TI Vol 16 Chapter 30-2

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Any person who reached the fourth stage had his unique combat style. Of course, it wouldn’t change principally from before. An archer would still be an archer instead of running up to the enemy with a sword. A caster would still be a caster. They develop further within what they were most skilled in.

To Luo YingLong’s knowledge, SongTian excelled at breaking through brute force with techniques, Zhui YinKong excelled in speed beyond comprehension, Clone Zheng excelled in utilizing infinitesimal control to an extreme level. The Zheng in front of him… he wondered what caused him to develop the technique that exchanged damage to his body for a short moment’s strength. He could see the increase in strength would be followed by damage to the body that would strip him of continual fighting ability. However, he was unstoppable within his time. “Simply impressive. I probably can’t sustain ten seconds for real… Are you a psychopath? How could you have created such an impressive ability. Exerting and destroying your own body to the extreme.”
Luo YingLong stood on the flying sword and shot up to the sky. Zheng chased closely with Geppo. The gap between them was only a few meters and it was shortening. Luo YingLong pulled out eight little flags from his pocket. He threw the flags down. The flags grew in the wind. In just a moment, they reached several meters big each. The flags circled Zheng and began descending. Zheng felt the weight of his body increased by a hundred folds. He couldn’t help but fell down to the ground.

Luo YingLong finally stopped to catch his breath. He looked down to see the area inside the flags in a mess. Dust whirled as Zheng moved. He was attacking the flags with all his might. Each attack was accompanied by violent shaking of the whole flag. Yet, these seemingly cloth made flags confined him in the center. He couldn’t escape from the confinement despite the terrifying power of Destruction.

“Give up! This Fabao (magical item) took me eighty one days of full concentration and numerous valuable raw materials to craft. The requirement to utilize its full power is Nascent Soul stage. But even at the limited utilization, it can still confine you until your death. I have not seen anyone that can escape from its attack!” Luo YingLong said fiercely, although his hands were forming various signs as fast as he could. He channeled Xiuzhen energy at its maximum output. Zheng’s force would have broken out of the confinement if not for this.

(Man… he’s strong. I underestimated him. His strength has become like his clone, nearly throwing me behind in the race… Damn it!) Luo YingLong felt increasingly irritated. Then he vomitted a mouthful of blood. However, that actually made him felt better.

(He even broke my Dummy Signet. What terrifying destructive force that was… Then he broke my bones by merely grazing past with his fist… Both he and his clone are crazy. What kind of organism did they inherit? Is it the strongest monster that surpassed the saints?) Luo YingLong cursed. He manipulated his Xiuzhen energy to repair his injuries. Once he suppressed the pain, he stood firm. His steps followed the shape of the Triones while his hands formed two signs.

He chanted the spell. “Cauldron of the eight trigrams! Heaven, lake, fire, thunder, wind, water, mountain, earth!”

The characters representing these eight words of truth emerged on the flags following his chant. The trigram figure associated with each character appeared on the back of the flags. The flags began to rotate as the chanting continued. Zheng felt the surrounding pressure grew exponentially and pressed him down in the center of the flags, unable to move. He reacted quickly with great strength as he drew out Tiger’s Soul. Qi channeled into the sword and a layer of light blade barrier enveloped his body.

“Purple flame of Tushita, mystics of the eight trigrams! I command you…”

“Cauldron of the purple flame and eight trigrams!”

The sound of Luo YingLong’s voice grew increasingly distant as he uttered the last word. It felt as though the Xian from the heaven spoke. A Taijitu appeared beneath him. The Taijitu began to rotate along with the consumption of his Xiuzhen energy. Purple flames ignited on top of it. The flames gathered into globs then dropped down into the flags.

These flames hit Zheng’s light blade barrier. One, two. Cracks began to appear on the barrier. Zheng repaired the cracks with Qi the moment they appeared. Infinitesimal control allowed him to utilize his Qi in fine precision. However, he was aware that his death was imminent because the purple flame started burning around him after they fell off the barrier. He activated his Red Flame also, but it only barely blocked the heat. The purple flame’s temperature was as hot as the Balrog’s flame. Furthermore, these flames did not dissipate. They continued to burn as the flags rotated. A few more globs dropped down and created a sea of fire within the center of the flags!

(Going to die? Am I… going to die?) Zheng’s consciousness came back while he was still in the unlocked mode at this life and death deciding moment. However, the situation was already desperate. Death was only one or two seconds away.

Bang! A loud bang echoed. A golden light exploded in brilliance around Luo YingLong. However, this light then shattered. He reached for his chest with his hand and touched it without uttering a sound. His body began to disintegrate beginning at his chest. Two seconds later, his whole body disintegrated into particles. A dazzling light came out from the disintegrated head and flew west.

“That’s basically it. Zero unlocked the first stage and has undergone training. The probability of success is approximately 60%. Of course, each person is different when it comes to the actual time of action. Some people can exert their full potential and some can only exert half due to stage fright. However, Zero is one worth placing my trust in. I believed he can make it 100% at that critical moment.” A black haired young man with glasses sat in front of another black haired young man.

A moment of silence followed. The other young man said with a sarcastic smile. “You still like to measure human lives with data so much… what do you think comrades are? Data?”

“No.” He answered calmly. “Not data. Humans.”

The other young man was surprised then he laughed. “I lost. You’re always so rational. When are you going to give us a quarrel? Please, show some human nature.”

The man with glasses was Xuan, who died in Helm’s Deep. Yet, he was unharmed as he sat in front of the other black haired young man. And this man was the new member of team China, HaoTian.

Xuan looked at HaoTian in a serious manner. Several minutes later, HaoTian couldn’t help but said. “I get it. Ask what you want. You can find it directly in my head if I don’t want to answer you anyway. Though the information might come out incomplete and might damage my brain.”

“Correct.” Xuan said with certainty. HaoTian shrugged.

Xuan adjusted his glasses. “There are a few questions I haven’t figured out. First. This is your first time entering God’s Realm, correct? How did you team up with Adam who’s in team Celestial? Based on my deduction, you have no means of contacting them in this movie. The only possibility is you two met. However, you haven’t entered this realm at the time. So it must have happened in the real world.”

HaoTian gave a straightforward reply. “You’re right. That’s the case. I lied in the beginning. Adam accidentally entered God’s Realm. He came up with the same method you did. I found out from the records in the Chinese government that you schemed the leader of team China to communicate your information and no one was wiped. The items are also presevered. Adam used the same method. Then I obtained some information about the regions, leaders, team Celestial and Devil. Adam gave me a phone that can contact other users anywhere within the same Earth as you guessed.”

“Oh.” Xuan’s expression didn’t change. Though the people next to him changed their expressions drastically. This scheme was crazy.

HaoTian continued. “Adam met team Devil a few movies after he entered team Celestial. He said he met your clone there and an extremely powerful person. That power almost reached a level where it could ignore any kind of wit. He didn’t want to see his plan fail so we began planning at that time. I went to China and hypnotized myself to enter team China. If you and that other person exist in this team, I would display my strength to gain your trust. The best result is to become an important figure in the team and once we run into team Celestial, we will wipe the team. Then I only have to complete some bonus missions or kill a few unimportant members of team Celestial to survive. I would become the leader of team China and join team Celestial afterward. After that, I will commence our theft plan…

To steal the whole God’s Dimension! We are a band of thieves! How could we forgo such a huge treasure? How could we forgo such a story of a battle of wits? Haha…”

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