TI Vol 16 Chapter 31-3

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Xuan frowned. He gave a serious look at Adam.

Adam received it unperturbed and also spoke in a serious manner. “There aren’t actually that much hatred between us. We are only worried by the other person’s development. You worry about team Celestial under my lead and so am I on team China? Furthermore, you have an individual with phenomenal potential just like our Cultivator, Luo YingLong. All in all, we are only worried. There’s no need to come to an end where one side must die. Our true enemies are supposed to be team Devil, who have overwhelming power over our teams.”

Xuan did not reply. He drew out his two Gauss pistols, then slid them back into his sleeves. He repeated the motion several times before he muttered. “Fine. I will let you go. But I need the energy stones you have with you. Don’t tell me there aren’t any. The phone Luo YingLong threw away isn’t in the exchange system. It should be a sci-fi technology built using a design exchanged from God. The phone contained several energy stones. Of course, I can also assume you don’t have energy stones. In that case, I will kill the two people by your side. Kill yourself if you will, we will die with you.”

Adam lifted a ring from his finger after hearing Xuan spoke. “A Na Ring. Your leader should be able to use it. There are some other items aside from energy stones. The total value is approximately a rank S reward.”

The two of them knew the other’s thoughts partially. They were both concerned and tried to put the stress on the other party when in fact, neither person wanted to die. Adam didn’t. Xuan as of now didn’t. Team China possessed the advantage. And as long as Adam’s own life wasn’t threatened, he wouldn’t commit suicide even if team China were to kill the other two members. However, this broke the balance Xuan had in mind…

There was another person in this world. Zhao ZuiKong wasn’t a merciful person. If he guessed it correct, ZhuiKong was now heading to that direction with the goal… “Keeping them might serve as a turning point.”

Without hesitation, Xuan commanded a Nemesis to walk up and take the ring. He threw the ring to HaoTian. At the same time, everyone from team China heard four consecutive notifications. The newbies were killed. The killer could only be ZhuiKong who just left.

Zheng’s heart skipped a beat as he heard the notifications. They won the battle at Minas Tirith but the clean up and rescues would take more time than the battle. Zheng was among the critically injured. There was not one piece of him still intact. The Charms of the Three Pure Ones weren’t showing their effect. It seemed like such severe injuries could only be treated in God’s Dimension.

Lan found Zero with psyche scan. YingKong then carried Zero, who was unconscious, back from the peak of a mountain. Zero woke after receiving Qi from Zheng. That was when Zheng finally learned Xuan was still alive and what he was doing all along.

“Didn’t die… Don’t worry, he will soon. I am going to beat the shit out of him once we return to God’s Dimension… Or I will straight up murder him. What do you think?” Zheng laughed. He gripped his fist.

Before Zheng finished speaking, they heard the notifications. Four consecutive deaths seized their voice.

Heng jumped off from the floor and yelled. “Four. Four people. Xuan, Kampa, WangXia, Gando. Could it be them?”

Zheng took a deep breath and said. “Not necessarily. It might be the newbies. Xuan has a group of Nemesis with him.”

Heng hesitated. “But isn’t HaoTian the one controlling the Nemesis? What if he freed himself from Xuan’s control. Wouldn’t that be terrible?”

Zheng glared at him. Dude wouldn’t pick something nice to say instead of unfortunate guesses, like Xuan and the other veterans were already killed. Heng noticed he was being pessimistic. He gave awkward laugh then lowered his head.

Zero remained calm. He pulled out a metallic plate from his pocket. The others saw him opened the plate then closed his eyes without making any noise.

A while later, he opened his eyes. “It’s fine. They are alive. It seemed the newbies got attacked. He said they will be waiting for us at Mordor.”

The rest of the group let out a sigh of relief. Zheng then said in a fierce tone. “F*ck, these guys make people worried. The next time I see them… The next time I see them…” Zheng sighed heavily and didn’t continue.

The battle finally concluded. After the rescues were over, Aragorn led the Army of the Dead to the top of Minas Tirith. Denethor sat on his knees intimidated. Everyone witness his power in the battle. The Army of the Dead signified Aragorn as the last heir of Gondor. He ousted Denethor from the position of steward. He then gave his first order to assemble the army and launch an attack at Mordor.

Unfortunately, the nearly invincible Army of the Dead did not follow. The dead dissipated into the wind. If they had this army. no amount of Mordor troops could rival them, not even Sauron himself.

“The final battle… at Mordor is in two days. Gather rations and infantries stationed at other places. With the addition of the Rohan riders, we will have an army of fifteen thousand. This is the time to attack Mordor!”

Inside the throne room at the top level of Minas Tirith, Aragorn discussed the upcoming strategy with others. Gimli asked. “How many troops does Mordor have remaining? A hundred thousand of their army had been buried here. We should be able to take down Mordor easily.”

Aragorn and Gandalf met eyes then gave a bitter smile. Gandalf caught their attention. “Ahem. Mordor still has… uh, an army of approximately twenty thousand. That was a conservative estimate. The half-orcs has strong reproductive capacity. I can’t estimate how big of an army he has amassed. He did not participate in the siege, which means there’s a bigger army with him. He only just retrieved the One Ring. As the One Ring’s power grows, the three Elven Rings will lose their power. His expedition to conquer the continent will begin once he recovered to his peak.”

Gimli lowered his head and muttered. “You mean this is our only chance?”

Aragorn confirmed Gandalf. “Yes. Our troops and horses are tired but we must defeat Sauron before he recovers his full power then destroy the One Ring. King of Rohan, does your army require resupplies? Their weapons must have been damaged in the battle.”

Theoden nodded. “Wait for the counts before resupplying. Two days are enough rest for the troops.”

Seeing as the mood took a downturn, Gandalf said. “Don’t feel despair. The Ents agreed to accompany us to the gate of Mordor. They could not enter the burning regions of Mordor but they could smash the gate with boulders, easing our entrance. They can gather their life force to provide our troops with a protective barrier. Our chance of victory is much greater. Sadly, Zheng suffered critical injuries. You would have been the best person to take on Sauron.”

The rest of the movie characters nodded. They were well aware of Zheng’s strength after fighting together for so long. Gandalf also witnessed his fight against Luo YingLong.

Zheng thought of another thing. His whole body was wrapped in bandage, which made him look like a mummy. It was difficult for him to make any movement. He did the only thing he could, nod at Gandalf and said. “Gather all the force of the Ents at one point? If they can summon… Gandalf, can you take me to the Ents after the council is over?”

Gandalf looked at him confused but nodded.

They recalled the battle and discussed it in details. People walked out from the throne room when evening came. The two kings stayed to have a conversation in private. Gandalf pushed Zheng down the city (Zheng was sitting on a crude wheelchair built by Heng. It was extremely ugly.) Soon, the two exited the city and headed to the woods.

The Ents naturally couldn’t enter the city. Disregarding their size, the Ents didn’t like stones much. They favored woods, humidity, soil, and rivers.

“Can you try to channel energy into my body? I will take control of this energy. Please don’t worry.” Zheng entered the fourth stage. At the same time, he took out the Bracelet of Anubis.

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