TI Vol 16 Chapter 32-2

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The capacity of infinitesimal control was difficult to explain. It was an insight into power, an insight of oneself. Unlocking the fourth stage was the prerequisite of entering such state, even just the initial fourth stage. While in infinitesimal control, you can feel the distribution of force even if you take just a simple step. As you get more experienced, you could utilize the force you used in this step to gain extra speed. Infinitesimal control was absolute precision of control over strength and energy.

Once the Ents’ energy entered Zheng’s body, he quickly directed it into the Bracelet of Anubis. He pointed to the land in front as he had always done. The empty area standing between the Mordor and men armies began to change. Large number of the Anubis warriors appeared. By large number, there were over ten thousand.

This area no longer had enough room to fit the still appearing army. As their number continued to increase, the Anubis warriors stacked on top of each other. Some climbed onto the cliffs. Their ability to ignore gravity rid them of the danger of being on cliffs.

(Ten thousand… twenty thousand… thirty thousand. They are still coming. Shit, hit the jackpot.) Zheng expended all the life energy that entered his body. An army of forty thousand monsters stood between the Mordor and men armies. The monsters were three meters tall and had the head of a dog and the body of a human. Their bodies formed by sand and soil. They carried a long shaped weapon. The monsters roared.

Zheng controlled the Bracelet of Anubis with his mind. He directed the attack to the sea of orcs in front. An Anubis warrior leaped onto a half orc nearest to it, pressed it onto the ground. The long shaped weapon sliced from top to bottom and split the half orc into halves while it screamed.

Forty thousand Anubis warriors roared then marched at the half orcs with the momentum of war horses charging. The front line ran up the Dark Gate. The orcs wailed with terror. They fired the arrows in their hands but the arrows only pierced through the monsters. A body of sand did not fear the arrows. A few unlucky ones got hit in the head by Explosive Shots and their bodies turned back into sand.

The half orcs and orcs were weaker than the Anubis warriors. The monsters attacked without fear of death. Their size advantage allowed them to strike from top to bottom. The march did not reach the same destructiveness of the riders’ charge but it was not far behind. The formation of the orc army collapsed. Many orcs fee as they screamed… Perhaps they did not fear a battle against men but monsters of sand that wouldn’t die brought them fear.

Aragorn and Theoden met eyes with each other then turned to their troops, the riders and infantries. The army shouted their war cries. As the Army of Anubis broke deep into the Mordor army, this was the chance to bring down Mordor, a chance that would never come a second time!

“Warriors of Gondor! For mankind! For the future! For the defeat of the Dark Lord! Charge!” Aragorn charged in front of the army. His riders and infantries followed.

Theoden also shouted. “Riders of Rohan! Bring forth death and destruction! Death!” He also led in front of his riders. The strongest force of this age charged.

Zheng sat on his Nightmare. He did not have the ability to participate in battle. He looked at his team members who were next to him and said. “Lan, have you found Xuan and the rest?”

Lan nodded. “Yes. They seem to be on a stand off with some people. The Nemesis are also there. Let me send you the image.”

Zheng said to the others. “Heng, go meet with them. Your arrows are powerful. You might be able to give them some help. YinKong stay here and protect us…”

YinKong said. “No. Let me go. I… want to see someone.”

Zheng looked at her with surprise. Her eyes were filled with determination as she looked straight at Zheng.

After a while, Zheng said. “Then… be careful. And bring an end to this past if you can!”

YinKong nodded. She ran toward the location from the psyche scan image. Zheng led the others to the border of the battlefield. The scan marked a special target there… the Dark Lord Sauron!

On a stand off with Xuan were two members from East America. ZhuiKong wasn’t by his team so as soon as they met with the Nemesis, Xuan surrounded them without giving them a word. He completely ignored their threats of ZhuiKong taking revenge on team China.

“That’s not a possibility. He has things he need to do. And the thing you need to do is… wait.” Xuan calmly said.

HaoTian gave these two people a look of sorrow. It was not a certainty but he felt that their deaths had been decided. Xuan was waiting for the right time to kill. He was not the kind of person to take his losses without return after losing four newbies to ZhuiKong. Xuan would seize back the points they lost. As to HaoTian himself, death was probably not that far in the future either.

YinKong wasn’t aware of what was happening at Xuan’s group. She continued running until a familiar figure appeared in front of her. The man with long hair smiled at her.

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  1. I really hope that Zhui Kong will just tease Yin Kong.
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    Edit: Also, what would be funny would be team northern Ireland leader stealth revenge killing original Zhui kong with a ice gem boosted Ice Age.

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