TI Vol 16 Chapter 5-2

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Xuan and four more players were bringing the Hobbits to Brandywine River. They were actually not too far off from the river. Furthermore, everyone was veterans with multiple enhancements. The Northern European man transformed into a white wolf and the rest of the players each carried one of the Hobbits.

Everyone other than Xuan was an elite combatant in their respective teams. YinKong was the only person that could rival Zheng in close combat within team China, although that was in the sense of assassination. ChengXiao was taught ancient Chinese martial arts and he was the only medic in the team. Richard was the strongest member in team Africa with a self-created ability. The last man was a Druid. He looked nothing sort of a powerful fighter. Most importantly, they were all close range fighters. Zheng chose these people to be extra safe.

Carrying the Hobbits slowed them down a bit but the wolf was charging ahead without consideration of the others. As it almost disappeared into the forest, YinKong flicked something shiny from her hand. The wolf flipped over. It turned around and stared at YinKong ferociously with killing intent in its eyes.

“If you leave my sight, I will kill you. If you attempt to attack us, I will kill you. You can try to resist.” YinKong’s gaze was cold. Her hands were in the form of holding a sword. However, this sword was invisible to the eyes.

The wolf growled but after a few seconds, it subconsciously avoided looking into YinKong’s eyes. The coldness from those eyes couldn’t be described in words. It felt that the moment it moved even slightly, death would fell upon it. Then the wolf slowly walked back into the group. YinKong didn’t look at it again and moved on.

Richard was following behind Xuan. He could feel the intense killing intent during that conversation. This wasn’t something a normal person nor a normal veteran could have. Even the stronger players like him and Zheng could not obtain such aura, an aura of disregarding life.

Richard sighed. He continued running behind Xuan until Xuan suddenly stopped.

Xuan said with his eyes closed. “He’s here. A Ringwraith broke through their line of defense and coming after us. Furthermore, he’s several times stronger than previously.”

Xuan’s mind had been connected to Lan’s psyche scan this whole time. The Soul Link also included Zero. So he was looking over the battlefield at the assassin’s perspective. He knew from Zero that the Ringwraiths grew stronger with the death of each one.

A chilling air blew from behind. The neigh of the skeleton horse was getting close.

Zheng finally made the decision as he saw the two Ringwraiths grew again. Explosion couldn’t handle these two Ringwraiths anymore. Instant Destruction couldn’t kill them either and would strain his body so that he wouldn’t be able to use the complete Destruction later on. It was best for him to place all his bets right now and use his most powerful force to kill these two Ringwraiths at once!

As the Ringwraiths stopped in place, Zheng shouted. His Qi moved upward from his navel and his blood energy came down from his head. The two energies met at his heart.

At this instant, Zheng felt the falling leaves froze in midair. He stepped on the ground and charged at the nearest Ringwraith like wind.

His step was so powerful that the ground exploded. A half meter deep hole appeared at where he was standing. In just the blink of an eye, he reached the Ringwraith. Tiger’s Soul slashed at the Ringwraith.

The Ringwraith recovered from his trance state as soon as he was attacked. His speed and strength indeed grew stronger. He could still move his sword to block the slash despite Tiger’s Soul was coming so fast.

Clank! Zheng’s strength within Destruction wasn’t a force the Ringwraith could defend against. The light blade negated the black mist enveloping the sword then Tiger’s Soul struck the Ringwraith off the horse. He also lost the anti-gravity attribute at the same time and smashed on the ground

Zheng didn’t continue attacking this Ringwraith. Seeing that the Ringwraith lost over half his combat strength after falling off the horse, Zheng used Geppo and headed toward the other one.

This Ringwraith also recovered from the trance state. He raised his sword to block Tiger’s Soul but he still sat on the horse after the clash. The skeleton horse wailed. As Zheng readied another attack, he saw the tree the horse was standing on began splitting from the center. The horse transferred the force of his slash onto the tree. The Ringwraith pulled the lead rope. The skeleton horse ran toward Zheng by stepping on the wood chips. The dark sword was aiming toward Zheng’s left.

