TI Vol 16 Chapter 31-2

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These shocking changes were coming one after another. It seemed as though every type of army was going to make their appearance in this battle. Accompanying the entrance of the Ents were tens of boulders lopped in the air similar to those from the catapults. The boulders crashed into the Oliphaunts. Ten of them immediately struck to the ground.

Riding on top each Oliphaunt were ten humanoids. They recognized the threat of the Ents and turned the Oliphaunts to the Ents. The Ents responded by charging out of the woods toward the Oliphaunts.

The beings from both sides were massive. The Oliphaunts were several dozen meters in height and the Ents ten meters. It might seem the Ents were no match but their numbers tripled that of the Oliphaunts. Their bodies far exceeded the toughness of humans. The massive beings collided into each other after a short dash.

The earth trembled as if an earthquake took place. Ten Ents in the front line were swept away but then thirty more Ents grabbed several Oliphaunts and attempted to flip them over. Species with arms were more agile than those without, at least in the case of close range battles.

The fall of the Oliphaunts stirred up another round of trembling. Zheng had given up in watching the battle of monsters. Whether it be the Oliphaunts or Ents, they would all bring death to him if any were to land on him. It was rather sad that someone who unlocked to the fourth stage, who was at the top of the ladder in the movie worlds lay on the ground in such bad luck, seemingly losing his last breath any second.

“Ho. Is this Zheng? How pitiful do you look… Perhaps you have always been accompanied by bad luck.” A voice suddenly sounded along with footsteps of several people.

Zheng opened his remaining eye abruptly. It was team Africa standing in front of him. Neos was seemingly staring at him with a faint smile, which made Zheng’s heart skipped a beat.

(Right, the rings are still on my finger… The flame burned my clothes but the rings are still intact… Team Africa. No one will know that they did it if they kill me without making a fuss now. And team China will be out of an important member.) Zheng stared at Neos.

Neos brought out a chocolate bar then spoke while he ate. “Richard, pick him up. We are entering the city. Victory for this battle is set. The chaotic battle might spread to us if we stay. We will speak after we are inside the city… What I owe you, I pay you back.” Neos turned to Minas Tirith.

(F*ck. Make it clear that you are saving someone instead of showing the face of a murderer. That scared me…)

Shortly after the group climbed up to the wall, a green wave rushed into the battlefield. The orc army and the powerful Oliphaunts were thin as a piece of paper in front of the green army. This was the Army of the Dead. Their speed was extremely fast. Their bodies were illusionary aside from their blades. They moved, ignoring gravity. For a while, the battlefield turned into a green sea. The victor of this battle… was men!

Winning the siege at Minas Tirith did not mean winning another battle. Far away from Minas Tirith, inside the dark gate of Mordor, explosions occurred one after another. Boulders and rocks fell to the ground with each explosion. Several huge explosions later, the mountain broke apart into a landslide, which attracted the attention of Sauron and the orc army.

“SongTian! How many more varieties of Sword Aura do you have left? Sword of Wind, Sword of Earth, Sword of Fire, Sword of Water. Where is that strongest Sword of Gold? Show me!” ZhuiKong shouted with excitement. His body became blurry. It seemed as though he became a ribbon of light that dashed at SongTian. All the boulders on his way broke apart into dust. He left a ploughed trail on the ground.

SongTian looked in a worse condition than ZhuiKong. However, his actions had not slowed down. He stabbed the plain looking sword into the ground. As the ribbon of light dashed toward him, he drew out the sword in lightning speed.

“Earthen hurricane!” The sword came out of the ground, pulling rocks and soil along it. A mini hurricane began to form as the sword whirled in the air. The hurricane absorbed the rocks and dirt.

The ribbon of light collided with the hurricane, resulting in a violent explosion. Shockwaves spread out and the mountain began another landslide just as before.

By the time the shockwaves and dust settled, SongTian and ZhuiKong looked to the hill not far away. Hundreds of people were running toward them. When these people came closer, they noticed these weren’t humans but uncanny creatures. Along with the creatures were Xuan and members of team China.

