TI Vol 16 Chapter 31-1

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The flame from the explosion quickly spread to the nearby orcs. The seemingly dim purple flame had exceedingly high temperature. Any contact with the flame instantly burned the orcs to ashes, and then the ashes burned to nothingness. No word other than terrifying could be used to describe the flame. The good thing was there weren’t that much of them that dropped from the Taijitu. The spread stopped at the two hundred meters mark and they consumed all the orcs within the radius. The full power of the cauldron would definitely turn the land in a thousand to several thousand radius into a barren. It was the reason Luo YingLong said he could not utilize the full power of the skill. It was too powerful.

Zheng lay on the ground. His body was burnt and black. Any normal person would have died from such injury. The burn covered over 95% of the body, including one of his eyes. He was more similar to a charcoal than he was human, basically at the brink of death.

Yet, under this state, drastic changes were happening underneath the burned skin. The DNA optimized through this battle became the blueprints, using the Qi and blood energy as the source of energy, the DNA of the dragon a supplement, and the ancient DNA within him as the center, his flesh rapidly reconstructed. Zheng was still awake. He knew that this body would only appear while he entered the fourth stage. The amount of energy required by the body was enormous. He could not sustain the consumption indefinitely unless he were to reach the fifth stage.

(Not dead… I managed to live.) Zheng let out a sigh of relief. Exceptional pain was still attacking his whole body but he immediately recalled what happened. Luo YingLong was attacked the moment before he was going to be burned to death. That attack broke through his barrier. The state of his death was also unique. His body quickly disintergrated to particles. Zheng had only seen such death once… Zero’s unique ability, Mystic Eyes of Death Perception!

The Gauss Sniper Rifle could completely annihilate anything, no matter what magical items they had or how strong the person was, as long as you grasped the line of death. The loud gunshot was also the sound of the Gauss Rifle.

(So it was Zero… Where is he? Why is he here at this time? Could it be… Xuan?) Zheng’s thoughts naturally came to this conclusion. He wasn’t sure but if there was someone who could accomplish this, it must be Xuan! And it was only Xuan that would let his own teammate be a bait while he planned everything behind their backs.

(No matter what, it’s safe now. Zero shouldn’t have any problem if he doesn’t use the Mystic Eyes continuously. Luo YingLong is dead so there’s only a woman left. She probably won’t dare to show herself. The sniper rifle isn’t a joke.) Zheng breathed out then suddenly several arrows nearly hit him before he realized them. That gave him a good scare that it hurt. He forgot where he was in. This was a battlefield. Even without team Celestial, the orcs were not nice characters. He had the ability to kill them, or at least leave at will if he still had the strength but the situation was rather negative. He was lying on the road between the orc army and the city wall. Death was inevitable since he couldn’t move a finger.

(Real? I’d rather die to Xiuzhen than to the orcs… The Xiuzhen attacks are truly powerful…) Zheng watched as the orcs approached. Those arrows were a test to see if Zheng had any strength left. The orcs approached him cautiously seeing that he remained lying there. The gunshot didn’t sound again. Zero must have been knocked unconscious by the Mystic Eyes. Only ten meters left between the orcs and Zheng.

(How ironic to die like a joke… So death still comes.) Zheng was over five hundred meters from the city wall. Not far, but the troops were barely holding their defense, not to mention having the ability to come save him. Zheng closed his eyes in resign. Just then, the bright sound of bugles came from the distant and grabbed the orc army’s attention. They abandoned the charred human and ran outward.

A war horse ran into sight from the horizon. Riding on its back was a middle aged man in full armor. He frowned upon seeing the countless orc army. There were still eighty thousand orcs left after sieging for such a long time and getting killed by Zheng and Luo YingLong’s magical item.

The middle aged man took a deep breath then raised his arm. Numerous riders charged up from behind. These were elite riders. They wore heavy armors and carried spears. Even the war horses were equipped with barding, exposing only their eyes. The riders spanned a section of the horizon, their numbers uncountable.