Zheng’s speed was faster than the Ringwraith. He could cut the Ringwraith and his horse in halves before the dark sword hit him but the inertia of the dark sword will not disappear. It will continue slashing toward his left arm. As he was about to back off, he saw the other Ringwraith trying to get back on the horse. If that happened, he would have wasted almost three seconds of Destruction without killing a Ringwraith.

Zheng bit his teeth. His right hand swung Tiger’s Soul upward and slashed the Ringwraith and skeleton from the center. The dark sword cut through 2/3 of his left arm.

“Killed level 6 Ringwraith. Obtained 5000 points and 2 rank C rewards.”

Zheng heard a notification but he didn’t have the time to think because the other Ringwraith was about to grow even stronger. He had to kill him before he got on the horse to avoid consuming more time in Destruction.

Zheng bent his body like a bow. He stepped on the Ringwraith’s half body, which hadn’t completely disappeared, and shot himself forward like a cannon. The Ringwraith and skeleton horse was kicked away. The Ringwraith was still three meters away from the skeleton horse but Tiger’s Soul was coming down from above.

The Ringwraith’s speed at raising the sword to block was faster. He could move the whole sword in front of him this time but the force from Tiger’s Soul smashed the Ringwraith into the ground with a bang. At the same time, the dark sword exploded. Tiger’s Soul continued forward as Zheng dropped down and cut the Ringwraith in two.

“Killed level 7 Ringwraith. Obtained 5000 points and 1 rank B reward.”

Zheng finally got to hear the notification attentively. Though it wasn’t time for him to feel happy. The first thing he did was exit Destruction. The fight took five seconds. Killing two Ringwraiths within five seconds was like walking on the edge of life and death. He only had ten seconds of Destruction. If his time was over, even a Hobbit would be able to kill him. Some blood vessels busted. He channeled his Qi throughout his body to suppress this injury.

“Got them. That was f*cking scary. If they got to level 7 with their horses, then it would have taken seven to eight seconds.” Zheng was still feeling anxious.

As he was thinking of their horses, he noticed the skeleton horse was still standing there. It didn’t disappear along with the Ringwraith. Zheng got curious. Could the horse give additional points and rewards for killing? He carefully walked over the horse and grabbed the lead rope.

“Obtained movie creature, Skeleton Nightmare. Consumes none Yang energy such as blood energy, psyche energy, or magic. Ignores gravity. A magically created creature.”


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    1. Nice idea, but it would hinder his speed in Destruction and depending on the energy drain might not be viable. He may have to spend more energy than he has to reach his fastest speed on foot.

      Also, I have high hopes for Richard. Unlike Zheng who has been playing around without a single upgrade, new skill, or training anything, Richard has had four main mission and multiple bonus missions to power up. That Axe should be at least B tier to say the least. His Berserker skill should have also had time to become more stable or upgrade to a Destruction level. I bet Neos told him to hold back so far to make the other teams think they are super weak, so the next time he fights Zheng he’ll win, but if he dies here I’ll call the author lazy for leaving his power level the same despite the time that has passed by.

      Gungnir is honestly disappointing. His power level would put him second in Team China, but for a leader he’s lacking. He has an ace up his sleeves, but I wonder how great it is. Hopefully his mental brake down leads to unlocking the Third Stage. Find it strange the author doesn’t say that anyone goes into Unlocked Mode except Zheng, but whatever.

      1. That’s…Not really how Yin and Yang works, Yin was always considered as the static, calm, cool type of energy or process…Electricity doesn’t really have anything to do with it. If anything, Electricity is the clash between Ying and Yang, considering you need positive and negative charges to close a circuit.

        Also, apparently, Yin is considered an “internal organ” process. I can’t really think of how you’d take either Ying or Yang as “External or Internal *energy*” to begin with. They can both be portrayed as either outside or inside. Yo gonzy meatpie gon coocoo.

  1. Talk about luck!!! The horse can give a great boost to tiger soul’s attack. And even if its consumes some blood energy, at least it won’t be a double-edged sword like destruction, which takes a heavy toll on the user. But the most important feature is that being a magical creature, he can use it to transport the hobbits faster.

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