xuan back then who can’t trust and understand people was incapable of growing further. Even with more knowledge he wouldn’t improve as a person. Xuan still doesn’t understand what are humans, but Zheng and others don’t need to question human existence since they just know, even if they can’t put it to words. But back to my main point, making allies with potential comrades is invaluable. Even if there are no more sequels there could be Bonus Missions. Robots are attracted to earth, so in time more would appear in time. I never watched all the movies too, but all the bad guys and alien robots don’t come to earth just because of Allspark every time, right? Maybe they do, but doesn’t change the fact that earth is an alien hot spot. There is much to explore, but no one will trust Team China who stole nukes and killed so many people, and will bomb them if the chance presents itself. People can let go of past troubles and come together for a common goal, but that has a limit.


        If you think feelings only exist to exploit others then just go live in a cave. Not saying it isn’t partially true, but someone with such a belief definitely can’t enjoy day to day interactions in human society since they can’t accept others good will or love, and worry about being tricked.

        Team South America’s strategy to gain the best enhancements while staying low key was a good one. That’s why their trash leader got cloned into Team Devil, but Team South America failed because that plan was only strong in the early stages. Against a team with self created powers they could only die since their plan to hog rewards limits the number of comrades and makes them lax. Also, Xuan was just upset he was tricked by them when he said they were weak. Before the mission began Team China only had one third stage and two first stage. Gando and Zeri unlocked during the mission, so they weren’t much better than Team South America in unlocked stages, who had a stage two and stage one.


        Why bring up morality in a direct fight? I never said it makes you weaker or stronger. What it dose is make you more self destructive in the long run. Lastly, Team Devil don’t roll through missions because of unlocked stages, but because Clone Zheng who sought after power without feeling satisfied with small gains like Zheng was OP. Xuan said if Umbrella attacked Team Devil with their full might, only clone Zheng would survive, not that he could save everyone.

        1. I don’t know whether to laugh of cry now
          I thought your previous argument got some logic in it but this post disappoint me but oh, well.

          1. Zheng can create new Lori just like the other guy who create a star for himself. It’s not illogical. When someone is unhappy with his partner because the his partner doesn’t understand him, he breaks up. Same thing.
          2. How is ‘such a point’ bad for the guy?
          3. The whole point of God’s Dimension was evolution. Naturally, living being will evolve into something suitable to its environment. Good or bad isn’t for you to decide. As long as it can survive, it wins.
          4. There is no eternal friend or enemy. Only benefits.
          About Xuan, the way this story made him to be is actually underestimating him severely given his brain power, lack of emotions, memory, knowledge and imagination.
          I don’t deem movie I watched for fun worthy of my brain’s space either so no idea.
          Bonus missions might be there but they can complete it without the government. God’s main idea is to evolve these people so the missions given will be entirely within their capabilities.
          Those people have 2 choices: cooperate or get exterminated. Which one you think they will choose?
          5. Thinkers allergic to emotional people and idiocy in everyday life but thinkers like us are the ones responsible for development and technology of human race not some emotional feelers. Without us, you would still be living in a cave. Don’t tell me to take your place. I’m not stupid enough.
          6. Okay, so I remembered wrong about their stages and they lose because they didn’t have good brains and imagination to create a new ability. It’s a strategy to lay low in the early stage so what’s wrong with it being useful only in early stage?
          7. If you think morality is self-destructive then why are you complaining about all these at all?
          I didn’t say they steamroll because of unlocked stage.
          You just don’t get it. The real reason Team Devil is strong is not because the clone is OP but because the Xuan’s freedom of strategy. But you won’t see this mentioned in the story because when they clash with team china they will be nerfed so team china can win.

          Also, as I said above, this is kinda pointless since you clearly favor feelings to logic.
          I’m not interested in continuing these arguments no more. Nothing good will happen.
          Think what you will.

          1. 1. How do you break up in God’s dimension? Kill her? Very logical dude. Don’t confuse opinion with logic or fact just because you disagree. I logically argued with you from a stand point which doesn’t ignore human emotions as your argument seems to.

            2. Is it good?

            3. That the simplistic viewpoint of those like Xuan who is the MINORITY. You don’t see anyone slapping his back congratulating him, do you? You want to make fun of them for getting upset? Ha! How childish to fall back on logic to say “Who cares?”. And I’m not deciding good or evil. Humans do. All humans understand what is good and what is bad, but some people can ignore or laugh at it. That’s all. It isn’t an absolute rule that can’t be broken since humans have freedom, but humans have the right to choose to believe in good, bad, justice, evil, gray, or nothing but cold logic. Humans are not simple.

            4. A childish argument. Like a bully saying get out of may way or get beat down. Don’t pretty it up man. Also, how will they do defeat future robot armies on their own? Maybe buy to super expensive bombs that are probably B tier or higher, but what about the cost efficency? Do they have to buy a A tier bomb to wipe out robots that won’t give them points or rank rewards every bonus mission? They will probably have super shields too, so you won’t be killing the elite robots who may reward a team. That’s a weak team if they have to rely on such measures. It’s just throwing a bomb in someone’s face rather than using intelligence to get the best result with the least effort and collateral damage. That’s intelligence Xuan lacks. His plans are just Zheng’s self created powers, self destructive. Powerful, but afterwards left with nothing. Xuan is actually a short sighted person when you look back. He doesn’t suggest cultivating any of the worlds and if something is too troublesome he says it isn’t worth it, although it is worth it. The only time he made a future minded plan was with the elves, but he really never planned to come back. Only because Zheng brought treasures and medicine did they receive energy stones.

            5. Wow… No comment.

            6. Nothing was wrong with it if they did bonus mission and the like. Let’s use Team China as a example. If they poured all their reward into Zheng and Team China only enhanced a bare minimum, this would be a success. Zheng could clear challenges above his ability for massive reward to enhance his team later. Honestly, if they maxed out Zheng early on they could have defeated a lot of enemies with ease.

            7. What were you reading? Xuan just out smarted the kid who failed to gain the maximum influence. Freedom of strategy? It was nothing so special. They just attacked when it was ideal, although they could have caught up to them earlier just by flying over. As for this battle, if Xuan talked to Zheng beforehand his plans would have had the go ahead. Like back in Starship Troopers. Xuan knew Zheng would be against killing humans just to avoid a bit of danger, so he gave the pros and cons, while strongly manipulating Zheng to choose the most efficient path which will save his team mate’s lives. I would not argu if Zheng made the choice himself, even with Xuan in the shadows. That’s intelligence when you can get people to see your way and in future operations it will be much easier to to convince others. It is also how Xuan or any smart person builds up faith. Hiding things and forcing people to just do it, isn’t smart but self destructive. That’s why although his team believe in his intelligence, but know they can’t truly trust Xuan at all and once he truly fails he won’t get even that belief back. No matter how smart you are or how much profit you bring, everything has a limit.


            So like you I won’t argue anymore with you. An argument between people should have both logic and emotions because that’s what humans are. Cold logic and irrational emotions jumbled together. Someone without those can’t be argued with. Like a child throwing a tantrum or a old man too stubborn to be convince of a new way of doing things. Really not trying to insult you, but it isn’t fun arguing with you, so I’m going to avoid commenting on anything you post from here on out. Also won’t be checking to see if you comment on this.

  4. WangXia, plan plasma bombs over the place.
    WangXia, plant plasma bombs over the place.

    Gando, destroy wreak havoc with all your firepower.
    Gando, wreak havoc with all your firepower.

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