TI Vol 16 Chapter 4-2

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“We can safely assume that the movie characters are at least five times more powerful than they are in the movie. Maybe even more. There’s also the possibility this only applies to a small number of characters, like the Ringwraiths. There are only nine of them in the movie.”

The three teams began moving again after they killed the Ringwraith. Even the weakest newbies didn’t complain and ran with all they had. Thanks to Lan’s endurance psyche force ability, everyone was able to keep running and the newbies didn’t lag behind.

The two Hobbits finally said they were tired by evening. So the three teams set up camps by a forest. The Hobbits and newbies stayed within the center of the camp for their safety while the veterans stayed by the border.

The Hobbits then wanted to look for vegetables among the farm fields. The leaders had no choice but to assign several people to protect them. They then started to review the fight earlier in the day.

Neos analyzed the Ringwraith’s strength to the others while he ate his chocolate. When the Hobbits came back with quite a lot of food, he stopped talking.

Zheng looked at the Hobbits roasting the food. Then he frowned. “Unfortunately our biggest danger comes from the Ringwraiths. Going by the plot, these Ringwraiths will keep attacking us until we reach Rivendell, which will take at least ten days. I can take on one or two Ringwraiths. Our teams can take on four to five. However, if the remaining eight came at once, we might lose over twenty people and possibly the two Hobbits. Their attacks are sharp and they have ridiculous speed.”

Neos smiled coldly. “It won’t be dying twenty or so people. We might only have ten people survive. They just have to let six Ringwraiths delay our strongest members. Two Ringwraiths can kill the rest of the group in under two minutes. Remember sci-fi weapons are nullified against them!”

“Right, sci-fi weapons have no effect.” Zheng nodded.

He suddenly stood up and walked over to the two Hobbits. Then he brought out a Sky Stick and said to Sam. “Sam, come over for a minute.”

Sam was surprised. He handed the herb he was roasting to a girl next to him then walked over to Zheng.

Zheng grabbed him and stepped onto the Sky Stick. The outcome was just as he expected. The Sky Stick couldn’t move like it was depleted of energy. When he put Sam back down, the Sky Stick floated again. Sam whistled at the sight of it.

“Sci-fi weapons and equipments really have no effects on them. This is probably God’s mean to prevent us from flying them to Rivendell.” Zheng smiled bitterly.

Neos and Gungnir smiled back, though each with different meanings. Xuan said. “The plot changed.”

Neos frowned as he ate another piece of chocolate and said. “Right, the plot changed. We are supposed to encounter the Ringwraiths for the first time after we meet up with the other two Hobbits. In the plot, the four Hobbits boarded the Bucklebury Ferry but we won’t be able to do the same with the number of people we have. The speed of the skeleton horses also exceeds the original movie.” He was sweating when he said this.

Xuan remained calm as always. “We are no longer safe starting at the time we met the first Ringwraith. Furthermore, our psyche force users didn’t detect it yesterday. Which means they won’t appear in psyche scans. If my guess is correct, the rest of the Ringwraiths will come when we meet up with the other two Hobbits. Maybe one, or two, or even eight.”

Zheng didn’t look at how the other leaders react, he asked Xuan. “Why are you sure they will appear with the Hobbits? You definitely have a plan to get us through this. I don’t know how many people can live with eight Ringwraiths at the same time.”

Neos fiercely snapped a piece of chocolate and said. “Because the Hobbits are part of our mission. We will lose points if they die and earn points if they live. So we have to meet them before the Ringwraiths or it won’t reflect the difficulty of protecting them. This is probably God’s trap.”

Gungnir stopped smiling and said anxiously. “So what are we going to do? Do we have no choice but to stay here and wait or keep going and encounter the rest of the Ringwraiths?”

Neos didn’t reply. He was sweating as he kept devouring his chocolate. He looked like he had gone insane. Zheng stared at Xuan. Given his understanding of Xuan, Xuan definitely already came up with the solution before he said those words. He always had an solution, no matter how risky or crazy the solution might be.