ZhuiKong smiled at Xuan. “Our business has been clear. What are you looking for me for? Oh, have I forgotten to tell you the cost of interrupting my fight… is extremely high.”

Xuan adjusted his glasses. “O, don’t mind us. You can continue with the fight. I am only going to kill Adam.” He raised his head slightly and looked over to Adam, standing on another hill to the back of SongTian. A Caucasian woman stood beside him. The two of them were speaking to each other.

SongTian was focused on ZhuiKong until Xuan said these words. He turned to Xuan abruptly. His eyes filled with killing intent.

At the same time, HaoTian stepped in front of Xuan and shrugged at SongTian. “I am sorry. I also don’t want to be your enemy. How about you don’t attack me since we knew each other? Wah…”

SongTian slashed his sword from the distance. An invisible air blade sliced a trail on the ground. However, it ended in a dull sound of impact when it reached a few meters within HaoTian. A mysterious visible wave appeared in front of him and blocked the air blade.

ZhuiKong seized the opportunity and flashed toward SongTian. When he returned to his position, he gained a cut on his chest that was deep enough to see his bones. However, his hand was holding an arm. SongTian lost one of his arms. Fortunately, it wasn’t the arm that he used to hold his sword.

“The fun’s spoiled. I wanted to have a good fight with you but it doesn’t seem possible now. You actually dared to move your attention away in a fight with me… Next time. If team Celestial doesn’t get wiped, I will fight you next time.” He threw the arm to his back then leaped off the mountain. His words then came through to the others.

The Nemesis behind Xuan had already readied their bows. The bows were crafted from wood. The bows used by Uruk-hai were too small for the Uruk-hai Nemesis who had heights of several meters. They needed three meter long bows to utilize their potential. A hundred of the Nemesis stacked two arrows on their bows. It was the beginning motion of the Explosive Shot.

ZhuiKong left quickly after seeing this. He didn’t fear any fight with his speed and combat strength and no one had the ability to keep him here. SongTian didn’t hold back with his air blade. It had the power of slicing through mountain but HaoTian blocked it with an invisible ability. ZhuiKong on the other hand didn’t necessarily have more powerful attacks as his assassinations were technique based. He wasn’t certain he could break through the invisible wall in three seconds, while the hundred Explosives shots could kill him for certain in the same time frame.

“So, let team Celestial end in a wipe.” Xuan did not show any courtesy. He didn’t even look at ZhuiKong leaving. With a swing of his arm, the Nemesis drew their arrows to full. SongTian, who was only a hundred meters away, was exposed under the power of the Explosive Shots.

SongTian gave a snort. As he raised his sword, Adam stood up and yelled. “Stop it, Xuan. I admit you won this round… Let’s end it like this. We will stay here quietly until the end of this movie. What do you say?”

Xuan looked at him and the woman behind. “Not possible. Judging by the information I collected previously, are more dangerous than team Devil. Everyone else from team Celestial can live, but you must die. This is indisputable. In order to prevent your team from reviving you, the best course of action is to wipe team your team. There is no settlement to have.”

Adam looked to HaoTian. He quickly shrugged. “Adam, there’s nothing I can do. Don’t look at me like this. Don’t worry. I believe I will soon… I understand Xuan’s personality more than you do. My death is certain no matter what. I merely live a little longer than you. Haha…”

HaoTian was an optimist. It seemed like he wasn’t worried about dying soon. Adam suddenly said. “Fine then. Let’s all die together. The continental oscillator has been planted. The switch is in my heart. Come kill me, Xuan.”

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  1. Hao Tian really is too cheat like. Why not just kill Team China as soon as he appeared along with the rest of the two teams from the start. I can only hope is wall thing can only work on one side or has a cool down. Also, shouldn’t Adam have told his team about hiw to kill Hao Tian in a emergency? Another also, good job Adam for putting a whatever it is up. I recall a Continental Gravity Mine, so is it like that?

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