TI Vol 16 Chapter 32-5

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The mace struck toward Aragorn with the momentum of ten ton force. Along with it was the black mist that swept at Aragorn. However, the moment the Charged Shot fixed its target at Sauron, he pulled the mace back in front of his body with unbelievable speed. A magic circle emerged in the air between him and the arrow. The magic circle rotated. The mysterious symbols radiated with a black light.

On the far end of the battlefield, SongTian looked down with complicated feelings. His broken arm had stopped bleeding. However, smoking was coming off the wound as if it was being corroded.

“… Team China. Their potential is even higher than team Devil’s.” He said with worry.

Adam sat beside him. He was doing calculations on a piece of paper. He replied without taking his eyes off the paper. “Yes. Team China has higher potential. Their specializations complement each other. They are still weak but once they grow, they will have a talented individual in every field. Didn’t Luo YingLong said he was killed by a physical bullet from a sci-fi weapon? Even most powerful weapon, Space Compression Cannon, cannot not break through his defensive magical item and kill him in an instant unless there is a unique ability in addition to the sci-fi weapon. If this is the case, the user of this sci-fi weapon must be an individual of extremes in both strong and weak. However, as long as Zheng Zha exists in this team, he will not be held back by his weakness. Similarly, this archer is even more powerful in mid-range distance.”

“So.” Adam raised his head and said in a serious manner. “The only ones worth noting in team China are Zheng Zha and Chu Xuan. Every other member is a typical player who possesses critical flaws. However, their potential does exceed team Devil’s potential in a sense.”

SongTian sighed as he turned to Adam then to the blonde woman behind Adam. The woman was playing with a glob of light. The light changed shapes as she kneaded it like a liquid. It even tried to change by itself to please her. Luo YingLong seemed rather miserable.

“What about us?” SongTian sighed.

Adam lowered his head again. “We didn’t suffer much loss. Given you and Luo YingLong’s strength, we can quickly gain a large amount of points and rewards by heading back to our previous movies. However, these are not that useful to us anymore. We lost at ‘influence’ this movie. We no longer have the chips to go against team Devil until we can defeat team China the next time we meet. SongTian, be prepared for a long journey. You have to keep growing. Same to Luo YingLong. He might be our strongest force in the future. Stronger than you…”

SongTian turned his head away quietly. “Yes. He has taken off on a different path. If absolute power is Dao (path), we are walking the enlightenment path. We comprehend all that exist to achieve this path. His path is one of force. A force beyond all that exist, beyond the path itself. He will become the path.”

Team Celestial did not react too strongly. Adam’s plan failed in the end but no damage was done to the root of their team. None of the core members died. Even though they obtained little in terms of rewards, they also obtained information of other teams. An accurate perception of team China at their own perspective was especially important. Adam had begun his calculation ever since he obtained these information. He kept his head down at the paper and no one knew what he was calculating.

Team Celestial could still talk to each other. Team East America was left with only two people. ZhuiKong spared Zheng and his group so he went back to Xuan and retrieved two of his team members. Well, for the retrieval, he killed one of his own member right in front of Xuan and left with the head while laughing. His expression and actions sent chills right into people’s guts. Kampa and WangXia pulled out their weapons as a sign of vigilance at once. Gando was shaking from the shock and urged WangXia to take out his robot.

“Relax. I am not in a good mood… I probably won’t kill anymore until the end of this movie. Well then, let us meet again in the next team battle, team China.” ZhuiKong turned back and gave them a smile. He then left with the other team East America member, who also could barely stand from the scare yet still followed behind ZhuiKong.

Once the two people left, ZhuiKong stopped on a hillside that could see into the battlefield. He stared at Sauron until YinKong appeared. A smile crept up his face.

“Grow. Keep growing. Until we meet again, then…” He covered his face with his hand and laughed. A liquid flowed out between his fingers, just a little that could barely get noticed.

On the other end, Sauron was aimed by two bows. Neither Heng nor Legolas fired yet because the mace blocked the arm that wielded the One Ring. They could not fire even if they wanted to. The riders charged at Sauron without regard for their own lives. Their king had died in this battle. The riders’ loyalty overcame their fear of Sauron.

It was these brave riders who broke the stalemate. Sauron could not move freely as he showed worry of Heng and Legolas. He used non-physical attacks when the riders charged at him. The rotating magic circles were his best defense. They corroded any rider who ran into the circles into withered bones, and then into ashes. Yet, this appalling scene did not stop the riders. As thousands of them charged, Gandalf began his chanting.

Gandalf’s chanting concluded and several translucent barrier walls emerged in the air. The walls collided onto the magic circles. Both of these magics dissolved. The first hundred riders in the front charged at Sauron as they cried, which forced Sauron to use his mace. He raised he hand wielding the one ring. A misty cloud filled his palm. Heng and Legolas fired their arrows at the same time, both targeting the arm that wielded the ring. These two arrows hit the arm one after the other.

The arrows pierced into the black mist enveloping Sauron’s arm. The mist consumed Legolas’s arrow. The powerful corrosiveness of the mist corroded the life force and the arrow at once. Sauron merely trembled for a moment. A large portion of the mist dissipated but no damage was done to him. However, the following Charged Shot penetrated the arm at a speed beyond the eyes could capture. It then disappeared in the distance.