“Éomer! Take your eored down the left side. Gamling, follow the King’s banner down the center. Grimbold, take your company right, after you pass the wall. Forth, and fear no darkness!” The man was Theoden, king of Rohan. He shouted to the marshalls then turned to the riders at his back.

“Arise! Arise! Riders of Théoden! Spears shall be shaken, shields shall be splintered! A sword-day! A red day, ere the sun rises!” The riders raised their spears with his words. Theoden drew his sword then charged. “”Ride now, ride now, ride! Ride for ruin and the world’s ending!”

“Death! Death! Death!” He repeated. The riders roared after him, their blood boiling. Theoden shouted. “Forð Eorlingas!” He led the riders in a charge toward the orc army.

The scene of the riders charging was astonishing. The clops of the horses gradually reached sync. The charge gave off such a staggering aura despite having only five thousand riders. Some orcs watched with unease.

Half-orcs had no where near the strong bodies of the Uruk-hai and couldn’t use the long lances. They held out their spears against the charge. Their archers rained arrows.

Yet, normal arrows were deflected from the heavy armor of the riders. Only the Explosive Shots were powerful enough to knock them off their horses. However, these were few in numbers. The charge was speedy. By the time a few hundreds fell, they had reached within ten meters of the orc army.

The orcs felt as though a steel wall pushed its way toward them. The riders stepped over their first line of defense. The subsequent riders almost instantly crushed the fallen orcs into a paste. No living beings could stop the riders from charging. The trolls could stop a horse at the most but the impact would knocked them away several meters then they got run over by the following riders. Despite having only five thousands, the riders were like the point of a knife. They easily sliced into the gigantic orc army. The orc army began to collapse under the charge. Thirty thousand had been killed in the charge!

Theoden was exceptionally valiant. The glow of his battle Qi never faded. All the half orcs, orcs, and trolls fell to pieces as he rammed into them. His spear pierced numerous foes. The riders centered around Theoden and charged toward the heart of the orc army.

Just when everyone thought victory was immenent, the ground trembled violently. Everyone heard a strange bugle call. Ten seconds later, massive beings walked into the battlefield from the side. These were elephants dozens of meters in height, much larger than elephants of the real world. There were approximately a hundred of them. Their numbers were much higher than portrayed in the movie.

Zheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He thought he might perhaps survive this battle but then the Oliphaunts came. And unfortunately, he was in the way of the Oliphaunts. A hundred of them meant there was almost no chance of missing him. The Oliphaunts walked slow but only relative to their size. Their actual movement speed was similar to that of the riders. Zheng saw one Oliphaunt heading his way. In a few more steps, he would become one with the ground…

Boom! A huge boulder hurled onto the Oliphaunt. It didn’t knock the Oliphaunt onto the ground but still struck it off its course. Zheng looked through the corner of his eyes. Hundreds of Ents ten meters in height were coming out from the woods.

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  1. The author really likes to make things work out for Team China. I thought the moment the guy’s barrier was destroyed he choose to destroy his body to escape. The Mystic Eyes of Deathperception don’t work like this. You can’t destroy the barrier and person with the same bullet unless the point of death matches up. What should have happened is that the bullet destroyed the barrier and hit him, not hit him and turn him to particles.

    1. well either way, he would have died, even without the eyes of death perception the gauss rifle is probably enough to kill him without his barrier. plus he didn’t really die right? he turns to a core thing and can resurrect

      1. Not necessarily. We just saw him take speed of sound breaking 4th Stage Destruction rapid punches and just spit out some blood. He also has charms on his person to heal. I was hoping he purposely destroyed his body and doing so he could resurrect to join Adam in secret to defeat the assassin.

        1. That was one of those moments in which I just plug my ears, and try to move on with the story. Whether it’s accurate or not is no longer a concern for me, as I try to focus on the other things of the story that I find interesting. This arc, though, cannot be said to trigger my fancy anymore.

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