“Since we can’t afford to let all eight Ringwraiths attack us, then we will bait them out.” Xuan said calmly.

“What do you mean?” The three leaders asked simultaneously. Neos then snapped another piece of chocolate.

“The elves. The group of elves the Hobbits see at night. There are over a hundred of them and the time is tonight.” Xuan said.

Neos was enlightened. He immediately stood up and said. “That seems like our only chance. Yes, this is the only solution. Zheng, use your Sky Stick and go find the other two Hobbits. They have gotten far from Hobbiton so they should be close to us. Find them and the elves with psyche scan. Then we will have Frodo wear the One Ring to bait out the Ringwraiths and have the elves fight for us. While they were fighting, we will head toward Brandywine River. The Hobbits will be safe after they boarded the Ferry. And since the Ringwraiths chase after the One Ring, we can use our items to get to Bree by ourselves. This is our only chance!”

“Yes. This is our only chance. At least the only chance to escort the Hobbits to Bree without too many casualties.” Xuan wasn’t mad at Neos interrupting him.

They discussed some details then informed Lan and Snow. One of them began to search for the two Hobbits and the other began to search for the elves. Zheng went away on the Sky Stick.

As Zheng pondered, he received an image from Lan. The Hobbits were in a hill not far away. He arrived at them in just a minute with the Sky Stick. The Hobbits were having a barbeque and looked enjoying it.

Without a word, he stepped off the Sky Stick, put it back into the ring then carried the Hobbits in his arms. The Hobbits were completely shocked. He jumped up to a tree while they screamed. Then he moved extremely fast in Explosion with the movement technique. Wind stuffed the Hobbits’ mouths as they screamed. After a bit, they had to stop. The three came back to the camps before long.

Frodo and Sam were surprised when Zheng came back with the two Hobbits.

“Frodo!” “Sam!” “Merry!” “Pippin!”

Zheng put the Hobbits down and they immediately ran over to Frodo and Sam.

Merry asked. “Frodo, why are you here? I know. Did these bandits capture you to cook for them? We Hobbits make the best foods.”

Frodo replied. “No. Zheng and everyone are good people. They have been protecting us and taking us to Bree. Why are you here? It’s quite far from Hobbiton.”

Merry and Pippin laughed with embarrassment. They didn’t know how to respond.

Snow suddenly said. “Zheng, I found the elves. They are behind that forest and are heading toward us. They will arrive in about three minutes.”

Zheng nodded. “Good job. Take care of yourself in a bit, okay?”

Snow nodded. The Hobbits seemed excited and said simultaneously. “The elves?” They immediately started to run in the elves’ direction.

Zheng grabbed Frodo at once and said in a serious tone. “Frodo, put the One Ring on. When you see a group on horses run toward you, immediately take the ring off. Get it?”

Frodo was shocked. His hand reached for his chest then he said. “How do you know I have the One Ring? Gandalf told me to never put it on because it wants to return to its owner. Zheng, I won’t put the ring on!”

Zheng said. “Believe in me. Didn’t we fight the Ringwraith earlier in the day? We won’t harm you. We will take you to Bree safely. You just have to wear the ring for a short while. You will still hold onto the ring. We won’t touch it. Okay?”

Frodo had never worn the ring before but there was a voice telling him to wear it ever since he obtained it. He had wanted to try the ring and now that Zheng was saying this with sincerity, plus the rest of the group were around him, he let go of the worry. He slowly brought out a golden ring and put it on his finger.

Sizz. Frodo disappeared. Everyone looked at the spot. They had been notified to start running toward the elves as soon as Frodo came back. This was their only chance of escaping.

About a minute later, Frodo appeared on the ground, panting. His face looked pale. “They are coming. A lot. There are eight Ringwraiths running toward us. They are fast. Almost here!”

Zheng carried Frodo and took a deep breath. Then he yelled. “Run! Run toward the elves!” He took the lead and ran.

They were less than two minutes away from the elves at this point. The Ringwraiths were nowhere to be seen.

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