TI Vol 16 Chapter 30-1

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The land in a hundred-meter radius around Zheng floated up fifteen meters. Inside this land was he, Luo YingLong and many half-orcs. Luo YingLong circled the area on his sword. All the half-orcs were shredded into pieces. He then jumped off the sword. There was now only he and Zheng on the land.

“It’s quiet now. Come. Let us have a good fight. The last time we fought your clone, we saved a few Caucasians from him using our numbers advantage. There’s no one to disturb us now. Let me see if the power of your unlocked stage can rival the power of Xiuzhen!” He shouted.

Zheng threw away the broken arm in his hand. He had entered a berserk state but he didn’t leap at Luo YingLong mindlessly. He straightened his posture. His hands reached for his ribs. Following a crackling sound, he pushed a dislocated rib back into its original position.

Luo YingLong curled his lips. “Look at your stupid face. Don’t you know to buy some high-level charms? How can you come into the battlefield unprepared when you are someone that reached the fourth stage? You are strong but the abilities God has are infinite. Some of the abilities are prominent only in offensive stats. I might have to abandon my body if I get surprise attacked by those abilities. Haha.”

Zheng didn’t say a word. After he relocated his bones, he roared then charged at Luo YingLong. Luo YingLong stood there and watched him as though he wasn’t concerned about Zheng. “Slow down. Let me explain my items first. These are crafted from Xiuzhen abilities. The only thing they have to do with God’s Dimension is the valuable materials. And being able to use them is feat of my Xiuzhen. Next, about my abilities, they are also…”

Zheng rushed up to him using the double steps. The movement speed from this technique was extremely fast. Luo YingLong had only spoken a few sentences when Zheng’s hand reached for his face. Qi and Red Flame crossed over around his claw. Boom! A violent fire flared up from his claw. However, before the fire came close to Luo YingLong, a golden light spanned out from his body and blocked off the fire.

“…they are also Xiuzhen!” Luo YingLong shouted. He lowered his body into a horse stance. His palm struck Zheng’s abdomen. The strike wasn’t fast. However, in the center of the palm was the symbol of the eight trigrams.

Zheng’s other hand intercepted Luo YingLong’s palm. As soon as they came in contact, his hand trembled as though he was hit by an electric shock. The character representing thunder printed onto Zheng’s chest.

“Borrowing from the force of heaven and earth! Thunder shock!” Luo YingLong retrieved his hand. Yet, a glowing golden sign remained on Zheng’s chest. Luo YingLong gave a shout then electricity discharged from the sign. The clothe near it burned to ashes in an instant. The electricity struck Zheng and sent him back over ten meters. He lay on the ground trembling.

“Be careful. The person who falls off the platform loses… Do you know why I lifted the platform? Because not even I can defend against arrows in such quantity, especially shots that came from two arrows simultaneously. I won’t even have the chance to support my items if I take ten of those shots at once. The item will shatter immediately. Hoho. I wonder how strong you have to be in order to overcome the numbers advantage.” Luo YingLong shrugged as he walked toward Zheng.

Zheng stood up after only a while of lying there. He looked almost unharmed aside from the blood by his lips. Luo YingLong knew that his shock attack could electrocute an elephant. The reason Zheng could still stand was probably due to the power of the fourth stage. Infinitesimal control allowed him to restrict or neutralize the electricity with Qi or other forms of energy.

(Activate Destruction to its peak. Focus the attack to a single point. The result of this battle lies on this instant!) Zheng stood in place. His eyes were still completely red. The lust for blood never receded and instead grew more intense as blood flew down the corner of his mouth. As Luo YingLong began to approach him, his Qi and Blood Energy surged violently.

Luo YingLong sensed the danger and stopped his steps. “What other self created or exchanged ability do you still have? The fourth stage boosts the power of these abilities but normal abilities have no way of breaking my defense…”

Before he finished talking, Zheng roared to the sky. The bat wings suddenly grew. Then. He disappeared from Luo YingLong’s sight.

“What is?”


Luo YingLong was feeling the abnormality and suddenly pain registered from his front. He was sent flying backward ten meters. He didn’t even have the time to figure out what happened to his barrier when something weighted down on his chest. He saw Zheng’s knee striking down at his throat. It pressed down on the golden barrier to its extreme. The barrier was almost touching the skin of his throat. One could tell how much force the knee was exerting.

(Destruction at full strength… Modify the third, seventh, and tenth sets of genes. Drain Qi from the Na Ring to repair the body. Drain Blood Energy to maintain Destruction. Body limit after modification… twenty seven seconds!)

“Aou!” Zheng roared with insanity. He didn’t wait for Luo YingLong’s next action. He retrieved his knee then struck Luo YingLong’s face with his fists. His punches broke the sound barriers. Every punch was followed by a sonic boom. The immense force compressed the air around him then the air exploded. Visible shockwaves spread from the center of explosion. In less than thirty punches, Zheng’s clothes became shredded pieces from the shockwaves.

This power once shattered a dragon’s chin. Under the strength and speed of the attacks, the golden light of the barrier was pushed to the other parts Luo YingLong’s body, unable to return to their original location in time. A few dozen punches later, pah! Zheng’s fist hit Luo YingLong’s face. The force passed through him and into the land below. Cracks spread through the hundred meter platform. Zheng paid no attention to it. His fists continued landing on Luo YingLong’s face while the cracking became larger and larger.

“Separate! Borrowing from the force of heaven and earth! Spiral Separation!” Luo YingLong still managed to utter words under such mad attacks, although his words were barely discernible.

Following these words, Zheng felt that his punches were landing on cotton. His strength couldn’t touch anything and a spiraling force redirected his fists. However, infinitesimal control wasn’t so easily defeated. Zheng stopped punching straight downward. His hands rotated in the opposite direction of the spiraling force. His hands moved so fast in Destruction that he created a spiraling force of his own. The two forces collided then an enormous force struck Luo YingLong in the chest. The force penetrated him and went into the platform. Bang! The platform began to collapse from the cracks.

“Borrowing from the force of heaven and earth! Ten Ton Mountain!”

Zheng used Luo YingLong’s ability to his advantage and crushed the platform beneath. He pressed onto Luo YingLong’s body and struck several more punches. Luo YingLong vomited a big mouthful of blood then began chanting again. Following the chant, he fell faster than Zheng and disappeared among the broken rocks in the next instant.

Both the orc and human armies were shocked with their eyes and mouths wide open as the platform shattered. The fight was visible from the middle level of the city. The powers they displayed were simply monstrous. It seemed like a battle between the gods and giants in the legends.

Zheng roared again and pushed his arms open, sending the rocks near his body away. He then looked over to Luo YingLong who was standing ten meters away and wiping blood off his mouth.

“The fourth stage is indeed powerful… So this is your self created ability. Also powerful. Along with infinitesimal control, you can match up to my strength…” Luo YingLong’s expression turned ferocious.

He shouted. “Then you are qualified to take this attack that I originally prepared it for the psychopath… Vanquishing Formation!

Cauldron of the Eight Trigrams!”

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  1. It shouldn’t be Na Ring, but Mithril Rings. The Na Ring doesn’t store energy.

    Luo YingLong’s body must be beyond super human in durability. Not even Zheng could take the same beating as he did. Also, he is definitely more of a spell caster type than fighter.

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