TI Vol 16 Chapter 8-1

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Team China, Africa, and Northern Ice Land had been on the road for seven days. Although they knew team East America entered this world, the whereabouts of the team was unknown. Therefore, all the psyche force users in the three teams extended their psyche scans to max range to guard against possible ambushes.

These several days were rather relaxing for everyone otherwise. There was no need to worry about dangers without the threat from the Ringwraith. The sceneries were beautiful. For a while, the newbies had the sense of being on a field trip. The Hobbits were experts in finding wild vegetables and turning them into delicious dishes. The veterans also went hunting with Aragorn. The newbies wouldn’t get to taste such food in the cities they came from.

The players obtained many answers concerning Rivendell from Aragorn. The most important was its military strength and the answer gave them relief. Even though the elves were moving away from Middle Earth, their capital still had an army of several thousands. A thousand of those had the ability to shoot enchanted arrows. So the Ringwraith wouldn’t be that a catastrophic threat to Rivendell.

As the group approached Rivendell, they encountered a beautiful female elf on a white horse. Zheng was the first to meet her. He was patrolling top of the trees and hills on his Nightmare. When he was a thousand meters away from the group, a female elf appeared on top of a cliff and unsheathed her sword without a word. Then she chanted a spell.

The slope Zheng was standing on trembled. Boulders rolled down from the hill. Thankfully, the Nightmare could ignore gravity. Zheng had it leaped on the boulders and went down along with them. As he was about to reach the bottom, the Nightmare leaped onto the top of a tree.

The female elf charged at Zheng with her sword. However, a man’s shout stopped her. Aragorn was running over to them on his horse.

“Arwen, stop. He’s a friend, not Ringwraith!” Aragorn shouted from afar. His horse wasn’t a rare warhorse so it took him a while to reach Zheng and the elf. He got off and ran toward the female elf.

The female elf also got off the horse. She stood there and waited for Aragorn to run over. A smile came on her face as Aragorn took hold of her hand.

“These are my friends. They killed eight Ringwraiths and seized the mount from one of the Ringwraiths. They are strong warriors, Arwen. Gandalf entrusted them to protect the holder of the One Ring.” Aragorn introduced the group with a smile. Due to the lack of mounts, the rest of the group was still running over from afar.

Arwen smiled apologetically at Zheng. She nodded in acknowledgement then said to Aragorn. “We received message from Gandalf that Saruman has betrayed us. He feared the forces of Sauron and sought power from the darkness. We lost an ally. Gandalf was imprisoned by Saruman but he escaped and is heading toward Rivendell. We should be in time to meet him when we arrive.”

Aragorn nodded then said to the players. “My friends, we have to pick up our pace. We have to reach Rivendell by daytime tomorrow.”

It wouldn’t take more than a day if he were to head there on his mount. However, there were only three mounts among the group which forced those with a mount to walk.

Arwen Undómiel was the elf maiden. Her beauty was exceptional and contained a sense of sanctity. Such a woman was prettier than any movie stars in the real world. She instantly attracted the men and women in the group. As expected, ChengXiao couldn’t contain himself the most.

He got a harmonica and performed right in front of Aragorn. The exotic instrument caught Arwen’s curiosity which made ChengXiao push his luck further. He grabbed Arwen’s hand trying to teach her harmonica. His purpose was clearly an indirect kiss.

The elves were graceful. Arwen refused with a determined smile and pulled her hand back. When Aragorn sat down next to ChengXiao, he immediately became collected. He stopped moving near Arwwen and changed the romantic tune to a one solem and high spirited.

“I don’t want to admit it but I can’t beat Aragorn. I am afraid I will become a monster without my thing if I continue to date his girlfriend.” ChengXiao explained behind everyone’s back.

As an important character and the heir of a king, Aragorn was a great fighter in the movie. In this modified world, his strength increased by quite a margin. He was reaching the abilities of a level 7 Ringwraith without the Nightmare mount.

Aragorn had been using a normal two handed sword. His swings were not much slower than a level 7 Ringwraith. The sword glowed with a white light when he used it. The light came from his body and turned the sword similar to the light blade of Tiger’s Soul. Aragorn was stronger than many of the veterans here.

If ChengXiao were to do anything perverted to Arwen, it would take much effort for Aragorn to kill him.

The addition of a beautiful lady in the group made the atmosphere more lively. The girls had gotten in good relations with Arwen by the time they reached Rivendell.

Two past noon the next day, the group arrived. The peaceful elven town sat on the foothills of the Misty Mountains. The town wasn’t big. Its beauty could not be described in words. It was built by the mountain. Fresh green trees stood throughout the town and many small waterfalls on its outer edge. Any person would exclaim at its beauty when he first saw the town.

The group easily moved past the guards with Aragorn and Arwen on the lead. It took some urging from the two before the rest of the group moved on toward the meeting lobby.

The meeting loby was located on an open platform. Several people had been waiting there, Gandalf and some elves.

The Hobbits were excited to see Gandalf. They ran over with cries like four little children. Gandalf hugged them in a laughter. It seemed like they could talk on and on forever. The Hobbits narrated the dangers and Ringwraiths they encountered on the journey. Gandalf and the elves looked over to the players in surprise when they heard the group killed eight Ringwraiths.

“Brave warriors, you defeated the Ringwraiths and killed eight of them?” An elf asked.

Arwen replied. “Not only did they kill eight Ringwraiths, they seized a Nightmare from the Ringwraith. The horse perishes plants so I had the guards brought it near the boulders where there are no plants.”

Gandalf and the elves finally expressed their astonishment and looked over in disbelief.

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