Heng collapsed after he fired the arrow. He no longer had the ability to participate in the rest of the battle. In contrast, Legolas’s arm was shaking but he managed to placed three more arrows on his bow and aimed them at Sauron. Sauron lost two third of his arm. It was kept on his body by a piece of the armor. The black mist extended down from his arm seemingly in an attempt to repair the armor.

The front line of the riders reached Sauron. Their spears and swords struck his body, causing ding-dongs from the armor. Yet, they were unable to damage Sauron. A black light radiated from the ring he was holding in the air. Black mist surged from the ring and consumed the riders attacking him. The mist kept expanding, reaching the riders and archers further away. Two seconds later, a thousand meter area of the battlefield was covered in the mist.

“YinKong!” Zheng was shocked then he shouted. Qi and blood energy rushed through his body. He seemed to have disregarded his injuries and wanted to charge into the battlefield because YingKong was sneaking behind Sauron. She had been inside the mist the whole time.

Before Zheng could make his next move, he saw the light behind Sauron became distorted. It was the phenomenon of uneven air density, and which was a sign of… The Shining Air Wave!

The movements in the Shining state pushed the black mist away from her body. YinKong attacked at the instant where Sauron’s attack reached its peak. The Air Wave sliced off the remaining part of Sauron’s arm. There was no time to worry about the corrosion. YinKong jumped into the black mist and grabbed the broken arm.

Then… the half awake and half dreamy feeling struck. As Zheng opened his eyes, the bright sphere of light floated in front of him. To his side, YinKong’s left arm was corroding away. Her right arm was holding onto the broken arm.

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  1. So so so so so many flaws in this arc despite how good the fights were except this last one. The biggest flaw is Adam. Adam is smart and Xuan regards him as a threat, yet the author failed to allow Adam to make smart choices. Team Celestial lost because of this. They had two chances to kill the leader of Team East America, but Adam let him go. More than once according to their conversation. If they wanted to wipe Team China then getting rid of the wild card assassin was the smartest choice anyone could have seen. Adam knew Xuan wasn’t dead, but he didn’t abandon his plan, and didn’t make the choice to just go kill the sci-fi users. They knew Zero was dangerous, but didn’t have anyone watch out for him and kill him after he attacks like he said they would. This was not a battle of wits, but a weak bluff by Xuan that only succeeded because Adam made one bad decision after the other.

    1. For Adam to be able to see the bluff meaning that Xuan plan is working, team celestial isn’t invisible and Adam is still tied to the thing that didn’t tied Xuan that is mortal wisdom or emotion.

      Yes, it is indeed true that Adam plan may have been failed because of his wrong choice. But that is exactly what Xuan trying to do because Team Celestial still didn’t have many information of the team member therefore resulting in wrong judgement.

      Beside he may not include Luo Yinglong giving Zheng some advice regarding the fourth stage resulting Zheng capable to control the stage which I guess at the middle stage…

      And I don’t think that Adam capable in killing Zhuikong. He’d also unlock the fourth stage making his assassination skill to the max. Which is the counter of SongTian because he seems to be powerful using sword with more power instead of speed.

    2. They likely couldn’t kill ZhuiKong, he specializes in speed and could run away only to sneak attack them later because they pissed him off.

      Zero and the rest could defeat HaoTian, and even if he managed to kill Zero, he’d die to the rest and if he dies he can’t be revived by Adam since he’s not part of Team Celestial, so there’s no attacking Zero before the big battle. During the battle they could only send the Xian guy, the animal spirit guy, and the healer girl, because they were wary of a trap. And anyway ZhuiKong was hunting for SongTian by that time so they really didn’t have anyone free. Also continuing the plan was the smart choice as they didn’t really lose anyone except expendable members.

      Xuan is simply much smarter than Adam. The only reason that Adam was able to “beat”Clone Xuan was because he was in an advantageous position of being hidden. And it wasn’t much of a victory, or rather wasn’t a victory at all, since Clone Zheng killed their strongest fighters. It was likely only a victory from the perspective of that woman in the sense that they were able to escape or complete the movie’s objective.

      1. Love how everyone gets into this story, so now that I caught I will put in my 2 cents.

        They could kill the assassin cousin guy, but from the first conversation they had Adam felt it meant abandoning Zheng to chase him having to use his full might, but he would win.

        He doesn’t need haotian to kill the sci-fi users. They knew their location through the phone. Adam and his group only need to head out together to kill them before that battle. Adam was wary of a trap, but this trap was set to protect Zheng, their target.

        Won’t get into the discussion of intelligence between Xuan and Adam, but Team Celestial said Team Devil had someone on the shadows as well. This means going in Adam didn’t know of Clone Xuan.

  2. What made Adam conclude that with Team China’s potential, they will have a talented member in every field? Team China is still severely lacking in the magic department. Magical means of transportation, large scale magical attacks, and magic-based barriers to name a few.

    1. Because he probably assume that there a bunch of people to resurect that may be groomed in those field with the book of the dead. And he is right, there are still a few people, even noobs, that may have a use. The blind psyche woman, even Honglu or the archeologist.

      1. Also Heng’s woman, she was cloned to team devil the same moment she entered this world, because she died on the first movie and didn’t have any chance to evolve yet. So this means her potential is tremendous. There is also Jie, who is a powerful psyche force user and since he was more oriented to offensive skills he could make a very strong duo with Lan.

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