TI Vol 17 Chapter 10-2

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Humans began with fire from wood, to fire from charcoal, to coal, to fossil fuel, and natural sources such as hydroelectric, wind, solar. All sorts of energies had always existed around us, waiting for people to discover and gain control of their usage. There was only one type of energy humans obtained by altering natural structures. It was a big leap in our understanding of the universe. The development and usage of nuclear energy.

The success of altering atoms and the conversion between mass and energy signified our advancement in our knowledge of the universe and also brought forth a danger beyond anything that had happened in our history. Humans became threatened by our own weapons. A push of a button could put an end to human history.

“Can’t stop it!” Deep beneath the ground of Shelter 1, hundreds of people were rushing to repair the huge central computer, the center of information exchange of the United States. It could send messages to anywhere within the U.S. as long as the receiving end still had its military lines intact.

Sparks were flying off the central computer’s hardwares. Of course, the main issue wasn’t hardware related. A virus that infected the computer drove it to overload. If this state continued for thirty more minutes, the central computer would be fried.

“Cut off its power supply! All important personnels evacuate from the lower floor!” Roosevelt listened to the reports then sent out the order.

The lieutenant who reported to him replied. “Mr. President, this isn’t possible. The power supply room has been sealed off. The central computer gained automated control of the defense system. We aren’t able to enter it in a short period of time without resorting to heavy firearms and explosives. Furthermore, looking at the output from the central computer, any attempts to damage it will make it conclude the base has been occupied. And the consequence is…”

“Self destruction. I also put down my signature when this base was built. The central computer has the permission to self destruction the base in order to prevent our enemies from obtaining any technology and classified files in the event this base is occupied.” Roosevelt sighed. “Let’s evacuate first.”

“It’s disastrous!” A black major came in the room shouting. “Password to the nuclear weapons has been generated. It’s being verified through the black box. Once the verification completes…”

Roosevelt’s face turned pale. He ran out the room without a moment of delay. People were running to him on his way. Despair was overtaking him as he heard the incoming reports.

“The password to the first hydrogen bomb has been sent. Our communication to the nuclear carrier submarine 3 was cut off. The hydrogen bomb probably has been launched already. The second password was sent. Communication to nuclear carrier submarine 6 was cut off. The third password is being verified.”

The stress was nearly giving Roosevelt a stroke. He rushed into the lobby shouting. The lobby was filled with people, researchers putting all their efforts on the central computer and people staring at the big monitor, seemingly frozen in place. White codes flowed through the monitor and before long, a set of numbers appeared for an instant before it faded.

“Hurry! Destroy the central computer even if it’s at the cost of the base!” Roosevelt shouted in madness. He knew what the numbers signified, and what a hydrogen bomb meant in the current state of this world. A hydrogen bomb could lead to the end of the world.

Pah! Darkness overtook Roosevelt. He collapsed on the floor. A major standing behind him sighed.

The major shouted to the rest of the people after knocking Roosevelt unconscious. “Everyone evacuate the base. Set up timed bombs to detonate the central computer once everyone is out.”

The frozen crowd began running again. However, it was to leave the base this time. The major sighed again as he carried Roosevelt to the elevator.

“Sir!” A voice came from behind the major.

The major replied. “What’s it? Another hydrogen bomb launched?”

“No. The central computer issued another order to command the army surrounding St. Louis to attack after the third hydrogen bomb.” The person reported.

The major said. “Is that so? If all three hydrogen bombs are targeting St. Louis, our loss is almost negligible. And it would not turn out as worse as expected if we can put an end to this calamity… The result is better than humans being wiped out by nuclear weapons.”

However, panic never left the other person’s face. “Right after this order, the central computer issued another order… A fourth hydrogen bomb is to strike St. Louis three hours after the third strike. This will be the time when our army reaches the center of the city!”

Xuan stood on a large boulder looking out at the steel fortress in the distance. Strangely, he wasn’t wearing his usual glasses but a pair of sunglasses instead. He gave off a sense of freedom.

“Twenty more minutes and the first hydrogen bomb will strike this place. Judging by our position, a gale will swept over us. However, it shouldn’t affect us.” Xuan said calmly.

Zheng sat on a hill not far away. He was also wearing a pair of sunglasses and looking out. He nodded but couldn’t find any word to respond. His mind was on the hydrogen bomb that was going to come.

“Humans…” Xuan suddenly turned around and looked to Zheng. “What are humans? I have tried to induce what exactly are humans from scientific and historical literatures long ago. Although humans are defined as primates, ruler of Earth, lord of all beings… but what are humans? Kindness, evil, good, bad, surviving, and death…”

(Is he being emotional? Could Xuan even be emotional?) Zheng looked at him with surprise and asked. “What do you mean? Did anything happen to you? Why did you suddenly talk so strangely? Are you not feeling well?”

Xuan lightly laughed. Even though it seemed like a mechanical movement of the muscles to Zheng, it represented the unusualness happening in Xuan’s mind. “Perhaps you couldn’t understand this with your intelligence. To put it in another way… I remember you were once asked if you could dirty your hands to survive. Your answer was you could dirty your hands but not your heart.

“The time to face your consciousness has come…

“Do you still wish to live on if your heart has been stained?”

A projectile glided across the sky behind Xuan, leaving a trail of white smoke that nearly separated the blue sky in halves. At the front of the trail was an intercontinental nuclear missile. Xuan turned around just as the missile landed on St. Louis.

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      1. I have the same feeling. And since Honglu’s side-show doesn’t interfece with his own’s, then he is just letting the little boy be. And he will use this chance to test Zheng’s real determination to survive at any cost.

          1. The 4th bomb seems to put the team in a huge amount of danger. Should they not already be within the city after the 3rd bomb detonates? I feel like I read something wrong, because I doubt Xuan is seriously going to give Zheng just 30 minutes to acquire the Allspark.

          2. The 4th bomb seems to put the team in a huge amount of danger. Should they not already be within the city after the 3rd bomb detonates? I feel like I read something wrong, because I doubt Xuan is seriously going to give Zheng just 3 hours to acquire the Allspark.

          3. The most interesting bit about this, imo, is that Xuan is actually trying to test Zheng’s ideology and standards. I have no idea why he’d even try to do that, at this point.

  1. Oooh Shit! This is why I hate ultra-intelligent without emotion type characters! Did you guys realize what Xuan just did? He’s blowing up a whole army just to see Zheng’s reaction!!!

    1. Not exactly, he is maximising the chaos. I kind of bet that the last nuke will somehow end up saving them by killing the last decepticon or the allspark in case they can’t steal it from Megatron.
      All of those plan we have seen so far assumed they could steal it, if they can’t, the last Nuke will destroy it.

      1. I thought the same as you, but i went and read again the previous chapter, and Honglu’s plan is to make the army get into the city after 3 hours of the “last bomb”. But Xuan foresaw that and programmed a fourth bomb which will wipe the army and completely dismantle Honglu’s scheme. Also, he has given Zheng 3 hours to get or destroy the Allspark if he wants to save all those soldiers.

        Obviously, if Zheng doesn’t care he can just wait the fourth bomb to wipe the remaining decepticons.

        1. I’m sorry but the army they must die, because Zheng Zha has no ability to complete the task, and now only Chu Xuan he knew that fourth bombs.And Chu Xuan will not cancel the fourth nuclear bombs, if the abolition of the nuclear bomb they simply can not destroy so many robots

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